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  1. Looks like it might only be 15-0 in your scenario.
  2. We return 6 on each side of the ball. But there was a lot of depth and a bunch of players not labeled "starters" played a ton and performed well. And the coaching staff is excellent.
  3. This Gunter team should be very good. We could be challenged in district by Bells, challenged by Holliday in region II, and by Canadian in the semis. In non-district we could certainly lose to Brock, a great program, or Gladewater (not familiar with them at all). I have no idea how good the 3 private schools will be. TCA Addision probably the best of the 3, we'll see. If we were to make it to Jerry World I would have great confidence of winning our 3rd SC, because I think Canadian would, so if we face them we need to find a way to win. They went 3 deep last year with a JV team. Prediction best case 16-0, Worst case 13-2 (losses to Brock and Canadian).
  4. And me. But.....it is hard to get ready for the playoffs when the starters play a quarter or a half every game.
  5. I've had mine maybe 10 days now. Great reading!
  6. They dropped Gunter 3 points. Hard to quantify returning starters and lettermen. Time will tell.. In game two against a private school Pigskin has Gunter y by 170. If that stays we are going to drop like a rock even if we were to win 100-0!
  7. I like playing new teams and I don't believe we have played any team on our non-dstrict schedule. It is nice going from that lonnnnngggggg drive to a home game for the opener.
  8. Thanks for the info. I guess we find out in a couple of months.
  9. There are several on here from Gunter. Some I know and some I don't.
  10. As far as I can tell this is the only high school sports (football) forum there is. Glad to be able to visit.
  11. Smoaky is great, but we don't hear much that is not east TX. We consider ourselves east texas, compared to Canadian.
  12. Week 1 might be Gunter BYE. The other team is showing a different opponent and Gunter's first game is against "?" per Maxpreps. Supposed to play at a neutral site P Field near Austin on Saturday at 4:00. Would seem impossible to find an opponent now. I really hate to get cut back to 15 games :). This is on the wrong thread.....
  13. If it was me, I would put Franklin #1 if they are even close to last year.
  14. I like the game chats. Yes there are idiots on there. It is a shame that the platform is responsible for content, but that is the way it is right now I guess. But take away the game chats and you have no discussion about upcoming games, just really have the games and the scores real time (and polls) which is great, but once the games are over there is no place to talk about a particular game and hear both (and other )sides. Without chat I'll use the app during the games and really not much else. Nothing new to see til next week. Maybe you could charge $20 for the magazine (its worth it) and hire some moderators.
  15. All I see is a general forum, no game chats. If that is the way it turns out it won't be usable for me. I don't understand why the old one needs to be replaced when everyone likes it.
  16. You hit the nail on the head. Graham and Lemons were great players. Graham was at the helm as a sophomore for the 2019 state champs though, so it can be done. Dodd has lots of experience in the offense though not much at the varsity level. If Graham had gone down I'm sure Dodd would have become QB1. Ivy Hellman can certainly play the position too but is valuable on defense and all of the back, wing and slot positions. Sloan and Bennett will get most of the time at running back (Sloan will be anywhere) but in this offense the ball will be spread around. Watch out for Colin Peacock - as a freshman he edged out Sloan in the 200 meters and is good size and strength. Cannon Lemberg will try to fill the hole at receiver - good sized kid with speed and great hands. Caught several long balls and 50-50 balls last year and is bigger. As always #1 will be determined in December . i believe our first goal will be to stay healthy (like all the teams) and compete with a tough non-district schedule. Get better and be in the conversation at the end.
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