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  1. Wrong, you failed the test...your not qualified to engage in my desired conversation...you got caught "faking it".
  2. Not that...I just don't tolerate studity very well .
  3. I have't had a drink in years but trying to make sense outta' what you write...gimme a double on th' rocks...quick!
  4. Yep...and the Mexicans have the WILL and there are plenty of WAYS. Have you per chance ever visited any of the areas that I suggested in a prior post...seriously. If "yes", I'd like to engage you in a more in depth discussion on this forum re border security.
  5. The laws were "on the books" in 1968 but due to the grred Why don't we go after the NRA for putting out misinformation to the weak minded persons just to line their own greedy pockets?
  6. I disagree re Maryland...I care about all people...from your response I thought you had some special insight into Maryland. When legal aide is denied to the poor, for whatver reason, the lesser fortunate tend to "get their business in a wreck" and this sometimes results in becoming snared in the criminal justice system. Some become incarcerated at $35,000.00 or so a year when some counselling at a couple of thousand could have prevented the "wreck". Certain counties, and I could name you many, have assembly line "justice" where poor kids are slam dunked by over zealous DA's. It goes on and o
  7. Once again all LapDog can add to any post is "liberals"...he must be a really miserable hate filled individual.ALERT ALERT if LapDog has a SECRET clearance to get on a Navy base it needs to be revoked!
  8. Very accurate post...interesting that LapDog and his nut job cronies have no reply to logical reasoning.
  9. I try to give people credit for at least a little bit of common sense but on this forum it is obviously an error in most instances.
  10. There is a nut job near my neighborhood that still has his McCain Palin sign in his yard. Just to show a nice guy he is, he has an anti pet sign by the McPal sign. I wish his yard was within walking distance so I take my pup by his yard. I bet he'd show why he has a Baptist sign.
  11. Exactly. Range...inside a room or home at the most; the pellets should not penetrate and exit walls with enough energy to be deadly. Clay pigeons or a brittle clay at 30 to 40 yards...OK did the shooter hit these clays through a wall...no.
  12. Lap Dog you continually try to insult LarrtDavid because he is so much more intelligent than you. I find your bully tactics beneath the minimal level for a teacher of our youth. Like a coward you try to hide behind your Bible but your angry posts give you away. This is one reason we Democracts are winning the White House.
  13. Lap Dog. I bet if the people supporting a woman's right for abortion put your picture on their posters, all abortion law would be struck down?
  14. If you were not a Smoak Lap Dog you would be suspended or kicked off this forum, Your are as big a bully as the police against whom you complain' A proud liberal Democrat has spoken the truth.
  15. Comic character and Lap Dog , neither of you add anything to a discussion but ignorance and hate.
  16. YOU are correct and they couldn't shutdown the borders...thankfully the Border Patrol is in charge of border security and those men and women do a great job considering the task they face. Go to El Psao and look...don't forget "Dogpatch"; then go to Presidio and drive south into the Big Bend; then come back and tell us how your ever going to seal off that border?
  17. Good well expressed posts by 4/3 and 50,
  18. Shotguns are very effective close range weapons. They can be "killing machines" and the range is restricted to the raid area. Stray projectiles don't travel across the street etc. I don't see this as a gun control issue...and I am a proud educated experienced liberal Democrat.
  19. Are those who are recovering from drug or alchol addiction qualify for your plan?
  20. Good...do they have enough assets to cover the need?
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