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  1. The COVID is a little bad, but combine it with opt outs and the team is decimated. Really freaking lame.
  2. He’s recruiting well at UTSA. It will get you banned if you say he recruited well at Gilmer too so I won’t say that.
  3. And here I thought Traylor was so good that years after leaving Gilmer he’d lead them to a win
  4. He's not wrong, but he wouldn't be saying this if he had a group of survivng alumni that bought him another top 5 class.
  5. That’s Pole Assassins version of the story (which has changed multiple times). The kid’s version is that they were in a guided tour through the haunted house, the tour guy said the monkey would give a high-five, and he got bit when he tried to do so. I guess it comes down to who you believe- I’ll leave that to a judge or jury.
  6. I believe getting former players involved is a huge deal when it comes to sustaining tradition and success. Notre Dame and Miami were so good for years because idolizing their previous players was a big deal and when those guys came around they brought the team up. Bobby Taylor told me how guys like Tim Brown and Rocket Ismail came around when he was a player and the team was so excited to see them because they idolized those guys back when they were in HS. Miami players literally used to have unsanctioned practices with previous Miami guys, so you had college kids "practicing" in no pads against guys like Michael Irvin, who was lighting up the NFL. Now I'm not saying OU needs to implement unsanctioned practices with NFL guys, but having them come around brings the team up. I remember when Von Miller came back to visit A&M a couple years ago, Jimbo told him, "You're always welcome here. You helped build all this, and I want you to come around more- we're better when you come around." I believe that.
  7. I dunno, man. The Red River Shootout that sent Texas tailspinning to a bowl-eligible losing streak was pretty damned entertaining.
  8. I think you're overestimating a bit....
  9. Yep, and they beat Oregon, another team who never really amassed top talent but overachieved.
  10. Did he really say that? Starkel always had better legs than Mond, I thought. Mond wasn't that good of a runner.
  11. What a lot of people don't realize about that Winston Heisman season was that he has similar numbers to Mond last year- right around 65% completion percentage. But Mond had a better TD/INT ratio. Their ratings were about the same. Mond was better than a lot of people give him credit for, at least in 2020.
  12. I'm also wondering if we're NILing the ### out of these recruits
  13. Agreed. He is an OC at this point. One I'd love to have. Like Kliff Kingsbury ala 2012. Amazing OC, didn't do so hot as a HC (at least until this year).
  14. Fair description. Like the 5 star from Oklahoma that transferred... That wouldn't have happened if OU wasn't changing coaches. Sorry you guys are going through that and lost a good one, but I'm glad he's coming here.
  15. Do you think it's a "perfect storm" or that Jimbo just recruits well? I mean, I know a #1 class is a special thing that teams like A&M don't ever get, but ever since Jimbo was at FSU, he was getting on average something like the #3 class. At A&M he stepped in and got us some big classes. I always thought recruiting rankings were overblown (and on a micro level, they are), but I'm convinced that a team has to have talent as a whole to compete.
  16. I felt it too, man. Also, I had watched them practice a few times and they had probably the best week of practice I've seen an A&M team have. They were definitely ready to go. In the first quarter I texted my roommate who was in the Zone Club that the way we were blocking and the way we were getting pressure on Young, it could really happen. Bama came back because they're still freaking Bama (as Georgia just found out), but the team brought it that night. I'd say against Auburn too- another game that had an awesome atmosphere and feeling to it. Missed it against so many other teams.
  17. Right on. We saw a night and day difference in the toughness and physical nature of our players on day one. I remember seeing Trayveon Williams walking around that fall and he was a freaking MAN who filled out under Schmitty. Hate to lose him- we had probably the best OL in the nation last year (top 2 for sure) and I feel like next year we will be salty as well, but that'll be more difficult without Schmitty. The off-brand Leach had me in tears too. I read a really good book about Lincoln's offense and he DOES do some dynamic things.
  18. I remember you telling me at a Longview game that he was "tough on players" but you thought that it was in a good way. OU will definitely have better Line play, something they've been missing.
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