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  1. Arkansas have a LOT more to be proud of than winning that bowl game. Arkansas beating Texas, A&M, LSU, Miss St, and playing Alabama close are all awesome signs of improvement that the team and Coach Pittman have to hang their hats on.
  2. Yep. And it's going to be all SEC. With OU and Texas joining, I wouldn't be surprised if a handful of other big programs joined and you have one superconference of about 24-30 teams..... And then everyone else.
  3. College Football needs a massive correction. Or rather, several massive corrections. NIL is a big one. Those loopholes need to be patched fast (and I say that as a fan of a team who no doubt benefited greatly from NIL this recruiting cycle). Otherwise, it's going to make the problem of it "always being the same 5-6 teams competing" even worse. Bowl games are another big one. There are far too many bowl games and in late August, ESPN is already talking about "Who are the 4 in?!" and rattling on and on about "meaningless bowl games". Ergo, players opt out, fan interest dies, and teams play in front of largely empty stadiums. Teams should not go to a bowl because they won 6 games. Using A&M as an example, the only 2 bowls A&M should've gone to in the last 15+ years are the Cotton in 2012 and the Orange in 2020. I feel like a team needs to have a big/special season to go to a Bowl.
  4. They trust it until it involves their team. Then it’s okay. All fun and games til your coach’s wife’s monkey bites someone.
  5. Lol are Texas fans really upset that A&M is paying players? They literally go around advertising what players will get paid there...
  6. Any coach with this roster/recruits should do well. Lol People can say what they want. They talked about not watching if we hired Jimbo because of the Winston stuff. Yet we sell out most games and are atop viewership ratings a lot during the season.
  7. Hard not to like Stoops. OU is lucky to have had him for 20 years and have him around.
  8. Not hard to defend Calzada with bad receivers who drop the ball and a banged up OL. Ole Miss defense is not good. Dunno if we want him.
  9. Hoping Stoops kicks it onsides at least once. This is the perfect time.
  10. Hahaha just don't dress like a piss-colored highlighter and you'll be fine. I mean with the Omicron going around. It's super contagious but isn't very deadly. You should be fine either way.
  11. This joke has been made before. But yeah, 10+ opt outs for teams like auburn tells you all you need to know- the players DONT care.
  12. Also, good luck, Sooners. You guys got screwed against Oregon (has it really been 15 years!?) and deserve this one.
  13. Why didn't they just use walk ons?! Clearly their coaches want more money from the local governments LOL!
  14. Lmao you've named like 4 players, 3 of whom played in the 80s/90s. Name me a few offensive linemen that have played different positions? Name me guys who have changed position to play offensive line? Name me defensive players who have changed positions to play defensive tackle? Cause see, when you name one player changing position, sure that's happened. But you're asking half a team to do that and play. Name me a team that has done that?
  15. Interested in what he has to say about these things.
  16. Welp, looks like Jimbo’s long con is working! He’s now gotten another game cancelled to avoid a loss and finish top 25!
  17. Nah it’s okay bud. I understand getting humiliated on national tv by a walk on at Kansas would trigger you. I’m just here to laugh at you. Sorry he’s taking it out on you, WETSU. It really is bothering him, huh? Lmao
  18. Yeah man! SMU should’ve gone all 1922 on em and played walk ons! Miami and Hawaii should’ve done the same! Or is it that walk ons trigger you because a walk on at Kansas beat you? Lol
  19. Welp, sorry to deprive you of that. It’s not the 80s or 90s any more. Get with the times or stop watching football if you don’t like it.
  20. Well damn. Jimbo is playing 4D chess, forcing all these teams out of bowls to make A&M withdrawal look normal
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