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  1. I expect Tioga will survive. Nice town, growth will save them.
  2. It was roughng the passer but I don't like the targeting rule where a guy gets ejected for something unintentional, thus ending his championship game participation.
  3. Gunter didn't want that bye - it certainly didn't help. But Gunter was up 60-0 at half in the early year contest, so I don't think this is a game where they don't advance. Otherwise it most likely would not have affected Gunter being in the state final at all. Nope, no asterisk.
  4. Most exciting game in the series. Well the 2019 game was too. Canadian was great, as I expected. Best overall QB we have seen this year. Underrated defense - man those guys really made the option game difficult. We should do this again next year. It might be the last for a while. To bad one of the teams had to take the loss. Now we need to finish the job next week. Poth will be another tough game.
  5. Not the biggest or fastest, but good length (especially receivers) and every player knows exactly what to do on every play. But they are neither small nor slow.
  6. These games are physical and intense all right. Even for the fans. Takes me the whole weekend to get over it, win or lose.
  7. Depends on what part of the game you are in. 40 points in the second quarter is not enough to assure victory. It is a playoff game so make sure you close it out. Gunter baseball state champion ship early 90s up 9-0 in the 6th I think. Backups come in and Gunter holds on for a 9-5 win. I know baseball is different because there is no clock, but still. Gunter 2016 regional final against Winona up 40 to nothing or so. Put in the JV and at 40-21 the starters had to come back in to wrap it up. 4 rounds deep in the playoffs the other team's starters are more likely to be alot better than your backups.
  8. Not all flexbones are created equal nor have the same personnel. Having said that Canadian wins by 21.
  9. Hellman is a heck of a football player. Frankly he can play every position including QB. Tough as nails player. Good size and speed and has great football intellligence. He''ll out jump you for a pass, run over you with the ball, or throw a decleating block for a teammate. I heard he airs up all the footballs and washes all the uniforms too. I think I saw him driving the bus after the game.
  10. If you are talking about the old open stadium. to me it is not great for football. Looked to me like the main home stands don't even directly face the playing field. We were visitors and from there the sight lies were just OK. At least a couple of years ago it was pretty run down tool.
  11. I have misread Holliday and thought Bells would win this time. Wrong. I look for a tough battle next Friday.
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