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  1. Melissa is building the new stadium right beside a huge landfill that stinks to high heaven.
  2. Thought this an interesting match up even though it’s in west Texas.
  3. Too much Celina beef up front, that’s all you can say. Plus Paris doesn’t have the plethora of shifty elusive backs I’m used to seeing. They should be happy with a playoff appearance this year.
  4. 8:58 2nd qtr. 14-14 all. I will admit Celina has killed their self with penalties.
  5. End of 1…..14-7 Celina. Celina took a Paris fumble recovery in for a TD for one score. Paris just now put a new QB in who’s quick as a cat, so hold on.
  6. Couldn’t hardly believe this till I just now looked at the schedule on the DC App. Who knew Mart would travel all the way up here.
  7. This one will be played a mile from the house and I’ll keep you guys posted with scores as long as it stays interesting. Maybe this new Paris QB will be a good athletic, mistake free ball handler. Paris should stay in it as long as they don’t give up any cheap TD’s. Hoping for a slobber knocker of a game.
  8. If his teams were behind but close at the start of the fourth quarter they were going to beat you. His teams always played mistake free football and way above their talent level. RIP
  9. So true. I drove to Royce City from Paris by myself, chipped and scraped ice off the aluminum bleachers to watch y’all play Leonard. I was so disgusted with the outcome. All y’all needed was a few plays of some timely passing to come out on top. A week later I went to the Leonard/Cisco game too in Fort Worth. At the half it was 42-0. I was tickled. Leonard was in absolute shock.
  10. I followed Cooper and went to several of their games in 2013 when they had a great team but were one dimensional and could only run and that got them in trouble the quarterfinals. I’d like very much to see Cooper make it to Jerryworld.
  11. Paris’s non-district schedule is as follows, no cakewalk for sure. Celina, Tex. Liberty Eylau, Gilmer, Van, Tex. Pleasant Grove. They should be well seasoned or limping at the end of this run.
  12. It’s real good if you’ve got a good ball handling quick QB with a good arm. If you don’t it’s no good at the small high school level. I watched our team try it for a few years. During that time we had some real good fast RBs and they were so underutilized.
  13. Even though Paris is in east Texas, not much talk or admiration going their way here.
  14. I don’t know the experience coming back on either of these teams as I have not been able to locate an issue of DC’s Football magazine. I do know Paris, come district play should have a much easier time of it this year. How is this game matching up to those familiar?
  15. Who was the best player on the sorriest team?
  16. I don’t know how many players Paris lost last year but Argyle and Melissa moving up to 5A should be a tremendous help. Does anyone know how Paris might perform this fall?
  17. I wonder what classification the two high schools will be?
  18. I’m hearing Wichita Falls is building a big high school and going to merge WF High, Rider, and Hirschi in to one.
  19. Where’s that east Texas speed I keep hearing about hear on Smoaky?
  20. Wonder if Doug Brooks has Div 1 offers? Lots of teams need a big bruising RB.
  21. I’m for the boys who never been there before. Small school Region 1 teams can play ball too.
  22. Region 1 has been a beast recently in this classification. Picking Stratford.
  23. I have no dog in this hunt at all other than I spent a lot of time in west Texas growing up and I have cousins coaching in Region 1 and I’ve noticed the sentiment on Smoaky is those teams are not given the credit and frankly frowned upon by many here. I’ll shut up now.
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