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  1. Statement win by Waskom. I have to pick them over Daingerfield next week though the latter certainly has the talent to surprise me.
  2. In my opinion the old Rangers stadium sucks as a football venue. Seats facing the wrong way, too far from the field etc. Last year Eastland was home team but their seats were terrible. Our seats were better though not ideal. Why kick small schools down to any stadium other than the best in the world. They/we deserve that experience also and it is very comfortable for fans even if they don't have a dog in the hunt. We go every year regardless and the experience is awesome.
  3. No way, ATT is awesome and worth the trip. In fact in more of a central location than Austin. And you don't have to trip over tent cities to get to the games.
  4. Dublin had more success throwing the ball against Gunter's defense than I expected. The passes they completed were executed well. Perfect throws into coverage and great catches though the QB was under considerable pressure all day. Great game plan, they have not run the ball at all this year and they broke it out in this game to keep us off balance and it worked to some extent, slowing down our pass rush. Excellent game plan by Dublin, and we gave up more points (20) than we had all year. Though Dublin had no luck slowing down Gunter's offense which scored 55 (kickoff return by our speedy QB accounted for 7 of the 62). Dublin could be very dangerous next year if they can come up with any kind of defense.
  5. I think Gunter has an advantage on both sides of the ball. Most games between these teams have been pretty competiive, but Gunter's defense has been very solid and the offense a scoring machine. This is not your father's option offense. Very explosive.
  6. Yep I agree. i don't believe they will make a living against the Gunter defense. I expect the receivers will have tight coverage and no cushion because the speed of the DBs. I don't believe the QB will get past his first read very often, before the "gentle" sack or throw away. My guess is Dublin gets 100 yards passing and 40 rushing.
  7. Looks like Dublin throws every play. Gunter has defended the pass very well. QBs have not found any receivers open for the most part and the Tigers bring pressure. Defensive backs are fast and long - especially if Graham (QB) comes in and plays safety though he very seldom plays on defense . He signed with Tech as a safety and he is an excellent safety but just not needed so far. Cooper Wade has a great nose for the ball playing centerfield. Gunter has defended against the run very well also. Gunter average scores 52-9 against better competition and Dublin 33-27. Gunter wins big and plays either Holliday or a rematch with Bells for the region II final. The tigers may run the pistol option but they will run a play about every 10 seconds. Drives don't take very long. Dublin lost by 3 to Millsap who Gunter just beat 62-12, running the clock 7 minutes into the 2nd quarter and playing JV players the rest of the game. Halfime was 62-0. I don't know what happened with Childress vs Stanton - seemed like it would be an impossible result. But I will be shocked if Dublin comes within 21.
  8. I can't bet against Canadian. I watched the Sonora game and they looked like....well...Canadian.
  9. I think Bells wins this, because like has already been said it is hard to beat a good team twice especially when the first game was competitive. Will probably be a one score game. Either way, if Gunter gets past Dublin then next week will be either Gunter/Holliday or Gunter/Bells. Either of those games would be interesting. But I am not overlooking Dublin.
  10. Good analysis. Millsap has not seen a team even close to Gunter. I don't believe there are going to be any of those 80 yard runs with missed tackles that I see in the videos. Nor do I think Millsap can slow down Gunter's offense that has similar stats (though spread over quite a number of players) against better competition. In fact Gunter averages 9.7 yards per play compared to 9.3 for Millsap. Again, different competition.
  11. I like the chat rooms and endure the trolls. Like Pax said, if ignored they will loose interest in that game. Without the chat rooms the app is just a scoreboard.
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