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  1. He earned the Medal of Honor for knocking out Japanese pill boxes on Iwo Jima as a 21 year old marine. Half of todays 21 yo guys dont know if they are male or female............
  2. USC and UCLA are moving to the Big 10 for the same reason Texas and OU are moving to the SEC...money. I dont really blame them...but the way the big brands are consolidating in the eastern US it looks like college football will pretty much become even more of a regional sport than it already is.
  3. Would it be irrelevant if an atheist business owner fired two Christians for praying while they were on company time?
  4. I would also say that something like this is harmful to Christianity. It reinforces the beliefs of those that are anti-Christian and imo pushes those that are neutral farther away. Thoughts?
  5. He might be vindicated. As I said it would be interesting to see what happens.
  6. I would agree if (for example) they were violating company safety regs...but attending or not attending a prayer service has absolutely nothing to do with their job performance...therefore their employer imo over stepped his authority over them. Being an atheist and an agnostic they have a lot bigger problems than losing their jobs but that does not mean their civil rights were not violated. If this goes all the way to the SC it will certainly be interesting to see how the court rules.
  7. I did not read the article but based on your post I would say that "yes" they have a case.
  8. Meh...clean air is way over rated. We need to go back to the good 'ol days...like when the Cuyahoga river caught on fire.
  9. I get all my news from Smoaky.com's political section
  10. I sure hope no one on this site is to the right of you
  11. Jerry is the greatest marketing guy in the history of sports...as far as being an NFL GM goes...not so much.
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