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  1. The word elite was used alot on this thread leading up to the game. LMAO, the only that's been elite is the whipping that TCH is taking.
  2. hey boy! you are hushmouth status I see. Go sit down! As a matter of fact go get in the corner.
  3. he coached Nacogdoches during the years you listed. what's your point? Tyler Chapel Hill is who I was referring. Dragons had zero to do with the thread topic.
  4. nope. if they were/are they would be going for back to back titles. anywho.......
  5. if your team is "elite" you play tough schedules yearly like Carthage,Newton, Austin Westlake so on and so forth. 20 games overall under. 500 in any decade isn't gonna EVER happen at elite schools like the ones I lmentioned above. You can for sure bet your house, car, wife, kids, and even the dog that those said schools won't have only 3 seasons above .500
  6. Let's take a look at the most recent/relative decade of football at Tyler Chapel Hill. 2021) 11-4, 2020) 8-5, 2019) 2-8, 2018) 1-9, 2017) 3-7, 2016) 2-8, 2015) 3-8, 2014) 6-6, 2013) 9-5, 2012 ) 3-7 That makes for a 48 wins 67 losses. No urban dictionary on earth will have that as an example of elite.
  7. About 2- 4 seasons ago didn't Paul Pewitt lead the nation in rushing?
  8. in the 2nd quarter New Waverly 27 Newton 22
  9. too bad you can't change and/or get over the above listed thrashings.
  10. yeah there has been so many Hurricanes lately. J H Rowe highschool won the only state title in football that Jasper has back in 1967. Tatum has won 2. What Jasper does have is two complete dominant donkey stompings of Tatum. A 41-17 beat down then TaDumb took an absolute embarrassing 47-7 beat down on their home field.
  11. Jasper averages 27 pass attemps a game in 2022.
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