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  1. I have misread Holliday and thought Bells would win this time. Wrong. I look for a tough battle next Friday.
  2. I have also been unable to find anythijng. I guess we will find out first hand tomorrow.
  3. Palmer won their district the last couple of years but didn't last long in the playoffs. This year's team looks legit. This could be a good game. Both teams are undefeated. Have not seen Palmer at all so I don't know what to expect. The winner will play the winner of Bells (again) vs Holliday.
  4. This year I am picking Bells to beat Holliday. Nice win against Comanche.
  5. Bottom line half the time in the slot T I can't tell who has the ball. Deception makes for fun to watch offense. Bells is a good example around here. West knows how to run it and Bells has some athletes too.
  6. Yes you would think the 5th place team would step in but they probably already turned in their pads and picked up their tennis shoes.
  7. I hate this! Realistically there would have been less than the first quarter of competitive football, then running the clock. Not sure if that would have been better for Gunter than just having a bye and watching our next opponent. So we hate it and our future opponent is getting screwed also.
  8. I can guarantee there are no Gunter players that are scared of contact. Other than having more team speed the tpw mindset has not changed one iota. The 7 on 7 (semifinals) has helped the team be more balanced. Gunter vs Canadian will be another classic if we get that far. I don't see anyone in region 1 beating Canadian.
  9. Franklin runs slot-T well, much of it attributable to immense talent. Like Waskom in 2014 and 2015. Bells runs it very well with good but not Franklin good athletes. For wing T Holliday runs it very well. Gunter ran it for years successfully, then ran the spread one year. But no state championship until we went to the triple option flexbone out of a short pistol formation. 7th and up are all running it. The Wing T seems to allow for more balance though Holliday doesn't throw alot. With that Slot T neither Franklin nor Bells throw it much either. But when they do they have made big plays.
  10. Potts had a couple of down years but are back. GW is gonna get clobbered I'm afraid.
  11. Howe was just as bad last year, but Howe should still pull this out.
  12. Blue Ridge can score and Howe has a big QB and big receivers. But they both most likely will lose. Gunter and Bells win as expected. Last time Gunter played TLC (week 2) Gunter scored 60 in the first half. It might not be that bad but Gunter wins.
  13. District winner home team but neutral site. Most 3A and under stadiums won't hold a playoff crowd.
  14. I would put Whitesboro and Brock above Gladewater.
  15. I don't understand Lone Oak - the community seems to support the program, they have a nice facility - lots of stands on both sides. Just can't turn the corner lately I remember years ago having close playoff games with Lone Oak.
  16. Bells 42 Loan Oak 0......at halftime.
  17. Yeah I guess my memory is a little cloudy.....
  18. The app is good for one day a week. Seems like this would hurt advertising revenues. Most likely without chat the app won't even make this season. I really enjoyed it while it lasted.
  19. Yeah Gunter lost to Howe by a point in 2015 and we both got drummed by Waskom that year in the playoffs. Waskom beat Sonora (come from behind) and then beat Franklin in the final. Gunter then won the championship in 2016.
  20. Its like cancelling a whole game because two guys got in a fight. What does that have to do with the app? Cancel the thread and kick the offenders off. Facebook does it all the time. Or maybe we could get thicker skin, not requiring monitors. If monitors are required I am sure some will do it for nothing (not me).
  21. Without the chat feature I see no purpose for the app. I can get scores from many other sources. A few people act up and we all have to pay.
  22. There wasn't anything embarrassing about either team in this game. Just a tough football game. I thought Gunter would win by more, but its anybody's guess. Happy with the win.
  23. Bells played great and yes they are better than last year. They played like their hair was on fire. I kept thinking we were about to put them away but they never quit. Our guys got 4 quarters of tough football. This is good. Perhaps we shall meet again. I think both teams have a real shot at that.
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