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  1. 0-0 - I think first varsity season in football was 2014. Think about that.....yeah I'd say powerhouse.
  2. That looks pretty close. Gunter returns alot, I think 9 on each side of the ball.
  3. It is impossible to know how these teams compare. But having seen 5 games with Canadian, their system, their coaching, and this year especially their talent I fully expect they will win this game. And I don't believe it will be close. They are alot better in person than on video let me tell you. This is a better team than the one that was one play from beating Newton in 2018, in my opinion. I do not believe either Waskom or Frankly would beat Gunter, though it is impossible to know that. Canadian is really good. The combination of offense and defense in scary. Gunter was strong in both
  4. Agreed. Canadian was the better team this year. Good luck against Franklin. I will be there but unfortunately had to get seats on the vistitors side. I am proud of Gunter's young team making it back to the semifinals. But they were not quite good enough facing this Canadian team. I think we will make quite a bit of noise next year.
  5. I'd say forget it - I am obviously not articulate enough to make my point. Move on, nothing to see here.....
  6. No way, of course Newton deserved to be in the and win in the finals. I am just referring to how the seeding is set and the same every year - region 1 against 2, region 3 against 4. This does not have anything to do with Newton or any other team. I am saying since they seed in advance it is LIKE having just 2 regions. Newton would have won those back to back regardless.
  7. Yep, and a great team in region I or II got left out of the finals. If you think about it the fact that I always meets II and III always meets IV, there are really only 2 regions and Gunter vs Canadian will be battling out for region I while Waskom and Franklin will be trying to win region II. And the 2 regions play each other in the final.
  8. I think they need to pick the semi matchups out of as hat. A great team out of Region 1 or 2 has been left out of the finals 4 years in a row and will again.
  9. According to Pigskin Canadian and Gunter would be ranked #1 and #2 in region 3 and region 4. This does not guarantee anything, but it does not appear region 1 and 2 are weak at the top.
  10. This will be the 5th in a row. The prize has been a trip to Jerry World every time.
  11. City View has QB Marks (6'1" 205). In last year's game Gunter scored 14, then City View 27 unanswered before Gunter scored 17 to win 31-27. QB Marks and his brother were in perfect sync for a half. The Marks brother receiver graduated, but Marks is still blowing up the stat sheet. Gunter's secondary has been playing well, as is the entire defense. CV lost some games early but have had some good wins in the latter part of the season and in the playoffs. They finished 2 seed to Holliday (31-13) in their district. This should be a good game. Winner plays the winner of Holliday/Ea
  12. I will go with Canadian, Gunter, Waskom, and EB. I do believe for Gunter, Holliday will once again be a solid obstacle in region II.
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