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  1. Who? And what are their sources? But yeah, Mark Stoops would be infinitely better than Bill O'Brian.
  2. Yep. He went with the "if you can't beat em, join em" idea. He alway struggled with good, fast spread teams. A&M, Auburn under Malzahn, Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss.... So he finally just started doing the same thing with better players. LSU did it in 2019 too.
  3. Is Riley one of the best, though? He was handed an already-made program and won a lot of games against a conference that was largely down for the last few years. But when they got into the playoffs, the games weren't even close, other than that one Georgia game (which was literally the first year after Stoops was gone, so it was a team that he had built).
  4. Yep. The successful teams in the Big XII already are. Even Iowa State last year was doing it with 2-3 star guys.
  5. Why not both? Look what Aranda is doing at Baylor. Aranda is an SEC guy through and through. And toughness with strong defense may very well win the Big XII this year.
  6. Yep. That was Sumlin to a T. The "race to 40" game may be fun and all but it will get you blown out against a more physical team. Oh and when you can't move the ball, guys no longer keep that attitude and fire going.
  7. Yeeeahhh I've never really been sold on Riley or Ryan Day for the same reasons. They were both handed well-oiled machines and have only been tasked with not screwing things up. Call me crazy, but I think a Stoops-coached 2017 team beats Georgia and possibly Alabama. And I think Urban at OSU would've at least competed for a title. I know OSU technically played for a title last year, but that game was no contest.
  8. I mean would A&M have to match it, though? If you're making $9 million a year, what is another $3 million, honestly? Also, Jimbo seems far more motivated by facilities and support of fans/alumns, not compensation.
  9. A&M has recruited and developed TEs. Sternberger wasn't a highly-sought after guy, but he got himself an NFL deal through Jimbo. I wonder if that was what was pitched to Stowers.
  10. Hilarious. Love their stuff every week.
  11. Yep. If a guy is set to be a #3 or even a #2 in many cases, the portal is easy to hop into. So teams can't really keep a viable backup option. That may be why Jimbo was converting Stowers to TE- because he knew that keeping Stowers as a third string QB might make him look elsewhere. It's kinda damned if you do, damned if you don't at this point.
  12. Ooohhh then my apologies! Congrats on the win, good luck in the bowl, and I hope you guys get your coaching situation sorted out. Even though he left here for there, I really like Scott Woodward and figure he'll make a great hire for you guys.
  13. So it's interesting. Earlier this season throughout the entire year coaches have been get fired in order to "get ahead of the curve" so to speak. Now, a lot of schools will be losing coaches, head coach and otherwise. I'm sure OU will land on their feet, even if their recruiting takes a hit for a bit.
  14. Yeah it was more to the "Better lucky next year" crack. His "team" doesn't need luck next year against LSU- they won big.
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