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  1. 3 hours ago, Sportsjunkiee said:

    Four district teams involved in the Chapel Hill SQT today.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to witness any of the games but from just looking at the scores, a few things that stood out to me:

    1) Looks like Jefferson played some tough competition and competed well against Henderson and Gilmer.

    2) Sabine dominated their other two 8-3A opponents today.  

    3) Gladewater beats Kilgore (who has already qualified for 7v7 state) then loses to White Oak. 

    4) Beating Gladewater may be the first win of any type of football for White Oak in at least a year.  I would assume they were excited and probably a pretty good chance we will hear about it later.......

    Has LE been playing any 7v7? @LPND

    Kilgore starting QB didn't play at all. The backup was getting 100% of the reps.

  2. 3 hours ago, MattStepp said:

    The entire day Jayden impressed me...both sides of the ball...he made a tremendous catch on offense vs CH along their sideline as well...Kilgore may have the best defense in 4A...that DL will be nasty

    Jayden is a definitely a go getter! The Defensive Line and Secondary will be the strength of the team in my opinion.  I know Coach is excited about the season.

  3. 14 hours ago, GoodOleBoy73 said:

    Shaping up to be an interesting year. I'm curious how Lindale will replace the production of Thurman from the last few years.

    I feel like we say that every year about Lindale and boom they have another workhorse, can never count them out.

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  4. This is way too early. But just my thoughts I don't think a team goes undefeated in district.

    The 2 top dogs (CH & Kilgore) both lost alot of key players. Kilgore brings back practically the whole defense and CH has 2 studs on offense. Should be interesting this go around.

  5. 6 hours ago, Lion7000 said:

    Definitely will have an opportunity for that last playoff spot. Chill , Kilgore , and Lindale are probably safe for the playoffs unless injuries or crazy. 

    Henderson will be improved and Palestine has a new coach. 

    No idea about Mabank.

    So I've heard Henderson QB is in Kilgore. Very interesting 

  6. 7 minutes ago, JugLine said:

    I believe so. I’ve heard good things about that JV QB. We need to start diversifying our offense immediately so maybe we are not so one dimensional next season. It kills us in the big games with good defenses. I think we rely on raw talent. I think the raw talent has got us where we were the last 3 seasons. It’s time to implement an offense that has reason instead of the same ole. Can our staff do that? Time will only tell. Enough of the stud to the right, stud to the left, stud#2 to the right, stud#2 to the left. Let’s implement a complete offense. It’s been said that Rio is an offensive guru…you sure wouldn’t think by looking at our play calling. I’ve often wondered what a Coach Cochran (lindale) could put together with CH’s talent. Could be scary. Look at what he does with talent he has. He adjusts constantly and makes it happen. 

    True. I'm just curious how Kilgore offense will look. Defense should be pretty similar don't lose much but offense will have alot of questions. 

  7. 12 hours ago, Aggie98 said:

    I tried to just let this post go, but it's so moronic I just couldn't. Here's why...

    The top 4 best passing seasons in the history of Kilgore football have all come in the last 4 years... with 3 different QB's. 

    Of all the great RB's Kilgore has had through the years, 2 of the top 3 single-season rushing leaders of all time have come in the last 3 years. So basically, the most balanced and prolific offenses Kilgore has ever had.... statistically speaking, have come under this OC. 

    Play calling did not lose this game for Kilgore, Chapel Hill just whipped us physically on both sides of the ball. They just seemed to want it more than we did.



    I feel you can talk to 100 people from the game and ask what went wrong and you'll probably get 101 different answers. Because, honestly there isn't a right answer. Everybody sees the game differently. Kilgore had some missed calls by the refs for sure (but you never put yourself in that position) I can say first hand they didn't come out with the same intensity as the DC Game and that's where I give credit to CH Coaches, it was 100% a completely different game plan on both sides of the ball and it worked to perfection. Kilgore will be just fine, as we return several guys. Especially defensively.  

  8. 1 hour ago, WhoamI97539 said:

    We can say in the long term he was playing to win the game. If your offense has the ball it definitely gives your team more a chance to win than punting and giving the opponent the ball and hoping your D can get you the football right back. I just always say play to win and don't play to not lose that's my opinion on a coach look at CH they had 3rd & 20, 4th &3 the coach knew Kilgore was struggling with stopping the run he still ran the play that benefited his team the best he handed it to his playmakers to get a first down. Kilgore offensive coordinator saw they were giving our wr 7 or 8 yards of cushion Ray Charles could see CH was giving Kilgore the short throws but they were determined to not give up the big play. Our coach has to know that. 

    And we'll have the same Offensive Coordinator until he decides to hang em up. That's just a fact..

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  9. 5 minutes ago, WhoamI97539 said:

    Agreed our Offensive coordinator is still running the same stuff when coach Vallery was here. We need a coordinator that will call plays to win the game. These punts they do sometimes they don't play to win the game they play to not lose. Last night had too much of the old very conservative coach Woods punting on 4th and inches. 

    #12 should have been getting the bulk of the carries. #15 was at RB & LB for majority of the game. 

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