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  1. Well in that case he's doing a hell of a lot better this year than I thought.
  2. Strong started of good but seemed to go into shock at times. He was in over his head. Our last guy was too much of "one of the guys." A grown up frat boy at times. I fell Stark is off to a good start.
  3. The Kansas comments are just getting old. It was a horrible game by our defense. One of many. You guys lost to Miss St who got hammered by Texas Tech - a team we hung 70 on by the 3rd quarter. I’m not going to compare Texas to anybody. 17 seems fair given the pickups in the portal and the talent already there. The culture has to change, and I think the incident on the bus last year proves it’s heading in the right direction. This season is going to be tough. As of now, we play four teams in the Top 11. I know we will score points. We need the defense to step up quicker than they’re probably ready to do.
  4. For what it's worth... just posting what was posted.
  5. I can't help to think there is more to the story. At some point someone in that room will state what was said along with the reaction. Just seems like there has to be more to the story for him to resign over a word he quoted from an iPad.
  6. Had three Samoan brothers play for us back in the day - Roquii(OL), Fale(LB), and Toitu(LB/DE). They were beasts! Had another that played DE and went on to TCU. There was just something different about those guys. Defensively they didn't try to tackle you, they tried to put you out of the game!
  7. This is so true. All the years I've watched game film late Friday night or early Saturday morning, it holds true that things are never as bad or as good as they seemed during the actual game. A defensive back could have almost flawless coverage and the ball is still caught for a long gain. A big run could be something as silly as the backside LB hitting a cleat of a DL and getting tripped up just enough to not be able to fill the hole. A good offensive drive ended because of a dropped ball by a WR that would catch 19/20 of the same ball. A WR/TE continuing a route rather than squatting in the hole of a zone like it was coached all week. These are the little things that can make a big difference and the reason to watch the game film with your players. It's not to berate players, it to learn.
  8. I heard he was going to Alabama, but they had already spent all their NIL money on better targets. Just kidding... he seems pretty impressive. Saw a clip on Twitter of him squatting 8 reps at 465 with ease.
  9. Well this didn't age well. Our 3* QB is a 5* influencer it would seem.
  10. LOL! Valhalla and WETSU teaming up on the Longhorn's thread lately.
  11. There's only one OL currently ranked higher than Kirkland, and he is the #1 OT in the nation. Now you might be talking about any position and that would make sense and could possibly be true. There are 7 players currently with a higher ranking with Miami that committed in June or July.
  12. Well at least our guys have the decency to break our hearts early enough in the year so we don't get over-hyped.
  13. Makes sense with Cromartie growing up in Florida. FYI, I did look at more than a few websites to find out what JIT meant. There were a couple that stated it was a greeting in mainly South Florida - especially when referring to young kids. But there was also comments from people saying it meant kids that act like they're tough and know everything "little thugs". What I do know is I've been around high school kids for 30+ years as a coach/administrator in Texas, and I've never heard the term. Also, preceding that lingo with his chosen vocabulary didn't seem to put the statement in context of just a greeting. I could be 100% wrong on his use of JIT, but I'm going to stick with my opinion that his tweet is not very professional and doesn't look good for A&M. As for the monkey, he only bites if someone touches without paying. No freebies in the stripping world!
  14. Well, you do have a coach preaching the Thug Life at A&M.
  15. LOL! Not triggered by any means. Get back to your Whiteclaws keyboard warrior.
  16. What are you, 12? Using names like "Whorns" or "Faggies" pretty much makes any comment invalid. I bet you do a lot of promoting of my school with the Horns down. LOL!
  17. I don't know if this has been answered, but the NFL goes by years out of high school not years in college. Ewers will only need two more years to be eligible for the NFL draft in 2024.
  18. Jimbo needs to reel this guy in a little in my opinion. I know this kind of language happens on the field, but it doesn't need to be on social media. Many parents of recruits won't like it, and we know that mom and dad play a big role in recruiting for most players. PS - had to look up "JIT." It's prison slang for young wannabe thugs. Just not a good look IMO for the Aggies.
  19. I’d like to weigh in on this from experience. The offensive play calling after Colt’s injury was very vanilla. The idea was let’s not lose this game before halftime. Let’s get to the locker room and put a game plan in for Gilbert. I’ve been involved in games and witnessed several others were the offense has success due to losing a key player. Bama was not prepared for Gilbert. Years ago we played Desoto in the playoffs, and they were all about giving the ball to future NFL RB Tatum Bell with an occasional play action or boot. We knocked Bell out early in the first quarter. Their QB went to RB and the best athlete on the team went to QB. They started running the option. Something we hadn’t prepared for or even seen since about week 5. We lost the game with the most talented roster I’ve ever coached, and we still finished the year ranked as a Fox Fab 50 team in the nation. Likewise Texas had Spencer Rattler’s number last year. In comes the backup and we look like we don’t know how to contain or tackle a QB. Alabama was good enough to overcome the success that Texas had with Gilbert. I (and yes I’m biased) don’t think Alabama wins if Colt doesn’t get hurt.
  20. Trayveon Williams has a new side job as a adjunct NIL professor of Texas A&M Law School. My first thought was how in the Hell does TW have the credentials to teach law students. But my second thought is this is a pretty good move by A&M as he will co-teach and is able to add real-life experiences from the professional side of the business.
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