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  1. Bet there have been a few strangers around town wearing blue ties and gray jackets with rebel flag tie tacks. LOL
  2. cool dude just hasn't won very much.
  3. I have heard they are courting another longtime WC former coach.
  4. I have heard they are looking closely at some former WC AD/HFC's.
  5. I think RC would be a great fit. This would be the best talent he might have had since the early part of his first HC stint. What we forget is that he is a great defensive coach as well.
  6. Any word on when they plan on making their decision?
  7. I have heard a rumor or two about the GREEN GREEN grass
  8. He is a great one for sure! Lets see if those hours upon hours of hawk tackling drills pay off for the Bulldogs.
  9. I think you are right. I used to have a copy of the film, but I think a friend from Cooper comfascated it. Painful to watch!!!!
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