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  1. Chill definitely gone pack the stands I’ll be there since I am a alumni of the hill that Stewart is really good running back and the qb can run and throw too
  2. Yea this was on Facebook I know y’all will put up at least 80 lol
  3. Yea it’s not looking good It look like this team no even out there trying to win at times
  4. Wow this season was just bad from the first game got to do better next year
  5. I miss the days when this thread would be about what Longview excuse would be if they lost uniform colors ? 3rd string ? Lol now I’m looking to see Longview’s 3rd string team in but I’m holding on maybe just for one night jt makes it a game for a little bit
  6. Well at least the podcast I have great stories every week lol https://youtu.be/sDCtQiVjUmk
  7. The podcast game be a great episode still tho y’all I had a bunch of stuff happen while in Baton Rouge lol and I got to see tiger stadium and wow the women that go to lsu wooooooo
  8. This is really bad I don’t know if this team can beat anybody else rest the year
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