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  1. I've heard Cooper may have a couple young men out due to injury.
  2. I have seen them play and I would agree they are the best AA team Cooper has had.
  3. It happens when you wait this long to finally play some competition.
  4. You might say I had a little insight on the talent of both teams.
  5. HG's coach left Leonard to get away from Gunter. Why would he call them now lol
  6. My 36-20 was pretty close this week. The chicken bones beat the computer this week lol. Thanks for keeping it interesting on here.
  7. Interesting, curious to see how this plays out. I am more old school. Through a series of coin flips, paper rock scissors matches with my granddaughter, and tossing chicken bones I come up with 36-20 Bulldogs LOL.
  8. Just curious, what is the average rating for Cooper's opponents?
  9. Good point, how will HG react this first time things turn south? So far they haven't had to battle adversity in a game. Sometimes it is good to have a little competition!
  10. Can the stingy HG Orange Crush Defense hold up to the ground and pound Cooper Offense?
  11. Its like comparing apples to oranges. HG gets their first real test next week. LOL I will be on the scene to witness. Garrison will play Timpson in a couple weeks. Hopefully both teams will stay healthy this year and can meet on the field of play and settle this. I would pick Garrison 32 HG 20.
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