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  1. Newton hasn't lost a District game in over a decade. And they won't lose one this year.
  2. I at least identify. unlike you non-binary.
  3. hee! hee! now makes it 3-0 all time for the DAWGS vs TaDumb.
  4. Great game Lions! Our very 1st meeting was a helluva helluva! The best of luck to yall the rest of the season. DAWGS played hard til the end when alot of teams would have folded. The 100 yard pick six was the difference in the game. Time for District next week-GO DAWGS!
  5. wow! you have some insider trading information apparently. DCTF projection for this game has Franklin favored by 6 points.
  6. being completely honest, I pick Franklin to win. The Jasper program is under new leadership and we are all excited for the future. At the same time not one person expected a miracle 16-0 run . Franklin is coming into this game having had a couple of hard fought games , so the defending champs will be ready. I said months ago it will be one of the toughest games for Jasper all season. Of course, I have/am/will always support my DAWGS. If Coach has tighten the loose screws from the Newton game you hide and watch just how much closer this game is versus what think.
  7. I didn't know it got to you that bad Eaglebirth to the point of making you a crybaby. I always was in hope that it did but I knew you wouldn't admit it either time 41-17 or 47-7. I see nowadays you have developed a way of showing your emotions via the emojis.
  8. If the DAWGS don't play any better than we did against Newton you may very well be right. it could end up being like how Jasper did Tatum the 2 years we were in District with yall. 2016 & 2017.
  9. Will Middlebrooks lol I remembered him. As he was getting drafted by MLB in 2007 my Jasper Bulldogs were working on 10 run ruling him at UIL Baseball state tourney. Good times!
  10. Click,Clique,boom! Coming down on the stereo, hear me on the radio. Clique,Click,boom!
  11. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2022/08/26/no-1-blowout-st-john-bosco-calif-nations-top-high-school-team-beats-allen-52-14/
  12. I hear ya my friend. Jasper has a new identity nowadays, more so offensively. Jasper fans(including myself) are so excited about the direction of the program.
  13. Carthage vs Silver&Blue for the title. Isn't that the matchup so many have wanted for a while now?
  14. No pressure at all for the man(men) who come along after Coach S S is no longer on the sidelines. LOL
  15. Really?!? it was sarcasm and a joke. He( along with most) understood that (hence the reaction). Get over yourself and find a way to release your apparent built up tension. Everything in life does not have to be turned into a debate. anywho........
  16. this is copy and paste of ole Horton's reply: Carthage was missing 8 starters. They still would not have beat LV that year. But you can dang sure believe, it would have been a lot better ball game. This years Dawgs are going to be a scoring machine with 10 starters coming back. The defense will take a few games but they will be big, strong and fast. I think they have a senior loaded team. I believe their are 39 seniors on this years team.
  17. according to ole Horton who come on down for a visit recently at the other site Carthage will be a scoring machine.
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