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  1. lol wow so I say again most time in these games the loser is way out matched it a lot blow outs in state championship games this weekend like the game before should been state championship whoever desoto played
  2. Does it seem like every year state games are blowouts up until maybe the 6a games like the semi final games where the actual state championship games and the better games for the state winning team and the team that loses just get out played so bad
  3. I think we can make it back and win next year got to get better passing game I can’t believe 8 dropped those catches I talked great about him all time in podcast
  4. I never say it’s over we seen jt come back on mcnorth but chill can’t move ball at all
  5. This isn’t looking good this qb is just having his way in passing and running game
  6. And I been talking about 8 all season about getting him the ball he dropped 3 already that he should catch
  7. Well if yall need tickets and haven’t used seat geek use my code 3rdcoastgaming for 20$ off first order for tickets next wee
  8. I was right since my first podcast episode I said chill would get back here and beat Kilgore doing it
  9. State Semi-Final Chapel Hill Vs San Antonio Davenport Friday 7pm at Baylor!
  10. I told a Longview guy weeks ago this game was gone happen and chill would win they thought I was crazy I know what I’m talking about !
  11. Chapel hill is going to pull away in this 2nd half just keep letting stewart and brisbon cook
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