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  1. Why’s that? I missed a bit. PA Memorial was pretty bad.
  2. I mean our #81 is being stupid and antagonizing them. I absolutely hate that. Just play the damned game. On our state team, the center #66 talked a lot of trash. Just stupid.
  3. Ehhh we aren’t exactly angels lol But we’ve got some good kids and our coaches teach them more than just football.
  4. I mean this is a forum. We can say whatever. I can disagree with coaches. I agree with them 99% of the time and don’t even try to claim I know more than our coaches. They taught me everything I know about football. Also, it’s Berry, not Barry.
  5. yeeeahhh getting cute. We’re running well on them. Just line up and push it down their throat.
  6. They can move the ball for sure. Willie just doesn’t look comfortable at safety. I want to see him back at corner.
  7. Frustrating. Were a step away on a few 3rd downs. Gotta make the play to stop the drive.
  8. Sad to see him go. Wanted him to work out here. He will go somewhere with a good system and light it up. Also sad to see that our fan base has quite a few toxic assholes in it on how they behaved towards him. Even moreso than Mond. Oh well.
  9. I agree with this. I think Jimbo could use HELP with the playcalling/offense... An entire overhaul is not necessary. Whoever/whatever happened on Saturday night shows that. With a line of true freshmen, a true freshman QB, and a few young receivers, (and with a veteran RB returning), the offense played extremely well.
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