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  1. Baylor lost a few big playmakers to the NFL. I thought they were done for this year but they really surprised me for sure. The win over KSU was one of the biggest in team history so it was a very good year for Baylor!
  2. How many vb games have you seen this year for Texas? How many have you watched on TV? Lmao LHN!
  3. See that's what I'm talking about. LSU had a great season but are disappointed. As we all know, since Fran, A&M has been horrible aside from a year or two, so this season was a breath of fresh air for us!
  4. I'd be happy for the team maybe, but wouldn't make threads claiming superiority over it. Oh and wbb has a lot more following than vb. Compare apples to apples.
  5. Since comprehension isn't your strong point apparently, I was talking about you. Forgive me for not explaining that to you before. I knew I would need to and failed to do so.
  6. So as we all knew, many said A&M might not even make a bowl game, yet they won 10 games and might have a Heisman winner. They far exceeded my expectations. What about other fans? TCU were used to winning 11 game and didn't come close to that. Disappointment, or did you guys expect to fall off? OU had another monster season. But did their fans expect a national title? What say you? Oh and this is with regards to football since apparently some people are bigger women's volleyball fans. Had to add that disclaimer. ;) I kid!
  7. Have Texas fans really been reduced to thumping their chests over volleyball?! LOL!!!!! Pathetic!!
  8. No controversy there in my opinion! Those teams all could have avoided the situation they're in by winning the games in front of them! The only time I see controversy is when a team goes undefeated and does not get an attempt to play for the championship. They did everything right and didn't get a chance. But if they lose a game and are mad cause another team got selected instead of them, well that's their own fault for losing!
  9. I think he will have a tough time getting back into NFL shape! You don't sit out a year and then come back and dominate in the NFL, even if you DID play in the SEC before!
  10. That's hilarious!!! The LHN worked out so well for A&M and so poorly for Texas! It was A&M's ticket to the SEC where they are doing well and getting recruits. And at Texas their fans are mad that they can't watch their games and their coaches are whining about it affecting their game planning and such!
  11. I've heard multiple recruits say the SEC was a big factor in their decision!
  12. A lot of Texas fans claimed TCU was an upgrade over a&m because of the fact that they had racked up a lot of wins in the past 10 years. They ignored the fact that these were MWC and C-USA wins. But now that La Tech is in the discussion, their wins don't matter because they are WAC. Since no WAC team has ever been able to compete with the likes of OU...
  13. I agree with neither. Overstreet has the physical gifts if nothing g else. I'd give him a shot.
  14. Again, an incorrect prediction is one thing. To act arrogant and obnoxious, going as far as calling others "stupid" when you're wrong is another. And yeah, sawemoff. They had a few close calls against Ole Miss and La Tech which shouldn't have been, but they were wins!! And a big upset!
  15. Definitely impressive to lose half his team and respond by being bowl eligible and possibly win 7-8 games!! And possibly upset Texas in Austin for the first time in 27 tries. Congrats to coach Patterson!!
  16. Yeah! And those who "know football better" went on years past and not looking forward when a team has a new coach, system, etc. Yeah, when I predict games, I look back to three coaches ago too! Lol! If making a complete fool of yourself with your horribly laughable prediction means you "know football", I enjoy not knowing football according to your definition! What's really funny is how obnoxious you were, what with the "if you predict otherwise, you're stupid" comment. Makes you being wrong even more hilarious!! But that's neither here nor there. I guess your heisman ballot is completely off too? You said you don't get a vote. Thank God!!! I don't know if I could handle such "knowledgeable" people voting for the Heisman trophy winner!!!
  17. My favorite part is where he says "if you think otherwise, you're stupid". Gotta love when people embarrass themselves. Especially people who claim they know so much about football!!!
  18. That was a very interesting article. Makes sense. Although any team can take the same approach if they like. If this IS why the SEC gets top ranked teams then good for them figuring out the "code" while other teams haven't taken advantage of it yet. Although I don't think the SEC has never scheduled tough games. LSU had Oregon and WVU last year alone...
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