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  1. This country would be better off if she was back in Somalia where she belongs.
  2. To the rest of the world the US is like the guy no one wants at the party...but he gets invited because he buys the beer. We are just seen as a fat cow that Biden will let them milk.
  3. A'int that the truth. We must be the donut eating-est people on earth lol.
  4. Hunter will get a pass while Ivanka and Jared would be crucified.
  5. Seems every fast food chain claims they have the best spicy chicken sandwich. I have tried most of them and would rank them...... 1- Slim Chickens 1A- Chick Fil A 3- Popeyes 4- Wendys 5- Whataburger Have not tried McD's and I will not try Burger Kings since they announced they would make a donation to an LGBTQ group for every sandwich sold this month. Btw...there is a big gap between 1/1A and the rest imo.
  6. No man that pretends he is a woman should talk about anyone else's mental health.
  7. Things went sideways for Custer at Little Bighorn but he was an extremely gifted cavalry officer. Maybe the best in the federal army during the Civil War. There is a reason he became the youngest general in the yankee army.
  8. Yep. The three stooges (Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) proved that.
  9. Patton was an interesting guy. He reminds me of Ulysses S. Grant...not necessarily a great tactician...but he understood his advantage (an overwhelming superiority in manpower and materials) and he was not afraid of the devil himself.
  10. Greatest general...hmmm. Can I say Robert E. Lee? He did more...with less...for longer.
  11. Nimitz was from Fredericksburg.
  12. Be interesting to see what their business model is. The original USFL went head to head with the NFL for top talent...with NFL salaries so high now days it is hard to believe a start up could do that today. No matter...I watched the original USFL and I will watch this incarnation also.
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