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  1. You can not tell me you think Herschel was a strong candidate.
  2. Dukes of Hazzard was a great show. Anyone remember Coy and Vance (I think that was their names) that replaced Beau and Luke?
  3. Herschel was a pretty terrible candidate.
  4. Good. Pay up Southwest Airlines. As long as the flight attendant is not using her job as a platform to push her personal views it is none of her employers business what beliefs she promotes on social media.
  5. I get what you are saying...but Japans attack on Pearl harbor had nothing to do with "...liberty, prosperity, self-determination, justice under law, which are our birthrights as Americans."
  6. Thats a shame. The really sad part is that (as I understand it) colon cancer is one of the most treatable cancers if it is caught early enough. Rest in peace, Kirstie.
  7. Not a defense of Pres Trump...but I would bet if the authorities dug into the financial dealings of any major corp they would uncover all manner of lying, cheating and deceiving.
  8. Adolph Hitler and his goose steppin' buddies had similar thoughts about those with disabilities. This is utterly evil...if it is true.
  9. Exactly. "Defund the police" is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard. I do think we can do better in addressing the root cause of some of our crime...but in the meantime we need law enforcement to have the resources they need.
  10. Its a shame that our society has devolved to the point that so many people feel the need to arm themselves for their own safety.
  11. That's awesome. He sounds like an exceptional young man. I'm lousy with a handgun. I could not hit a bull elephant 8/10 times from 40 yards with a handgun.
  12. That's true...but the rate of fire of any semi auto is a lot faster than (for example) a bolt action.
  13. As I have said...I'm not a gun nut but we have always had guns in our home. I taught our kids to shoot and that a gun is not a toy and that they were NEVER to touch one of my guns without adult supervision. Even with all that I kept my guns unloaded and locked up. I was more concerned that my kids or one of their friends would get hurt than I was that I would need a gun for self defense if some nutjob broke into our home.
  14. I would not have a problem with gun safety being taught in every school.
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