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  1. I don't doubt their are plenty of folks on both sides willing to use today's technology to create fake vids...but I don't think this one is fake. I'm not sure Pres Biden "froze" but more was enjoying the supportive crowd. My concern is that he looked and moved like a fragile, weak, old man walking out. That's not a criticism...lots of men his age are the same or worse...but they are not serving as potus. Too bad the only other option is Donald Trump.
  2. I don't really think this $50m add campaign will change many votes. Of course, it may not take many changed votes to decidethe election.
  3. It is ridiculous that you go stand at a counter and place your order...and then be prompted for a tip while you are paying. I tend to be a very generous tipper. Heck, I even leave a tip for housekeeping when I check out of a hotel (Last Sat night in Durant, Ok being an exception lol) but the entire tipping thing has reached the point of absurdity.
  4. Pharma spent over $300,000,000 on lobbying last year. That should tell you "Why?".
  5. I have sympathy for folks in this situation but I also think it makes those people that went by the rules look like suckers.
  6. The population of Denmark is irrelevant to the cost of this medication...but I think it is around 6 million.
  7. Dang @Monte1076...I just knew the first response I would get to this subject would be @RETIREDFAN1 throwing up a pic of a commie flag or maybe a pic of Karl Marx lol.
  8. The diabetes and weight loss drug Ozempic costs $155 a month in Canada...$122 a month in Denmark...$59 a month in Germany...and $1349 a month in the US. https://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/sanders-wants-subpoena-novo-nordisk-exec-langa-answer-questions-us-semaglutide-pricing Oh, and there is this.................. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/27/novo-nordisk-ozempic-can-be-made-for-less-than-5-a-month-study.html#:~:text=Health and Science-,Novo Nordisk's %241%2C000 diabetes drug Ozempic can be made for,%245 a month%2C study suggests&text=The blockbuster diabetes drug Ozempic,insurance%2C a new study suggests.
  9. I used to...but that was years ago when I still believed it made a difference.
  10. I think minimum wage for wait staff is still $2.13 an hour.
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