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  1. Probably with Overton is the kids are too nice, there's nothing to develop them. No little league programs or anything. They focus alot with baseball, it is sad to see Overton not winning much as a graduate. But I don't think you can expect district championships from them any time soon.
  2. I think Kilgore scrimmages and pre season schedule will definitely help them with the district. I think Kilgore wins something like 30-14.
  3. Lets be honest Palestine was a very undisciplined team. They have talent snd I said going into the game they'll probably get 3-4 PFs and boom they did.
  4. From what I seen in the Kilgore game, Hallsville has the athletes but seems to want their QB to do all the work and once he gets slowed down it affects the whole team. I believe it was #14 for Hallsville he was giving Kilgore fits in the return game but wasn't used very much offensively which was strange.
  5. Last couple years this has been a chippy scrappy type game. I still think Kilgore wins big, but Palestine plays Kilgore very hard.
  6. Exactly. Looking at some of these comments picking Hallsville by a couple TDs, was very baffling to me.
  7. Competition matters. If Kilgore had played Hallsville schedule they would be unbeaten with alot of hype.
  8. Should be an intriguing matchup. I think it comes down to Hallsville offensive line vs. Kilgore defensive line. Two solid groups.
  9. Kilgore got it called on them in the Carthage game. But wasn't so lucky when it happen to a Kilgore player. I guess it just depends on the crew.
  10. Just my opinion Carthage would beat Gilmer handily. Maybe close 1st qtr. But I don't see Gilmer touching Carthage at this point.
  11. 37-26 Gilmer. Kilgore play call is a little head scratching.
  12. Really threw when he said Mike Woods was the Defensive Coordinator for Pleasant Grove.
  13. Gilmer announcers on the YouTube stream.
  14. Can someone please tell the guys who are live broadcasting on YouTube, that Kilgore head coach is Clint Fuller? They are wearing woods name out..smh think they do a little more research and get the name right.
  15. And I can't remember any deep passess.
  16. Didn't understand why Kilgore didn't adjust early to that.
  17. Carthage didn't really do anything special (and thats not knocking the offense at all) It was a Keep it simple stupid method. And, it work to perfection against Kilgore. Kilgore CBs were playing off the ball and Carthage just short pass and YAC. Good job Carthage. Kilgore will be fine, and prepare for Gilmer.
  18. Carthage definitely picking on Kilgore CB #14 BIG TIME.
  19. Something like that happen when I played. Except the guy caught the ball ran about 5 yards turned around and took a knee in the endzone. I remember laughing so hard as I was running down the field. I was literally crying tears laughing, I hadn't every seen that before.
  20. Wouldn't say that. Kilgore freshman barely practice, and the offensive line needs work. The freshman team isn't a main focus. It would be JV and Varsity, it definitely shows.
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