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  1. you for sure right about "plugs". LOL that had to have been the method this past realignment, when they plugged Shepherd & Madisonville in the district with us(Jasper),Center,Carthage,Rusk.
  2. UIL likes to treat Jasper like gypsies, so until it's said and done we never know where we will end up. the past ten years we have went from literally the smallest school in 4A DI to being DII in Region 2(while teams well north of us like Center and/or Carthage remained in Region 3). So on and so forth. LOL
  3. Bryan Barbay was our OC for a few seasons until he retired a couple years ago. He is now on Merryville Louisiana highschool coaching staff. Setting himself up with double retirement. I honestly think Darrell is following his footsteps. Unfortunately for the both of them their coaching careers come nowhere close to the LEGEND that is Curtis Barbay.
  4. alot of folks don't know he was here in Jasper on Coach Walkoviak's staff back in the 90s. (not that has any matter on things nowadays) He left Jasper to go HC @ West Sabine for 2 years before going to Kirbyville. so on and so forth.
  5. lol. ain't it though. who knows maybe he will lead the Wolverines to the promised land. DOUBTFUL but I suppose possible.
  6. may very well be the case. though he does have grandchildren in J.I.S.D along with the fact he recently had a house built out by the lake (Rayburn). the right coach here in Jasper has the chance to play for titles as well. the athletes to do so are always here.
  7. https://news.yahoo.com/mansfield-hires-darrell-barbay-football-192212198.html early rumors are that Jack Alvarez is the leading candidate to take over. Personally, I think our DC (a Jasper alum and former NFL player) Malcolm Bronson deserves a shot if he wants it.
  8. This is why the Cowboys have not been to a championship game since the 1995 season. They are super underachievers. They have blue chip defenders, but is the defense good? No. They have a good offense on paper, but Dak Prescott is just average. Who has he ever made better? He’s only as good as the players around him. And Sunday, their supposedly great offensive coordinator (Kellen Moore) kept playing CeeDee Lamb in the slot, where he had to deal with starting-caliber players, instead of moving him outside against corners who had no business being on the field.
  9. in his 14 years at Bama, every player that Saban and/or one of assistants recruited to Bama has won a national title.
  10. I am a proud parent of a UH student and extended family member of the Cougars. wish they could have beat Cinci
  11. 908 points scored for the season. Westlake is now one of 5 schools in Texas Highschool football history to score 900 or more points in a season. 1023-Aledo(2013) 950-Gilmer(2014) 921-Navasota(2014) 908-Westlake(2021) 901-Refugio(2013) A measly 56.75 points per game.
  12. https://kogt.com/its-official-thompson-leaving-wos/
  13. his team mate LB Brayden Faulkner signed with Lamar also to play football.
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