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  1. Appreciate the photo, Wild! Heard they had come good success this week against Marshal and Carthage. Y’all have to feel good about that.
  2. Dang! Sounds like Waskom is gonna be cellar dwellers next season. Never would have thought it could go back to that.
  3. Pearson was the weight room fanatic during Waskom’s build up years. Brownsboro couldn’t play football but they won state powerlifting once and would have run away with it again had covid not shut it down. Waskom is already working harder in the weight room this week than they were I would bet. I have a feeling the Daingerfield Waskom game will be meaningful.
  4. Interesting drama in deep ETX. One community at odds on decisions being made, another waiting in great anticipation and Daingerfield is expected to rule. Small town football is the best entertainment for sure.
  5. We all knew Brownsboro would be better the next year. No surprises at all there.
  6. 2012-2015 provided an entertaining pastime reading and commenting on this forum. Waskom football remained competitive for the next 6 years almost getting back to the big game last year. Hoping the next few years can bring back some of that excitement. If nothing else, Brownsboro revealed character. Best wishes for success to some Godly men who are to lead Waskom athletics next year.
  7. Haven’t been on in a while. Keeling and staff gave the good folks in Waskom some great times watching Friday night football. Hoping he can continue that success in Tatum. I think Waskom will stay on track too.
  8. Wow. Have this on YouTube tonight. Things have sure changed! I haven’t posted in some time. This game and the thread is about as exciting as the present administration in Washington. No JJ running his head on here and Arp without starting QB isn’t on the same level as Waskom this year. Maybe another time I guess.
  9. 2013 was the year Waskom came into EF with a focus that EF could not match. The game was over by the end of the first quarter. If they can channel that intensity this time, it could happen again. Always a great rivalry in deep East Texas! Hope both schools come out injury free.
  10. Most of the time when one team is picked by 21 they really mean it could be by 40. The fastest team will probably win. Hope you get rid of that skunky dog smell soon Wild.
  11. Not sure I have posted on here since I started my present job last year. Looks like Waskom has an improved team this year. Going with them for a win in this little rivalry.
  12. Good topic. Earl Campbell. Many thought him good enough to go straight into pro ball from JT. Nobody that I saw at 165 pounds could outplay Chan Aimee though. ////////// Thought I posted this last week. //. Saw Hallsville get some control over Peterson in the second half of the game in Rose. Only time to see him play in person. He did not have a lot of help.
  13. Good topic. Earl Campbell. Many thought him good enough to go straight into pro ball from JT. Nobody that I saw at 165 pounds could outplay Chan Aimee though.
  14. The play is on video. No intention of interference was evident. He slid but popped up when he touched the base. The throw had no chance of getting the runner on first. But hey, it was a double header on a Thursday night. He may have gotten an hour or more of sleep last night by making the call. No telling how long the game might have gone on if the Bears got the run. Sad way to end a season for the Bears though.
  15. Ok. My electrical power dropped late in that game and it was not to be found on my dish again when the satellite came back up??? Had to be the QB. He was a gamer. Guess it is like the perfect 10 in gymnastics. Nobody ever got one till someone did. Then they got kinda common.
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