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  1. Apparently the Big XII is threatening legal action against ESPN, the SEC, and the two schools. THATs the Baylor we know and hate
  2. I agree with that, but the PAC has much higher academic requirements than a lot of those schools like Tech meet. BYU would be an obvious choice for them.
  3. You literally brought us up in the conversation lol For what it's worth, I thought it was a bad call too.
  4. Forgive him. He's got Aggie Derangement Syndrome.
  5. Florida in 06 and 08. Auburn in 2010. So it's been 10+ years. Then again, in the last 10 years it's basically been Clemson, Bama, and then Ohio State that one year. More of an issue with College Football than the Big 12 or SEC.
  6. Ahh your boy good ole Jim Ross. Big Sooners fan. He has an awesome podcast called Grilling JR where he talks a lot about stuff from behind the scenes in the 90s and such. Amazing stuff, and he talks about OU football a little bit during the season.
  7. Pretty much. They and the B1G cancelled their season. A month after the other conferences decided to keep going they changed course and I really didn’t care other than Ohio State basically being gifted a spot in the playoffs.
  8. In BaylorFans that’s basically their mentality. Would rather be a big fish in a small pond. I wish Anne Richards would have agreed in the 90s.
  9. Lol what was USC's record this year? 4-1? Just awful. Oh well. They get what they elect.
  10. Yeeeahhh the PAC is a weird case. USC had some stellar teams in the early 00s and..... the 60s/70s. Oregon was never great but played above their pay grade for a few years with Chip Kelly. Outside of that, they really haven't done much over the years. I guess UCLA had a few strong teams in there somewhere. BYU would probably try to go West with the PAC if they're smart. They'll have reasonable success and will get the big conference dollars. The Big 12 is donezo. They may join some CUSA teams to make another conference, but it won't be a power conference. Maaaan, think about
  11. Oh yeah I enjoy the company of all of you. Except one lol.
  12. I think the best thing all of us (A&M, OU, Texas) can hope for is that Alabama goes East. That'll give us breathing room to find some momentum. Kyle Flood is a great OL coach so I know Texas will do well at developing those players. But you have to get talent to have a chance. I don't keep up with recruiting as much- has Texas gotten many OL in this/previous class?
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