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  1. Why’s that? I missed a bit. PA Memorial was pretty bad.
  2. I mean our #81 is being stupid and antagonizing them. I absolutely hate that. Just play the damned game. On our state team, the center #66 talked a lot of trash. Just stupid.
  3. Ehhh we aren’t exactly angels lol But we’ve got some good kids and our coaches teach them more than just football.
  4. I mean this is a forum. We can say whatever. I can disagree with coaches. I agree with them 99% of the time and don’t even try to claim I know more than our coaches. They taught me everything I know about football. Also, it’s Berry, not Barry.
  5. yeeeahhh getting cute. We’re running well on them. Just line up and push it down their throat.
  6. They can move the ball for sure. Willie just doesn’t look comfortable at safety. I want to see him back at corner.
  7. Frustrating. Were a step away on a few 3rd downs. Gotta make the play to stop the drive.
  8. Sad to see him go. Wanted him to work out here. He will go somewhere with a good system and light it up. Also sad to see that our fan base has quite a few toxic assholes in it on how they behaved towards him. Even moreso than Mond. Oh well.
  9. I agree with this. I think Jimbo could use HELP with the playcalling/offense... An entire overhaul is not necessary. Whoever/whatever happened on Saturday night shows that. With a line of true freshmen, a true freshman QB, and a few young receivers, (and with a veteran RB returning), the offense played extremely well.
  10. We'll see. Durkin was weak against the run at Ole Miss too. That may just be what you get with him. As I said, big step down from Elko, sadly.
  11. Weird. I had it on good authority that half of A&M's 2022 signing class was as good as gone. Durkin should stay. He's soft against the run, but amazing against the pass. Of the games A&M lost... App St- Defense allowed 17, offense lost us this one Miss St- Special teams gave up a TD and this one got out of hand late. You could say Durkin didn't do well in this one. Bama- Held them to 24. Offense got us 20... again, offense couldn't get the job done Ole Miss- Gave up 31. Not BAD considering how strong OM offense is, but you could say Durkin could've done better here. South Carolina- Gave up 30, special teams gave up a TD, offense gave them a short field afterward.... Durkin didn't do bad this game Auburn- Lost 13-10... Not on Durkin in the slightest Florida- Lost bad here... Durkin's worst game. Believe it or not, A&M ranked #1 in the nation in passing yards allowed. And was #26 in scoring defense. Is it Elko numbers? No. Elko was a beast. We surely miss him. But this wasn't on Durkin. There are definitely some areas he needs to improve. The 4 down linemen worked brilliantly against LSU. People clamored for it all year.
  12. I felt that way when A&M was leaving. Especially against Kansas State. I don’t remember anything specific but it felt blatant at times.
  13. I'd hope East Texas. Metroplex teams are different and have different situations, challenges, and such than East Texas teams. They're usually competing with like 5 other schools in their school district and such. Also in the Metroplex unless you're an Allen, Southlake, Denton Ryan (or Guyer now), you're just another number. Even teams like Mesquite won state in 01 but they're just another Mesquite school now. At Tyler, you'll only ever have one cross-town rival and a few surrounding smaller schools.
  14. Right? Sitting at 4-7, winning that game is better than losing it....
  15. Lol I remember lots of A&M fans complaining that LSU was holding every play and only got called once Saturday night. And then I saw the LSU fan site and they were complaining about A&M holding every play. I see it the way I see targeting- I wish they would be consistent in their calling it. It feels weaponized when I see what looks like blatant holding or textbook targeting go uncalled and then my team gets called for the most ticky tack of offenses. Sounds like it disproportionately affected OU this year. That's frustrating.
  16. TV doesn't look as dominant there, but that WAS the first game of the season. Also, don't let SGP's record fool you- they may have been 6-6, but all of their 6 losses were to strong teams like Prosper, Rockwall, Coppell, Arlington Martin.... Also, I'm happy to see Prosper doing well. I liked the way they played in 18 and I cheer for them now. Them and Vandegrift. I really liked Vandegrift's coach and the nice things he had to say about Longview during our State Title game.
  17. Right? Heaven forbid students have fun after the season went off the rails due to injuries. Everide thinks expectations aren't there or something lmao
  18. There was a huge difference in playcalling. First of all, we used an I formation more on Saturday than I think we have all year, combined. Things were a lot simpler. Also, sets with a tight end and wing back. Loved every minute of it. Jimbo always talked about execution... I feel like his playcalling didn't put players in the best position to execute most of the time. And yeah, a lot of that young talent got better week to week. They showed they can compete with a top-tier team on Saturday. LSU DID look lifeless for a bit of the game... Though I don't know how you can be ranked #5 with the #2 team ahead of you losing and not be ready to go- a playoff spot was wide open for them. Still, the young guys show promise.
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