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  1. Yep. Texas didn't play well and STILL won by 3. Left 15 on base. That's insane. A&M just cannot put it together this season.
  2. Texas beats A&M 5-2 to win their 14th straight. And the game wasn't even as close as that. I didn't realize that it had been since 2011 since they had won here.
  3. This "happened in front of media" but I'm not seeing anything from anyone else?
  4. This thread is about Texas basketball. Please stay on topic. I know that you're upset your boys choked hard with the nation watching, but it'll be okay.
  5. And then he goes and proves you right. Incredible.
  6. A&M went on a nice little winning streak before SEC play. Sadly I see that ending soon. They have #1 LSU coming to town this weekend. LSU is very, very good. A few guys in the transfer portal and they have a very strong team with some of the top ranked position players in the nation.
  7. Baseball is a funny game. Last year people were saying it was the worst A&M team they had seen in a long time after a series loss to Penn and struggling against others like Santa Clara, the Frisco tournament, etc. Then it turned out to be the best A&M team ever in terms of how far they went in the tournament. This year A&M started very slow (losing the series to Portland and bad to Louisville who IS a good team). On the upswing currently, though! It's a long season. Hang in there. I've seen Longhorn teams end up in the CWS after getting swept in a few early season series.
  8. That was the only thing worth showing up for yesterday. I know the Ags started slow last year but MAN they need to get it together.
  9. The problem with lists like this is that it's easy enough to pull the recruiting/talent rankings and compare that to wins over certain time periods. It's not a subjective metric. Utah on that list kinda destroys any credibility it might have.
  10. Yeeeahhh being outhit like 10-4 and losing the game 10-3 against Portland is troubling. Can still win 2/3 but man. Ouch.
  11. Kirt doesn't know how centuries work. He's proved over and over he's not mentally capable of participating in conversation here.
  12. I didn't realize Josh Heupel and Lane Kiffin both made ~$9 million a year. Gosh. Lots of money being thrown around for SEC coaches.
  13. Yep. Thank goodness. But now Kirby is looking like he's going to become the new Saban. Sigh.
  14. But that isn't what you said. You said, "string of mediocre seasons". You were wrong. Don't move goalposts. Lol who am I kidding? Your feeble brain can't comprehend what moving goalposts is. Sorry I gave you the time of day. Proceed with your little schtick.
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