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  1. anyone know the current rusk/pg score?
  2. don't get me wrong. that is a helluva at bat. Unfortunately though he comes in second to the ole boy in video I posted link to.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=620389291902779 even better!!
  4. The workshop will be 256 acres, located off a county road close to Keene, which has a population of 6,300. Louis Vuitton bought the land from a Dallas surgeon and a dude ranch known as Rocking Z Ranch. The release said it would create approximately 1,000 jobs over five years; currently, the workshop has 150 employees.Oct 14, 2019 www.thecut.com › 2019/10 › why-i... Why Is Louis Vuitton Opening a Factory in Texas? - The
  5. isn't Louis Vuitton bags, etc. (some not all )made in Keene?
  6. one of if not the biggest rivals Jasper has in baseball the Bridge City Cardinals should be in the top ten. Probably deserve to be there more so than my Jasper Bulldogs. Insane is the way the two polls see things. BC #1 on one poll and not even in top ten on the other?!? Jasper #10 on one poll and not even on the other. Anywho...
  7. Thank you for your time & effort. (makes sense what you said. LOL. of course he hasn't mention me (though I never said he was currently talking about me at all.) he cleared/deleted all of my posts, new threads, etc. didn't like me one upping him and/or the fact I would not kowtow down to him ) Take care.
  8. While your opinion is appreciated and respected it is in this case not correct. Simply put the said person is a Silsbee Tiger fan and while he/she likes to "give it " but when it time for getting a good ole fashion ribbing about the fact Carthage woodshedding the Tigers (all done within the website rules) he/she attempts to ban someone from the site. That said, Silsbee lost in 2nd round and it's the first thought or mention of individual since then. Apparently I got to him or as u say "in his head" so much more to where he couldn't take it. lol. Take care.
  9. Tell the crying AAW (Aggiearewe) ya know the administrator who is a fan of the Silsbee Tigers that took an embarrassing 59-0 loss to Carthage that he has NOT prevented me from visiting that website.
  10. Come on man! everybody knows wade Phillips was birthed in Orange,Texas. He first coached at a school named Lutcher Stark highschool. Are you familiar with said school?
  11. I have always liked USA Today newspaper (specifically the sports ) But I came across this article this morning that was posted Jan. 18th and they had wrong information listed for both Katy and Carthage. So I took upon my self to email to them the correct info for each school. Lol, damn it the best highschool football in USA (Texas) deserves to have the proper credit given to each of its schools. https://usatodayhss.com/lists/texas-high-school-football-most-state-championships-southlake-carroll-katy-aledo
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