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  1. I disagree. Many programs already do this type of thing to help their programs. Appear in a local tv commercial for a car dealership, and the dealership pays for some team dinners or donates money to the activity account, new scoreboard, etc... If a feed store is going to pay some athletes, it needs to be because they worked there loading feed, stocking, etc... All this will do if it passes is allow the talented to further themselves from the core of the team. Those players are already going to be rewarded - heavily now with the NIL in college. I can assure you that the majority of Texas high school coaches are heavily against this. You bring up a dealership giving a couple grand to a kid for appearing in a commercial. Did you know that many stipends for junior high football coaches are from $2500-4500 at those small towns your referring to? Kids are already more difficult to deal with today because of entitlement issues that I feel falls mostly on the 24/7 availability of social media. I feel like this will only compound the problem. PS - the title of the thread should be edited to "Proposed Change..."
  2. Damn! Iโ€™ve been off Smoaky for a week and come back to find out itโ€™s turned into middle school girl drama.
  3. My confidence lies with RB Coach Tashard Choice. He's played the position at the highest level, and has experience coaching the position. He certainly has the athletic talent needed to continue the legacy of Longhorn running backs. My biggest concern, which will always be a concern now with the NIL, is that we lose some really great talent due to lack of snaps. There's only so many snaps in a game, and it will be very difficult to keep everyone happy. It was easier this year at RB because Bijan was considered one of the best in the league, and Roschon earned his role through the year. It's wide open now, and I'm sure all feel they should be the next guy - including the incoming 5* freshman. It's a great problem to have. I just don't want locker room distractions.
  4. He wants to be closer to home. I believe he is from Missouri City, TX.
  5. NILs hitting a little different in Austin - Hayden Conner.
  6. Iโ€™m sure he sucks and couldnโ€™t hang in the SEC.
  7. I never referred to him as the best, but I was excited with the hire. I was not impressed with the WR room this year.
  8. I believe Petrino has been told he has control of the offense otherwise he wouldnโ€™t be there. Iโ€™m sure heโ€™s hoping to use this opportunity to get his name in the job pools of P5 schools. There has to be some concern as to how Jimbo will handle it especially if things donโ€™t go how he feels they should.
  9. First of all - screw the cheating Astros! It's not just because they cheated or the way they cheated, it has a lot to do with how cocky they were about it when they got caught. The reason I think this hire could be great or horrible is because we're dealing with two Alpha coaches. Petrino hasn't been the big name since he was let go years ago simply because he wasn't coaching on the big stage. Well he's back on the big stage, and I'm not sure them two boys are going to want to share the play calling. When I was a DC, I was fortunate to work for a head coach that would rarely make a statement like "they're getting us in the weakside B gap... what can we do to close that up?" He never told me to call this or that. I'm not sure Jimbo can hold himself to that after having the reins for so many years. I have no doubt that there will be cameras on Petrino and Fisher's faces during games a lot this year.
  10. Well this hire is either going to be amazing or dreadful - either will be fun to watch.
  11. Weโ€™re seeing two offensive coaching staffs that did a great job making halftime adjustments.
  12. Are you really that simple minded? Thereโ€™s not much contact in post season practices. Practice rules are usually no going low and quick whistles. Blocking stops at first contact as well. Stop embarrassing yourself trying to make a moot point. You and others feel the players quit on their team while others understand the players sitting out.
  13. Thereโ€™s also the bowl game swag. Up to $550 for 125 participants as well as new bowl game clothing and shoes. NCAA also allows an extra $400 from the school and $400 from the conference. Other perks would be field trips for the team. Not sure what Texas did in SA, but thereโ€™s always fun team things going on as well as charity opportunities.
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