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  1. Might be a few to Prairiland as well.
  2. The QB that is going to Tech moved there in JH didn't he? That is why he didn't have eligibility issues. The 1-year rule was in effect.
  3. I wonder where the young man will play next year?
  4. A loss in a nice house is just as hurtful as a loss in the outhouse LOL
  5. A former Patriot HFC just left Honey Grove. Any interest you think?
  6. Sounds like the greed of Gunter and Sherman have led to difficulties for the student/athlete. Sounds like the old days of Gordon Wood and GA Moore. I wish nothing but the best for the young man. I am sure he will play somewhere.
  7. If there were grounds for the student/athlete to be eligible why didn’t the UIL allow the transfer? In my times as a coach I have seen it go both ways. Usually the UIL and their legal team gets it right. Not saying this was right or wrong, I don’t know all the mitigating circumstances.
  8. Sounds like the rest of the district agreed. Reckon Gunter has a buyer remorse clause in the new coach’s contract?
  9. Didn't the irl's coordinator leave for Chapel Hill as well?
  10. If so that district is no joke. There are some pretty tough teams in there.
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