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  1. This is way too early. But just my thoughts I don't think a team goes undefeated in district. The 2 top dogs (CH & Kilgore) both lost alot of key players. Kilgore brings back practically the whole defense and CH has 2 studs on offense. Should be interesting this go around.
  2. Most programs do it with ease, this literally happens in every corner of Texas, and if you say it doesn't you have to be blind.
  3. I don't know. Definitely wouldn't be QB1 starting off after what Brooks did for Kilgore in the playoff game. But, I'm no coach lol.
  4. So I've heard Henderson QB is in Kilgore. Very interesting
  5. Bet it gets swept under a rug
  6. What's that supposed to mean?
  7. Finally. That's a match up I've been waiting to see.
  8. Fuller definitely not scared
  9. True. I'm just curious how Kilgore offense will look. Defense should be pretty similar don't lose much but offense will have alot of questions.
  10. Definitely agree with that. But a real legit passing game would do wonders in CH. Do they have any QBs on the Fresh or JV team that could slide Brisbon to a slot WR?
  11. I feel you can talk to 100 people from the game and ask what went wrong and you'll probably get 101 different answers. Because, honestly there isn't a right answer. Everybody sees the game differently. Kilgore had some missed calls by the refs for sure (but you never put yourself in that position) I can say first hand they didn't come out with the same intensity as the DC Game and that's where I give credit to CH Coaches, it was 100% a completely different game plan on both sides of the ball and it worked to perfection. Kilgore will be just fine, as we return several guys. Especially defensively.
  12. And we'll have the same Offensive Coordinator until he decides to hang em up. That's just a fact..
  13. #12 should have been getting the bulk of the carries. #15 was at RB & LB for majority of the game.
  14. I believe CH coach watched the previous playoff games of Kilgore and exploited in a major way. During the district game, Chapel Hill was trying to get to the outside and it played right into Kilgore defense. Last night it was everything in the middle and Kilgore didn't have an answer, outside of a few long runs. They were gashing the defense 5 yards a pop seemed like. There was some plays that could have changed the game. 1. The missed extra point hurt 2. The offsides call on the on-side 3. The incomplete call, when the ball never hit the ground. 4. The dropped pass in the endzone. Sometimes that's the way the ball bounce. Hope CH can bring the trophy back to East Texas... I'm sure we'll be here again next season.
  15. Congratulations to CH! Go get the ring! Kilgore played about 18-19 players total. No reason why #15 should be RB & MLB against a 99.9% run team. Kilgore has a problem playing underclassmen, #12 should have been the bell cow. Defensively, those kids were tired especially the LBs and DLine and Kilgore refuse to sub kids which is absolutely baffling. The leading tackler on the team didn't even see any snaps on defense. I honestly have no clue what the coaches were thinking but clearly it didn't work. I would say something about next year but 3 years in a row makes it hard.
  16. My thoughts exactly. I know some people from Kilgore buying 20+ tickets for their family.
  17. What's Lobo stadium capacity? Because I saw some post where they said 13K tickets have been sold, I don't think that could be right. But then again I have no clue.
  18. QB1 will ne suited Friday, been practicing all week. I think people are making a big deal of for no reason lol.
  19. He definitely could have went back in last game. But, I think the coaches wanted to see how the Soph handled the pressure. QB1 should be good to go Friday night.
  20. I've looked at CH playoff games and those two are still 90% of the offense. And, unless CH does something wild and change is completely up on offense I don't see that changing.
  21. Basically, if you stop Brisbon and Stewart from getting loose on the outside. You have stop Chapel Hills offense. Kilgore offensively has multiple weapons that can go off any given night, so it's had to key on any one player like Chapel Hill.
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