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  1. And they couldn't even finish first in their own district lmao Keep celebrating the 7 on 7 championship from almost 20 years ago. I hope it feels good to think "Hey! We won 7 on 7!" when Longview is beating Lee like a drum every year. I thought this dude was an embarrassment before. He's literally talking 7 on 7 smack.
  2. Congrats to Ole Miss. I didn’t see OU losing like this lol
  3. Hoping for some good baseball. Can't cheer for Bianco and the punkasses at Ole Miss.
  4. https://www.kbtx.com/2022/06/23/alabama-teen-finds-special-bond-with-texas-am-baseball-team/ Thought this was a really cool story. Always liked Trevor.
  5. They're claiming they're not any more. Their actions speak louder.
  6. See? They talk about "not hating", but can't stop posting here when something big happens. Actions speak louder than words
  7. And I appreciate it 95% of the time- you have great football discussion to be had, even if I disagree sometimes. Some others? Not so much.
  8. Yep. Those A&M fans who throw horns down when we’re not playing are stupid. I’m not one who does that. Nor do I spend time on SurlyHorns or whatever else, the way some people here apparently spend a lot of time on Gigem247 or TexAgs. Oh and Texas fight song mentions A&M too.
  9. I've always thought that actions speak louder than words. Texas fans (t-shirt and otherwise) here post about A&M and in the A&M thread a LOT more than OU, who they claim is a rival. Strange behavior when one of those teams is a "rival" and the other is not. We've long pointed out that A&M lives rent free in the heads of some people. For it not to be over a rivalry makes it more baffling to me. But to each their own! Maybe it was the top recruiting class that has people in a frenzy at the moment.
  10. Different ump. Just not our day. OU starting pitcher did well (with the help of the strike zone) and A&M couldn't time hits. It's baseball. Great first season for Schloss. Already took A&M further than they'd ever been. In year one. Future is bring, especially if he can get some good arms to come to College Station.
  11. Ryan Prager announced as the starter today, as expected. Let's hope he has it.
  12. Cool. Then naturally you'll post in the OU thread a lot more than this one, right? They're a rival, after all.
  13. It's not about "saving him for a game", it's about protecting his arm. We may see Dallas, but it won't be starting- it'll be in relief. It does work out that if A&M can somehow double dip the Sooners, he'll be ready for game 1 of the finals series. But that's a long ways off.
  14. Prager hasn't exactly been nails lately. It's gonna take a lot of hitting for A&M, and OU has some pretty salty pitchers. It's a long shot, but win today and all bets are off. I don't know that we'd see Dallas on Thursday after his longer start Sunday. The only reason Dettmer was able to start yesterday was because he only threw 44 pitches on Friday.
  15. Texas had a good team ERA. That’s surprising.
  16. Wait what? A&M plays OU tomorrow. And if they win they play OU again Thursday, right? I had A&M beating ND and then possibly beating OU tomorrow. I don’t see us double dipping them though. Either way, Schloss took this team further than any A&M team in history…. In year one with a team he Frankensteined together. He’s changing the culture for Aggie baseball. What a hire by Bjork.
  17. Not only that, that park is big. It has swallowed up a lot of balls that might have gone out of other parks.
  18. And our $30 million of NIL contracts.
  19. Would rather have LSU. They're closer and have more history.
  20. Glad to win a game. Ags battled today. Texas had their chances but couldn’t convert. Melendez was up with the bases loaded and took a tough strike 3 (which was low, admittedly).
  21. It’s interesting how small ball-oriented those Augie teams were. I wonder what would’ve happened if they ever played gorilla ball at the plate while pitching the way they did.
  22. Enjoy the next few days. Those hitters BATTLE. If A&M can’t advance out of this side (and it’ll be hard with our lack of pitching), I want OU to advance.
  23. Dunno why Schloss went with Dettmer. He hasn’t been good since he hurt his foot a month ago. I’d have gone with Micah Dallas. Oh well. Gonna just have to eat this one and figure it out over the next 2 days.
  24. Sadly, that’s what gives them a steady income stream all year. And sadly enough gamers have accepted that as the way forward.
  25. That kinda makes his point. "Individuals and their families" care. They don't bring 100,000 people to watch them on weekends with millions more on TV. Lol when China wins 10m Air Rifle in the Olympics and tries to equate that to USA's 4x400 team winning Gold, I just laugh.
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