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  1. Ooohhh then my apologies! Congrats on the win, good luck in the bowl, and I hope you guys get your coaching situation sorted out. Even though he left here for there, I really like Scott Woodward and figure he'll make a great hire for you guys.
  2. So it's interesting. Earlier this season throughout the entire year coaches have been get fired in order to "get ahead of the curve" so to speak. Now, a lot of schools will be losing coaches, head coach and otherwise. I'm sure OU will land on their feet, even if their recruiting takes a hit for a bit.
  3. Yeah it was more to the "Better lucky next year" crack. His "team" doesn't need luck next year against LSU- they won big.
  4. All 4 losses were super close. A healthy King, healthy WRs, and healthy OL wins at least a few of those.
  5. Yep. Awful call. I think Jimbo needs to hire a play caller. Let him manage the game like a HC should. Same thing plagued Sherman.
  6. Lots of people suddenly have balls when other teams beat A&M. I guess when your own team is not bowl eligible and can’t get by Kansas that you have to go and troll a team who’s fresh off an Orange Bowl win when they get half their offense hurt. Gutless.
  7. He’s not even an A&M fan. Most of us agree that bad call or not, A&M lost that game.
  8. Happened to Nebraska too (they were called for like 16 penalties and A&M was called for 2) on their way out. It was a fun game to beat them 9-6, but it was objectively poorly called.
  9. I mean I had no sympathy for them anyway. All the calls in the OT game were correct and even a Louisiana newspaper agreed. Not to mention the offsides in 2014. It is what it is. A&M couldn’t get a first down and then let LSU score in 2 minutes. When King went down people said our win ceiling was super low. If we win the bowl game to reach 9 and keep our recruiting class mostly together, I’d say this was a pretty good year all things considered. Not great, but pretty good. All 4 losses were winnable. Hope the team grows a bit and learns to win some of those.
  10. Happened to A&M on the way out too. Glad you’re getting out of that poop league. Better late than never.
  11. The SEC was gonna try to do everything it could to get more teams Bowl eligible. Can’t leave it in their hands and have to finish. A&M didn’t.
  12. Hate to lose a winnable game. Too many guys hurt in an already rebuilding year. How do we sweep the Bama schools and get swept by the Mississippi schools!? Lol
  13. Weird. I had it in good authority that Thomas would solve all our problems.
  14. Damn. That’ll probably do it. Their D is just too fast and our offense can’t keep up with theirs.
  15. In 1975 Conroe missed an extra point for us to win 14-13. Funny enough the 2 games that came down to the wire in 18 were Tascosa and West Brook. Longview made FGs in those games that turned out to be the difference.
  16. You did say there (or in Tyler anyway). I was just going further to say they haven’t beaten us at all.
  17. We were up 24-14 and he sat them the last quarter and a half. Nobody really knows why. Remember, they swept Lufkin that year so they pretty well had the district championship locked up, even with 1 loss to Longview. He probably just wanted to rest his players and didn't care about that one loss.
  18. We lost to Lee at Lobo in 03. Haven't lost to them at all since then. And none of the games have really been close other than the OT game the next year and the "go-for-two" game later that year. I guess there was one year when they were down by 8 or so but never really even tried to score.
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