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  1. And when I finally have free time to come to any game they have to travel so much this season smh
  2. Well we’ll finally the rock has come back!!!! To smoaky …… so seeing there’s no sanchez at qb I feel better about winning something ready for the podcast tho yall gone love this season so much stuff as for this game I think jt can win by 7 …….21-14
  3. I’ve said many times Sanchez isn’t the best qb jt has on the team he could play wr I think but the first thing they have to do is find a qb that can throw down field and can just run enough so I think 4 wins is not to far fetched if Sanchez is still the qb but if they change the offense from the spread run something like Longview runs maybe he can be better but if they gone keep running spread they have to test out some other qbs
  4. Didn’t see this coming expected a closer game but o well 2020 is just been one those years nothing been right
  5. So this team scored almost 100 points in 4 games just got 7 I figured it be a score like this
  6. Wow Lancaster has scored 80 in four games But those where not great teams this should be a easy win for Longview
  7. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1363513/6739030?fbclid=IwAR1m2pk5AE54oFTQmydW6Al860q3UkTyX7_A7yc7Q5BBjkMIrCAFqCMe7v0
  8. Here we go final episode https://www.buzzsprout.com/1363513/6739030?fbclid=IwAR1m2pk5AE54oFTQmydW6Al860q3UkTyX7_A7yc7Q5BBjkMIrCAFqCMe7v0
  9. @NODAYSOFFTX @VonG @[email protected] @JTFAN99 this last episode I spoke about a lot thing you all said in these post and what the other fans said this one is a fun episode lol we talked about a lot tune in when I post it
  10. And I forgot to mention brooks really started jt back to winning rush just took over a ready made team but rush was a good coach too
  11. Yea he must forgot Jt had Greg ward Bryson smith jermery Johnson , David bush geo, those qbs where on some pretty good teams the 2012 team who lost to guyer could of won state was one stop away from beating guyer the 2018 team as well but jt was winning district most those years beside the last few years
  12. Well you here our thoughts on podcast this is the episode you want to hear a lot to say on this one oooooo it’s gone be good lol
  13. I seen it only been 8 straight games Longview has beat jt at rose why does it seem like it’s been 20 straight ? LOL I can’t remember last time I saw a game jt won vs lobos at home
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