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  1. Going to take Franklin in this one, went and saw that Newton vs Marlin game in Palestine if Marlin had executed on couple of those times in the red zone it would have been a another ball game. Think Franklin is just steam rolling over everyone right now, and that offense will be clicking on all cylinders against the Eagles.
  2. After the disastrous game against Franklin the Bulldogs are on a 5-2 run. Let Jarrell slip away in the final 2 minutes of the game or they would be playing Crockett this week. Newton will have the numbers on their side for sure. These 2 have history against each other, hopefully another one for the history books!
  3. this should be a good one Friday Night! Last year Franklin came into Marlin and squeaked away with a win against the Bulldogs 35-33. Franklin is averaging 59 points a game this year, with the same momentum. I doubt Hendricks allows the lions to look past this game this year. A lot of speed on the field for Marlin as Freshmen Taequan Tyler and Senior Jarice Stricklin look to power the Bulldogs offense. Could be another barn burner Friday Night! What do you guys think of this game?
  4. Interviews starting soon? or is the deadline still not up
  5. Any rumors out there of coaches who have put in their names in the hat for this one?!
  6. Rusty Nail has hung up the whistle and let the Rumors begin on who will land this diamond gig!
  7. Lil ol tig won a 1st rd playoff ball game. Congrats tiggers. shut down the school for a week and leave the distractions at the door Cameron Yoe coming up!! DJ is somewhere saying your welcome.
  8. Key word here is 1st rd. Nuff said! We all know tig has that woe against them. We'll see thursday night...
  9. Haters gonna hate.. and overhyped will continue to be overhyped. 1st rd blues awaits.. and then its back to the drawing board tig! Break out the air pump next week dust it off for the following week
  10. ^ we can all see you use it to the fullest there buddy. Keep on keeping on! *joe dirt
  11. Homegrown I know your not talking. Last time i seen you round was ur shape. Best bet bud iam dat guy you wish you were. Just keep to writing on your lil keyboard and thinking your doing something. Its always hilarious when someone has a different opinion than you tig fans get all butt hurt about it.
  12. This guy ^! Stick to the pee wee football scene homegrown. Keep pumping that ego up for another 1st rd defeat.
  13. Taking the trip to Teague this week coach wells and the elks will be fired up. Know that 2 years ago when Johnson and crew showed their backside and the elks havent forgotten it. Iam pulling for elks to come away with an upset but if they dont it wont be a slaughter. Leave the diesel at home tig fans the heavyloader coming through. Fighting Antlers! Lets go Elks.
  14. Iam taking the Elks. I think Mays will get the Elks fired up to take on his former team. Elkhart bringing it home 35-18 to make it a showdown with Tig!
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