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  1. Same. Well, the 4x400 is my favorite. Awesome stuff.
  2. Shyeah.... Those guys are monsters. I can't imagine a dead sprint for that long.
  3. They're both MMA fighters, apparently. And yeah, I thought the same thing. As soon as the one asked, 'Which one do you want?' I knew they were in trouble. Plus, the two smaller guys are brothers.... You don't mess with brothers in that kind of situation lol
  4. He ran the 400 in HS. Wanting to say some other events too. Dude is an athlete.
  5. No. They need to get the engine from 2004. That was the best. Needs graphic and playbook updates and all, but that engine was the best.
  6. That's true, but some years some conference champions are significantly worse than other conference #2 or #3 teams too. Like Oregon this year (PAC champ) being worse than the Big12 #2 ISU.
  7. I think Sark was a great hire who will do great things at Texas.
  8. This is how it should be, really. That way, some of those undefeated G5 teams can make it, and we can still represent each conference. Think about the Big 12... By like week 3 all of their teams were essentially eliminated from playoff contention and the rest of the season is kinda whatever. If you put the Big 12 champion in the playoffs, the ISU/OU Championship game would've had MUCH bigger implications.
  9. The game was over at halftime. Most people tuned out and went to bed.
  10. So their 4th string would've won the Heisman, huh? No drop off one player to the next, after all...
  11. I mean Smith was playing before that too. Waddle + Smith > Smith
  12. I disagree. I think the scheme works BECAUSE of players like Smith. Or at the very least they help one another out.
  13. Seriously. Mac Jones is good, but he stood in a huge pocket and threw the ball to athletic freaks all game. I don't think he's all that special of a player.
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