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  1. That is a weak imitation of Jackpots.
  2. The celebrations by Pittsburg were well deserved. I saw nothing wrong with any of it. I also see nothing wrong with our low energy coaching staff, if it produces results (Highland Park comes to mind). Wish we could have back some of that fire and enthusiasm from our coaches, but as it is, welcome to the kinder, gentler Buckeye way of coaching.
  3. Next you will expect us to use a capital 'G' for gladewater.
  4. #7 is really chomping at the bit on the sideline. He only got in on 3 plays Friday night. Not sure how effective he can be on offense, with all the other injuries, but he plays DB as well and we all know we can use all the help and experience we can get on that side of the ball.
  5. Gilmer is still playing 2 QBs and not letting either run with the ball. The Senior has a bad ankle from what I hear. The Sophmore can run, if they let him. The zone read, QB run, has been a reliable staple of our offense for years. Defenses are loving our no-QB-run offense this year. Never have I seen a attempted punt like the one we "executed" Friday night at Spring Hill. Oh, and I fully expect to get blown out by PG this Friday. This just ain't our year and that is putting it very mildly. This business meeting looks a lot like what our coaches meeting must look like nowadays.
  6. Seems like Gilmer and Groveton (my 2 favorite teams) both suffer from lack-of-defense-itis. Groveton usually has enough offense, but can't hold onto a lead. Sadly, I have to give SA the nod in this one.
  7. Like comparing Alligators to Lizards. Yes, a "LITTLE" easier.
  8. Will Spring Hill be able to muster enough points to outscore Gilmer. We don't have a great defense and, as usual, depend on our offense a lot, but this year, even our offense has seemed lackluster.
  9. Take your foot off tha gas, kinda like the Longhorns did against the Sooners? Um, no thanks.
  10. I think he had back spasms before the game a couple weeks ago, but haven't hear anything otherwise. From Gilmer fans perspective, the Soph. is more mobile and maybe more accurate passer, but he was throwing behind and over our receivers last night, probably due to being rushed by the Dogs.
  11. Gilmer is sorely missing their best RB/DB in Webb #7. He would have made but a little difference last night. Carthage is really good and Gilmer is just bad in all phases of the game right now. Also, something I haven't seen anyone else mention is, Gilmer is NOT running the QB, AT ALL, this year. Our QB ran the ball exactly 1 time last night, and that was on a busted play. Hurt #6 can run. Years past, we could reliably count on the QB picking up good rushing yards on every series of downs. This year, it's 3-and-out, over and over and over again, with no QB threat to run. Defenses are feasting on the somewhat bland Gilmer offense this year.
  12. Could go like that, but in Carthage's favor this year. Bucks keep going down 0-14 at the start of games this year, in the blink of an eye.
  13. I hope our Center's hand injury heals up soon. We really need to get the ball into the hands of our QBs more often, rather than rolling in on the ground and squirting it all over the place and having them have to run and fall on it, before the defenders can get to it first.
  14. I watched both scrimmages and feel the like the Buckeye Offense will disappoint those that are expecting less from them this year.
  15. Buckeye QB don't have to win the game by himself. Just keep handing off to #7. However, if the Buckeye QB turns the ball over ... game on.
  16. And he shall remain nameless. Maybe we will learn his name on his next start? Seriously though, sounds like he came out of the gate snookering everybody.
  17. But, but, but, Henderson has a very good Band program, so if you ain't gonna move for athletic purposes ... Sure seems like this has turned into a recruiting thread and we don't even know the stats on his 3-yr old yet, do we? I mean height, weight, speed, agility, pedigree.
  18. Gilmer loved the halftime adjustments made by the Mustangs in the 2014 SC game.
  19. More that one poster has made the same kind of statement about PG and their own team this year, right before the PG freight train ran them over good. Should be a great game if WOS makes it by Wimberley tonight.
  20. I'm thinking Carthage actually had more resistance out of Henderson down at SFA.
  21. Yeah, if they ever figure out how to cross the 50, they might even score.
  22. Texarkana ESPN station. Have to click the middle of the top "Radio" looking icon and then the "Play" looking button on the same icon. http://www.espntexarkana.com/ --
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