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  1. I know I am late to the party, but this should be entertaining. First district game for Kilgore after the gauntlet of a schedule for pre-season.
  2. Just be prepared of you're from Lindale they are definitely homeowners.
  3. I'm leaning towards Gilmer only because they're at home. If Lindale was at home I would side with them.
  4. Kilgore (2-1) coming off a 18-0 victory over Pine Tree. Hallsville (1-2) coming off a 35-21 loss to Sulphur Springs.
  5. I believe so not 100% sure though.
  6. UPDATE: Game postponed until tomorrow 11AM 2nd Half will start Kilgore will get the ball. 3-0 (Kilgore)
  7. Paris for the upset lol...
  8. Yeah they were entertaining..and definitely always a reason for something.
  9. Exactly right. PT definitely plays hard. I wouldn't say trap game but they're a good squad.
  10. Alot of interesting storylines in this one: Pine Tree homecoming ( Kilgore should have a little more juice) Kilgore QB is a former PT player (PT should have a little more juice) Either way you can't sleep on Pine Tree.
  11. I'll give some quick thoughts on the game. Kilgore defense played really well. Every level, just an outstanding performance. Offensively, when they play with more tempo and going no huddle, the QB seemed way more comfortable and the offense was pretty much able to move at will. All in all, being down 10 with 3mins I think left in the game. Kudos, to the coaches and the players. Alot of teams would have threw the towel in but the Dogs' just kept fighting to find a way to win.
  12. Because Hallsville got blown out by Terrell.
  13. Wow! Absolutely hate to see this. Prayers for the kids and families involved
  14. Amazing game! I'll give my thoughts tomorrow. But, the last 4 minutes of the game was absolutely crazy!
  15. JV: 12-22 (Gilmer won) Fresh: 60-44 (Kilgore won)
  16. Gilmer is the away team, game is in Kilgore. Fyi.
  17. Even though we are talking their defense. To me Chapel Hill putting 71 points on Gilmer is impressive especially week one.
  18. Of course we all have. I just making a statement, wasn't trying to ruffle any feathers.
  19. The El Campo pick in the playoffs was weird. Kilgore clearly had the better "Team" but El Campo had Owens and well it went how I thought.
  20. Tepper legit always picks Kilgore to lose. Pretty comical at this point.
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