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  1. Kilgore is split AD/HFC. I wouldn't say they are growing though.
  2. Kilgore will be just fine, a couple of position need filling. But Majority of secondary and WRs coming back. And a very talented Soph class (next year) coming up.
  3. I've already heard a name that actually wants the job. And, I for one think he'll be a good hire.
  4. How many Seniors are on this team? Because I've heard it is a Soph heavy team, which I find hard to believe. I know QB, RB and Center are but who else?
  5. Chapel Hill looks very sluggish. Probably should have left Thursday instead of this morning.
  6. He was an old school coach. We did things wrong and trust me, we paid the price.
  7. I graduated in 2006. I absolutely remember my coach telling us, he didn't care what we wore or how we wore it. But we better win. That was the one and only talk we had.
  8. 2 missed FGs and the funbled hand off which would have been a walk in TD were the difference in the game. I absolutely hate it for Kilgore.
  9. Lol, don't backtrack because you were called out. Be a man an own that
  10. I would see if the admin on Smoaky do anything, but I HIGHLY doubt it. Just don't spread rumors, everything else is free game.
  11. The emoji at the end explains a lot of things? What me being black is that what you're referring to?
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