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  1. Wow so close I really knew they could beat this team and that close it gone be hard to forget this lose for while knowing they was so close but good season they should be alright next year
  2. Anybody got live stream other than the Texan site or radio station online ?
  3. Man what a game I knew they could do it but ch almost gave it away few times and they fought back and got the w
  4. Recap of Tommrow game this weekend here’s my episode covering this chapel hill team https://www.buzzsprout.com/1363513/9599374?fbclid=IwAR2oaZdzn6Jtgr3mrl7kA8CxbKDv_kcEtyqhY2sdOFjFW-DsOVXGScKolSM
  5. Well I’ said in the lindale game this freshman qb was special taking ch with the win
  6. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1363513/9545084?fbclid=IwAR2AtbxJJe3tLzjRUrmnW2Qb-7ha3xgD902mOjRqjhJcGStj4FwcCM5xQP4
  7. If only they had Eli last year or year before in that playoff run I feel they win few more games if Eli was here for two years this team would of looked a little better I think he is on that level with Cadillac but better qb than he was passes wise Eli could been on Greg and Bryson level by how accurate some his throws was this season not so much the running threat those where tho but I still will say hp game would been different if he stayed in
  8. If they changed the offense and build something around mcfall they would be ok like what lee did with Zach hall chance amie maybe even some under center iforimation an throw play action roll out passes similar to Longview this spread just isn’t working anymore Eli showed u need a decent qb hopefully another eli is coming up mcfall should definitely be rb or wildcat snap to him and run something like Guyer did with heard
  9. Lee winning surprised me I have a lot thoughts about this jt team I’m save for last episode of the podcast
  10. This coaching staff has really been bad on the defense side for a long time now offense yea it’s not great unless there’s a decent qb like eli was but the. Way teams are just running it with ease and passing it’s like what do they do at practice do they watch film?
  11. Today I see Eli practicing and mcfall also taking qb snaps
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