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  1. First trip to Gladewater. Very nice facility. I understand it was built in the 80s but has been revamped over the years. Same person said they weren't too thrilled over the home stands facing the sun however. Visitor side really nice, probabaly holds more than the entire Gunter stadium. Concessions and rest rooms up on a walkway level with the top of the stands. Very handy.
  2. If anybody thinks that Brock is not a great team then you will be sorely mistaken. If they win 12 in a row it won't surprise me. It takes all 3 phases to beat them and that is what we had on Friday.
  3. Pilot Point is having their worst down time (last 2 or 3 years) in history. Bells is solid and will win by 21 or more.
  4. Brock is playing a brutal nondistrict schedule so that 0-3 record doesn't mean much. But I'm picking Gunter in a close one.
  5. Great post! I think Gunter missed D1 by either 5 or 6 kids. If they go D1 they will likely be there are a long time. They aren't growing all that fast, even tough we did get a red light. Those teams mentioned will still be in the hunt either D1 or 2. I am picking Franklin to win D1 this year, or come close. Holliday is right there - the only team in Region 2 that could have stopped them several years lately is Gunter. Canadian is amazing, they are like a machine. Love playing them. They certainly won't go up any time soon, maybe down. I don't think they care much.
  6. Lone Oak is the last ranked team in 3AD2 region II per pigskin. If Cooper has any trouble with them they will need to re-evaluate.
  7. The problem last night was the games wouldn't update. Others in our party had different scores than i had. I only got final scores after I got home.
  8. I had trouble with the scrolling which I assume can be fixed. But the game chats I really had trouple these replies to replies to replies sometimes get down to one character per line, making it very difficult to follow. Glad to have chat on games though.
  9. Im pretty sure coach had Couch scouted pretty good.
  10. 3 week 1 opponents dumped us. Bummer its time for FOOTBALL!
  11. Bells looks to have a competitive pre-district schedule that will pay off later. Hard to gauge teams this early. Good luck! We don't get to play at all week 1 so all I can do is talk.
  12. Muenster had a great 8th grade team last year that beat both Gunter and Holliday who also had great 8th grade teams. Some of those guys will be playing on varsity especially with 2A numbers. Bells will have to be balanced on offense to beat good teams. Muenster by 7.
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