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  1. A&M interviewed Kirby Smart in 2011 and passed on him. Just an example of the bad decisions made. There are young up and comers in the coaching ranks with fire in their bellies. They need to find one.
  2. Stoops is 56. I expected them to hire somebody 40 years old or so. They interviewed Kirby Smart in 2011 and passed on him.
  3. It's liable to wind up being Cooper vs Honey Grove for the region.
  4. It seems no teams from northeast Texas get much respect in this forum. I guess deep piney woods teams is where the reverence is........and they have been faltering of late come semi-final time.
  5. How bout all the teams with that โ€œ east Texas speed โ€œ this forum is famous for saying? Canโ€™t any of them compete?
  6. Hooks beat Cooper Max Preps said. Iโ€™ll take HG. I know nothing about either one.
  7. 40-9 Celina, end of third qtr. Paris liable to catch fire in the fourth.
  8. Paris always has lacked size in their lines. The bloodline just isnโ€™t in town. But year after year they have a fleet of fast skilled position players as good as anybody.
  9. Isnโ€™t that the truth; and refreshing to see it. This tickles me.
  10. Why in the world was Mart and Refugio favored so much? Region 1 can play football too.
  11. Nothing like the class of Big Country and Region 1 football. Pulling hard for Hawley. Albany 2.0.
  12. Why Mart this, Mart that? Mart Mart Mart. How bout some Albany talk by gosh.
  13. Melissa is building the new stadium right beside a huge landfill that stinks to high heaven.
  14. Thought this an interesting match up even though itโ€™s in west Texas.
  15. Too much Celina beef up front, thatโ€™s all you can say. Plus Paris doesnโ€™t have the plethora of shifty elusive backs Iโ€™m used to seeing. They should be happy with a playoff appearance this year.
  16. 8:58 2nd qtr. 14-14 all. I will admit Celina has killed their self with penalties.
  17. End of 1โ€ฆ..14-7 Celina. Celina took a Paris fumble recovery in for a TD for one score. Paris just now put a new QB in whoโ€™s quick as a cat, so hold on.
  18. Couldnโ€™t hardly believe this till I just now looked at the schedule on the DC App. Who knew Mart would travel all the way up here.
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