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  1. Anyone heard any names that may have applied for the whitehouse job.
  2. Whether its ongoing or over they still can not legally discuss personnel matters. If your employer went public with why they fired you, you would sue them for every penny they have. Would you want your employer airing all of your dirty laundry to the media?
  3. It is illegal for them to tell the public why they fired McFarlin. You can't go public with personnel matters in a school district.
  4. Whitehouse will be just fine. In fact, they will prosper.
  5. I agree someone isn't going to leave their job to take less money. I'm just curious as to how all of you know how much the Whitehouse job is going to pay? Is that number made public?
  6. I mean that the "AD" job and the "head football" jobs are going to be separate. The AD is going to be in charge of the entire athletic department and the head football coach will run the football program.
  7. You don't have to clear it up for me. Peacock was the asst. sup. he isn't the basketball coach. He coached basketball 20 years ago and he was a football coach too. Sounds to me like it will be a sweet job. Football coach come in and have total control of his program and not have to mess with any AD duties. Why would someone not like that job? Nac has a separate AD, but that has nothing to do with their football program sucking. Corsicana has as separate AD and their football program is just fine.
  8. Ward is the best QB in East Texas and Mahomes is a close second.
  9. I am confused. Why will Whitehouse return to clown status? Is Coach McFarlin the only coach in the state who can win at Whitehouse? Actually I read on here all year how poorly coached Whitehouse was this year. Which one is it?
  10. With the talent they have coming back next year and the talent they have at the under levels, I think they will be just fine.
  11. I truly believe the sup and board realize how important it is for a school district to have a successful football program. I have confidence they will hire a good one.
  12. Whitehouse will have no problem finding a very good coach. In fact, they will have their choice of several very good coaches. Coaches applying for the job will know the truth. The truth is that Whithoues is a great community and has a great school district. They also are set up to be successful for several more years. They should be very good next year. No doubt that McFarlin has done a great Job turning the program around the last few years. But he has made way too many enemies within the school district to continue working there. I find it interesting that he has so much suppo
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