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  1. Uncle Rico, he could throw it over the mountains. LOL
  2. Some of those 2013 boys are like the fellow that was whacked in the Hoo Hoo's at Billy Bob's party in the movie Varsity Blues LOL.
  3. LOL all you Cooper boys living in 2013. My team wasn't playing that night since Cooper had to reschedule because of snowmageddon. I wanted to see my nephew play one time live. It looked like the bulldogs had mailed it in. He told me there was so much dissention amongst the payers and parents going on. I felt bad for the players that played hard that night for Cooper. It looked like Leonard wanted the victory worse than Cooper. Maybe after an overachieving 12-0 start the Dogs were finally played down to their talent level.
  4. LOL, before I retired I always found that I had a harder time winning with lower talented teams.
  5. I actually went to the Leonard game. It was one of those rare seasons they had some serious talent. Their QB signed with a D1 school, of course not as a QB.
  6. Historically you are correct, but enrolments of many of the schools in AA now have declined. Putting this to be, it should be a really good race for the district title wit HG this next year. WC did well in track so they might be a close 3rd.
  7. His last couple years he had the beginnings of the Gunter dynasty and a really talented leonard team in his district
  8. I did say Casto is a good coach. When Green was in AA it was the same as AAA. The UIL later shifted classifications. The AA Cooper is in now used to be A.
  9. Casto has been aided by a classification drop and favorable alignments for sure. He is a good coach, but the aforementioned factors have played a major role in his success. Wonder how Casto would do at Como or Cumby?
  10. He already has a bunch of Maroon C logo items from a previous gig
  11. He must have a couple large and fast children to play there too. LOL I wish him the best for the sake of the good people in Clarksville.
  12. Yes, and some are not so distinguished. I wish them all luck. I was once Bob the Rebuilder LOL
  13. Bold accusation for someone who doesn't know the man.
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