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  1. Geez. Why doesn’t SMU just play guys both ways out of position? Im guessing their coach is trying to swindle salary money for fear of losing the game.
  2. I’m trying to think who would’ve. Maybe Leon O’Neal? I know we had several baseball players do so. Funny cause it didn’t help us at all To your question, I think it’s stupid if this affects anyone’s redshirt ability. Then again I think there should be about 8-10 bowls and they should be rewards for having a big season, not winning 5-6 games.
  3. Not just football. This dude doesn’t understand how college athletics make money, nor does he understand TRS. Which is funny because he thought he had another gotcha moment that blew up in his face.
  4. Your previous post said “paided” if you want to talk about typos. What part of “most A&M fans aren’t satisfied” did you not understand? I clearly said most aren’t satisfied with this season but are excited where the team is headed. Did that escape you? A&M, the school, is supported by the state. Athletics is self sustaining (aside from a loan taken out in 2009 which has been paid back). Taxpayer money is not going to Athletics or Jimbo’s salary. This is public information you could have easily looked up so that you don’t embarrass yourself Not only that, but Jimbo is contributing to TRS. You understand how TRS works, right? You contribute to it and then that money gets invested and such as part of a big pot and then paid out to people based on their salaries and how much they contribute/how long they work. He’s contributing to it and will take out of it whenever he’s retired. He’s not mooching off of it. You really don’t have a clue, do you? I mean I knew you didn’t know how things worked but you clearly need to learn more if you hope to discuss this kinda stuff and have facts right.
  5. Lmao now you’re calling us Nazis? Your victimhood complex is hilarious.
  6. The NCAA rules that a team must field a roster of at least 53. A&M has 38.
  7. No no... I think this is funny to see people legitimately argue that in this day and age A&M should throw random guys into different positions so as to save face. The things they're coming up with are hilarious.
  8. 1. No. Players are bigger and faster. And they're more specialized. That kills the talk of any random student playing in a game, since you're talking about 12th Man. A student isn't the same as an athlete that's been training for years. And one athlete training to play one position isn't the same as them playing another position. 2. Yes, "back in the day" substitutions weren't allowed so guys played both ways. Hence me saying, "It's not 1957 any more", genius. 3. Players do it "all the time"? You named 3 guys, none who have played a down of football in the last 8 years. If it happens all the time, you wouldn't need to dig back to the 80s and 90s to find players who have done it. You'd be asking half of A&M's team to do that, not a player here or there. 3. b. Those were all defensive back/receiver players. No linemen have played both sides, nor have linebackers in a very long time. 4. A&M has the #1 class in recruiting by far. You think they need to "game the system" by skipping a bowl game, something that multiple teams have now done? Also, Jimbo skipping the bowl game makes him miss out on $100k. Which is funny because you were claiming that he was trying to game the system to MAKE more money. Hilarious. 5. The NCAA said we can't play, not A&M. Hope that helps.
  9. Maybe. But it’s not 1957 any more. You don’t have teams of guys playing both ways across the board any more. You talk about 12th man. Do you legit think A&M should just grab random students and have them play? Or that A&M should have existing players play out of position? Like do you really believe that? Also, do you really think Jimbo would be trying to get a “bonus” for finishing top 25 (which doesn’t exist in his contract) when he already makes $9 million a year? That’s reason enough for you?
  10. 1. It only takes 11 to play a game if guys play both ways, but you clearly don't know the modern game of college football (as if THAT was in question...) if you think a team with 13 defensive players (and not even enough to field a four-man defensive line) is legit going to play a game and not risk serious injury. This isn't NCAA Football on playstation where we can just throw a defensive back at defensive end. Other teams have had similar issues. Sorry to burst your little bubble. 2. The NCAA won’t let us play what A&M “wants” (or whatever you’re making up in your head that we want) is irrelevant 3. Do you not see how recruiting leads to more wins/losses? Again, you're looking at a very simple world view if you're looking strictly at wins/losses in one season where A&M had several guys out due to injury throughout the season. If you want to look at wins/losses in a vacuum for some big gotcha moment, and say "$1.25 million per win!" then go for it. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Just shows the state of our program that haters have to search so much for the slightest thing to claim victory over. 4. Coaches get hired/fired based on wins and losses, but also the trajectory of their program, recruiting, and so many other things. Athletic Directors don't have the simplistic view you do. If you don't understand this, then there really isn't any point in trying to convince you. Most A&M fans aren't satisfied with this season in after all the injuries and such (especially after the Orange Bowl winning season last year), but are very satisfied with the direction our program is going. Again, if you wanna cite your little "$1.25 million per win" talking point to try and make us feel bad about Jimbo (as if any of us paid the $9 milloin for him), go for it. People with critical thinking skills know better.
