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  1. People may slay me for this statement, but I think Colt McCoy was a mixture of the two. The only reason he didn't get more offers was due to playing for such a small high school and wasn't an athletic freak.
  2. Simms was really pretty good but had a few bad games that were huge. Mack should have redshirted him but I think he caved to the pressure from dad. Especially because Chris had decommitted from Tennessee. There was also a lot of stress between Sims and Applewhite. They were not friends. Chris was a team leader that wanted to hang out with everyone as well as be vocal in off season workouts. Major was more of a frat boy type that had his few guys he hung with but very vocal at game time. Like it or not, Simms played a huge role in bringing in some talented players and that was big to Mack.
  3. The exact reason why I tell people to tap the breaks when they are crowning the next big QB due to high school achievement. Simms was National Player of the Year coming out of high school.
  4. I cringe to say this but he’s actually making a good point. It doesn’t have to be two top ten teams, but I do think it should still be conference games. I can recall a few times that A&M screwed up our season with an upset win on Thanksgiving.
  5. Recent history has the series pretty much even.
  6. LOL AGAIN!!! Your post sounds 100% like a fanboy "armchair" QB. You might be a head coach, coordinator, or even Hayne's dad, but this post above is hilariously childish. So what if I thought one player had 2 of the 3 picks - it doesn't change the stat line that King had a bad game. And that game doesn't define him or his future.
  7. LOL! King threw for like 115 yards and 3 picks in that game. But yeah let’s discuss the year before to fit your narrative. Both King and Hudson Card were Honorable Mention All-State their senior years. So you are telling me that because King was 6A player of the year in 2018 when Longview won state - but "dropped" to HM All State his senior year - he is automatically better than either QB at Texas? I want to make it clear that I have nothing against King, and I think he should be pretty good at ATM. But there are literally 100s of top high school QBs that don't produce as expe
  8. Those not associated with A&M say they didn’t. Those with A&M say they did. The special BOR meeting on Monday doesn’t sound like a group that truly knew this was in the works. Either way, if I was an Aggie, I’d be #### at the SEC.
  9. I saw the kid from JT pick him off a few times when King threw his direction. My point is that actual game snaps with defenses game planning against you are way different than mop up duty or playing protected in practice.
  10. Not at all. I’m simply pointing out that neither team has a QB that has taken any real, meaningful snaps. The hype about which program has the better QB is based solely on a bias.
  11. Has King even taken a meaningful snap for A&M? I just hope you guys found a smaller helmet for him.
  12. I can agree with this. I think we’ve all played second fiddle to the likes of Bama, Clemson, and OSU for awhile now.
  13. So you are partners in business with 13 other guys. Those 13 have been discussing a merger with 2 new partners for six months behind your back and you don’t think the 2 new partners will be included in future “club” decisions? I’m betting they will be.
  14. You think there was a reason he waited until July to commit? Nike has their hands in so many things surrounding Eugene, OR. He may not get a deal with Nike, but I bet he gets a deal with local car dealerships, food places, etc... that Nike helps fund somehow. College football turned into a business years ago, but now it's basically the minor league of the NFL.
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