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  1. LOL, a little Toy Story You've got a friend in meYou've got a friend in meWhen the road looks rough aheadAnd you're miles and milesFrom your nice warm bedYou just remember what your old pal saidBoy, you've got a friend in meYeah, you've got a friend in me
  2. I've seen a little film on them as well. They have a pretty good combination. They move really well to the ball on defense.
  3. If if's and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas.
  4. Some people can walk into a room and half of the people don't like them, then they open their mouth and the other half doesn't.
  5. Only if those coaches have large athletic children! LOL
  6. I believe the Dogs will be 11-0 before their next challenge.
  7. Should be a good game. My mind says Hooks, but my heart says Cooper.
  8. Would love to see them do well this year, but 2013 was a long time ago.
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