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  1. BTW, DCTF #1 ILB (this past season) TyAnthony Smith lived up to the hype and ended up signing with UT. if you wanna see what their getting for sure watch his highlights from Silsbee game.
  2. 2024 Jasper Football Schedule Aug 30th - Chapel Hill at Jasper Sep 6th - Jasper at Palestine Sep 13th - Lumberton at Jasper Sep 20th - Jasper at Beaumont United Sep 27th - Jasper at Carthage Oct 4th - Bye Week Oct 11th - West Orange-Stark at Jasper (district) Oct 18th - Hamshire-Fannett at Jasper (district) Oct 25th - Jasper at Shepherd (district) Nov 1st - Silsbee at Jasper (district) Nov 8th - Jasper at Cleveland-Tarkington (district) Jasper will be tested throughout the season
  3. https://www.texasfootball.com/recruiting/rankings/2025/te as it stands Kiotti has 30 + offers. Congrats young man! Go Dawg Go!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1473461933513784?mibextid=9drbnH
  5. I am still LMAO! I was the fool who gave 14 pts and Silsbee. over at the other site apparently I was the only one able to figure out that Silsbee was far from run stoppers. when our starting ILB TyAnthony Smith on the fly come into the game and played qb/rb for the first time ever and went for 250+ yards there was no way in hell they were stopping Bellville offense. I created a cash app for first time ever to get my money. my ID- "Gaveyou14" fun fun fun!
  6. ya know if Gilmer coach is so smart why did let the game even go to ot? At that point he literally put those young men opportunity to be in semis(Buckeyes) at risk because of very poor coaching by him and the coaching staff.
  7. prime example of what MAY BE a good coach(Gilmer) and WHAT IS a great coach(Carthage)
  8. it might be to some. lol I am not a fan of either school. "masterful" he calls the offensive and defensive coaching when OT should have never happened. jeopardize those young men hard work and effort with it going into OT. I GUARANTEE that Carthage coaching staff would not do that.
  9. I have now officially heard the absolute DUMBEST broadcaster comment ever!! and it begins at 3:37:33/3:42:00 of the you tube game stream for this game. DUMBEST EVER!!
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