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  1. After week one of district play I have it like this.... Kilgore Chapel Hill Lindale Athens Pali Hendo Jax
  2. This one was a real punch in the gut. Not surprised that Lindale won and I expected them to put up a bunch of points...but I did not expect the game to be completely one sided. Nothing to do now but regroup during our bye week and get ready for the rest of district play.
  3. I don't think it is do or die...but the loser will have absolutely no margin for error going forward.
  4. That is awesome! And a heck of a lot more important than any game.
  5. if this guy had an ev he could have been filling up in his garage and none of this would have happened . Hopefully you guys realize I am just kidding. Sorry some thugs jacked his car but at least he was not badly hurt or worse. Maybe the authorities will catch them and give them a stern talking to before their release...................
  6. Well...there were three bad guys and all three appeared to be armed...and they were on both sides of his car...if he had whupped out a gun one of the thugs might be dead but the person in the car almost certainly would be. This was a bad situation that ended about as well as it could have under the circumstances.
  7. Because that can be a years long process. People in a Central American village that are struggling to feed their families and whose children are being threatened and recruited by cartels and gangs may not feel like they have 8-10-15 years to wait. Does that excuse them for breaking US law? No...but I understand why they do it and in their position I would probably do the same thing. There but for the grace of God go I..................
  8. I am not defending illegal aliens breaking our laws but as I said earlier...be prepared for the unintended consequences that would come with mass deportation. Deport'em all...but then do not complain when it takes 6 months to get your roof replaced or Krogers is out of chicken leg quarters because Pilgrims can not find enough workers.
  9. Following the law is following the law and does not make a law smart, right, moral or ethical (ie Jim Crow laws).
  10. I would guess it is not just economic...most Hispanic people tend to be socially conservative.
  11. I do not disagree. The US is a sovereign nation that has every right to control its borders and to deport every single person in the country illegally if that is the course of action decided on. Whether or not that would be the smart/right/moral/ethical thing to do is another debate. Im sure most would prefer to "come across legally" but do not feel it is a viable option.
  12. That was a different day and todays Americans are not made out of the same stuff as they were then. Also, it is a demographic issue. This country (like most western nations) has a very low birth rate and an ageing (native) population.
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