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  1. Trayveon Williams has a new side job as a adjunct NIL professor of Texas A&M Law School. My first thought was how in the Hell does TW have the credentials to teach law students. But my second thought is this is a pretty good move by A&M as he will co-teach and is able to add real-life experiences from the professional side of the business.
  2. Most of the sports media world wants Texas to get back on top so bad it hurts us in a way - just like ND. Our players tend to get relaxed and complacent when they continuously hear how good they are or can/will be. Likewise, we get blasted when we lose a game we should not have lost - regardless of sport. I do get a positive feeling of what is currently being done in workouts, but if we come out and lay a huge egg against Alabama we could be in trouble. That will tell the tale of our future - how we react to a good old fashion butt whooping. Now if keep it close and respectable, I think we continue to move forward knowing we are close. If we pull off the upset - ALL GAS, NO BRAKES! These guys will be fighting to get to the next practice or workout.
  3. I’m good with either. I’m just glad those punkasses from Tennessee didn’t make it!
  4. Ewers is a 3 and done guy if he’s good enough. If he’s not good enough, Manning will certainly have a chance to win the job.
  5. It’s because Arch never had any real interest in A&M. Now Haynes King, that guys a legit baller under-rated 6 Star.
  6. Word on the street is it was a power point presentation from Vince Young about transitioning your college skills to become an All-Pro QB in the NFL that put Arch’s commitment over the top.
  7. The Aggies own is in baseball right now. Good luck the rest of the way.
  8. This is true. The Longhorns seem to be loved, liked, or hated. Recently I visited some high schools in the Providence, Boston, and New York areas. There were students at all the schools sporting some UT gear. I was shocked to say the least. From my point of view, it's Aggies that hate us the most. OU hate usually only comes out when we play - there's actually some mutual respect among the teams and fans most of the time. RRR is a perfect example or there would be riots after the game every year. And we deserve all the jokes on us from losing to Kansas multiple times.
  9. It came out because the NCAA imposed rules about hand gestures that symbolized unsportsmanlike conduct - specifically the thumb as a knife slashing the throat. UT leaders stated the "Horns Down" was relevant and should be an unsportsmanlike penalty as well because let's face it, what could we do in retaliation? Upside down Bear Claw, thumbs down, turned over Horny Toad, Guns Down...? There was no whining. That's the internet stirring things up just like the whole Aggies bought their recruiting class. I'll say it again - throw the Horns Down if you want because it seems to light a fire for our teams most of the time. PS - I grew up a Longhorn fan and attended UT. The "Horns Down" has been something I've seen from all fanbases for as long as I can remember; not just something that started a few years ago when it became an unsportsmanlike penalty.
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