  11. Do they have only 38 scholarship players left? Only 13 on defense? Hawaii pulled out of their bowl. Virginia is doing the same…. I’m guessing others will too.
  12. Oh and now you want to cry and play victim. Typical. You weren’t simply “having thoughts and asking questions”. You were posting unsubstantiated rumors from sources that you haven’t named. And now you’re accusing A&M’s athletic department of lying and crying that you were simply just questioning things. Also, since you say A&M was going to “get taken to the woodshed”, they were favored by 3 (and as much as 5.5). The guys in Vegas (who know a lot more than you) didn’t think A&M was going to lose. Oh and they have better information than some unnamed sources who supposedly live in College Station. Stoney did not corroborate your claim, which was that “players revolted”. That was an outright lie and Stoneys post disproved it, if anything. So yeah, if you post rumors with no backing, you’re going to get called out. And if you try to play victim after that you’re going to get laughed at.
  13. I’m not watching any news for my sources. Are your sources involved with A&M athletics? Cause mine are.
  14. What?!! I have it on good authority from people who live in College Station that A&M was scared to play, Sir.
  15. First of all, it's "too". Second of all, copying and pasting from another site as you did is not "research". Third of all, I don't need to "research" anything. You are the one who made a claim. The burden of proof is squarely on your shoulders and you've presented NOTHING other than rumors that are supposedly from people in College Station who aren't involved with A&M Athletics. Fourth, you originally said players revolted. Then you claimed that it was a mix of opt-outs and COVID. You changed your story. If you have something from a credible source I'm happy to discuss it with you. Otherwise you're simply posting rumors which does nothing for anyone.
  16. This has been known from the beginning. A&M was down 20 someodd players due to opt outs/transfers and then another 20 due to covid. Nothing to do with players "revolting", which was what you originally, claimed Also, try to come up with your own thoughts. Copying/pasting stuff from other sites does nothing, really. It's as easily shut down as your little rumor. Not to mention, whoever's thoughts you stole aren't involved with A&M athletics either, and they know nothing. Just like you. Implying A&M is "scared" to play Wake Forest is a joke. The NCAA won't let us play, and with only 13 scholarship players on defense (most at DB), there isn't really any way A&M can field a team in a modern game of football.
  17. I'm not incorrect about anything. You made a claim, it was a rumor, you were quickly shut up over it. Before you post rumors, you should at LEAST try to have a source behind it. Not just "I KNOW SOMEONE WHO LIVES NEARBY" lmao
  18. I mean we could say a rumor exists about anything by that line of thinking. I heard a rumor that you beat your wife. I'm not saying it's true... Just a rumor I heard. You posted a rumor, it quickly got shut down because your "source" (if it even exists) is a joke that has no inside knowledge of the program. The end. No "critical thinking" is needed because you posted a completely baseless rumor with nothing to back it up.
  19. He has no clue. Even if someone was “local” to College Station, they have no clue about the inner workings of A&M athletics. I can’t believe this site allows bs rumors like what he was spouting, yet jumped at the opportunity to suspend and ban people for even hinting at Gilmer recruiting.
  20. You have got a very simplistic view of things. See, not all wins are created equal. One of those wins was over Alabama, who will likely win the championship. One of those as over auburn, both wins which boosted A&M in recruiting, setting up our team’s future. Not only that, it was with a team that was decimated by injuries all season long. If you’re so simple that you want to reduce a season simply to “wins”, then so be it. Anyone with a brain can see beyond that.
  21. I mean it’s not 1922 any more. This is D1 football, not intramurals. Guys would be risking serious injury in a meaningless game if they played with 13 guys on defense. He needs to worry about beating Kansas more than A&M not playing in a bowl due to injury, opt out, and covid.
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