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  1. Might be hard to beat Surat if Carthage wins another but he would get my vote if I had a vote.
  2. If they win state they would deserve much better than Disney
  3. Timpson should NEVER agree to play Refugio in the Houston area.
  4. Every so often a team is destined for greatness. I think of the 1979 Van Vandals, and the 198?5678?? Chapel Hill Bulldogs. Harmony looked pretty good last week.
  5. Sitting on WR side watching Harmony do what they have done that got them here.
  6. I get the point but catching a ball uncontested is easier than a DB actually running with and guarding a receiver .
  7. Can’t see it. Might be them and Newton. Might be Newton/Harmony. The two best teams are DF and Newton. Bad draw for Daingerfield.
  8. Haven’t seen Centerville since 2012 against Hughes Springs. They were plenty violent then. And Timpson’s biggest weakness is having a big line smash straight at them. But, nobody has played well enough yet to beat them yet. They beat DF,Joaquin and Waskom. I will bet on them to keep playing this year.
  9. Man I opened up a bigger can of worms than I expected by offering up praise for Bussey’s talent. I didn’t stipulate position. Just said he could fill a spot on any 6A team in the state. I figure he will play corner in college and maybe return punts and or kickoffs.
  10. This one is gonna be hard to gauge. Harmony has vastly improved during the year and might control the clock on WR. If so, they could win this game. Hope they play this one in Rose Stadium.
  11. Couldn’t resist this. It seems neither of those two will see Hooks after Harmony did the same thing to Hooks that they did to Waskom. That Harmony O line is pretty darn good.
  12. Left this one early. Happy to see Frankston score Some points. Bussey could fill a spot on any 6A lineup in Texas. Timpson may struggle to beat Joaquin again though.
  13. Dang, it looks like crow is the bird of choice for Thanksgiving up at Hooks this year . I am thinking Harmony may have the coach of the year winner.
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