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  1. I am chill. Curious why not just give the young man some props or say nothing at all vs starting the subjective talk it could easily be viewed as Aledo bias on your part. appreciate your input
  2. the young man is a helluva player and will do well at the next level. you read the article though didn't you? Davhon isn't who it refers to.
  3. one final time I will point out that the title of thread coincides with the link. it clearly does not have several names tied to it. thanks for stopping by.
  4. lol the nitwit has been hoping for a reply that he could hop on to the coat tail of. No struggle at all with comprehension of what it CLEARLY reads when you go to the link. Simply put Huffman if you have an issue with the publication's opinion then take it up with DCTF. I simply made the thread to give the young man some recognition. So son, take your variance and go play in the street somewhere else.
  5. going by the link to Dave Campbell's it clearly lists TyAnthony as the #11 player overall and #1 @ his position which is ILB. Again, going by the posted link. Fairness doesn't change the fact that the link to DCTF doesn't lead to anything at all about the player Todd spoke of. The thread title is coincides with the link.
  6. Gotta LOL at how dumb this post is. Dave Campbell's Texas Football and 20+ DI offers for a young man who has won in the playoffs overshadows Blue Bell & Huffman Hargrave Falcons like the nitwit 89Falcon all day everyday. Maybe HH can even make it to the playoffs or beat Jasper in the years to come. LMAO!
  7. How does the # 1 Inside LineBacker in the state not even make honorable mention? Blue Bell is some great ice cream, but is sponsoring a questionable list.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS TyAnthony!! GO DAWG GO! https://www.texasfootball.com/recruiting/players/ty'anthony-smith.04e17d31?ref=rankings_list
  9. https://www.kjas.com/news/local_news/article_5125cb46-9dc2-11ed-a328-939930ce0831.html
  10. nah, not really. any and/or all aimed at Dallas are good.
  11. What do Dallas Cowboys fans do after they win the SuperBowl? Turn off their PlayStation.
  12. play action plays, bubble/screens, sprint outs.
  13. https://bvmsports.com/2023/01/05/ambidextrous-qb-mikey-gow-transferring-to-allen-hs-in-texas/
  14. you can get 7 day free trial on bally sports southwest and get the game streams. that's how I have been watching the games.
  15. Tyler Chapel Hill didn't get taken behind the woodshed or even in it. Instead, they just got beat with the woodshed.
  16. The word elite was used alot on this thread leading up to the game. LMAO, the only that's been elite is the whipping that TCH is taking.
  17. hey boy! you are hushmouth status I see. Go sit down! As a matter of fact go get in the corner.
  18. he coached Nacogdoches during the years you listed. what's your point? Tyler Chapel Hill is who I was referring. Dragons had zero to do with the thread topic.
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