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  1. Exactly. Abstinence is the only sure fire way to prevent pregnancy...but it ignores the reality.
  2. I'm sure this guy is just running his mouth but no one should be calling for violence.
  3. Multi-culturalism is tearing this country apart.
  4. Wife and I have been through it. It broke our hearts.
  5. There is truth in that. I celebrated yesterdays ruling but I also believe we should have a robust safety net in place to protect the women and children where necessary. On top of that deadbeat "Dads" should be hunted to the ends of the earth and forced to provide (at least financially) for the child they have created.
  6. You can get the same stuff at Academy much cheaper.
  7. Planned Parenthood better make a run to Home Depot to pick up locks for their doors
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/news/supreme-court-repeals-roe-v-wade-sends-abortion-back-to-the-states-142310680.html
  9. No. That is why I have never advocated for new gun control laws. Would this country be better off if there were far fewer guns in circulation...yes imo...but with 400,000,000 guns out there it is to late for that and dis-arming law abiding gun owners (like myself) will not stop criminals from doing what they do.
  10. One of the most entertaining movies ever. Jackie Gleason was awesome as Sheriff Buford T. Justice.
  11. Im a big fan of double D's ...but what is a DD-214? A basic military discharge?
  12. That vegetarian "Impossible Whopper" is pretty good...for a veggie burger. Lot better than McDs "McPlant".
  13. I read that from 1791-2008 the SC never struck down as un-constitutional any gun control law at any level. If that is accurate I wonder what has changed? Was the SC wrong for 200+ years?
  14. My daughter has a 2018 Honda Accord (not a hybrid). I should probably ask my SIL if it has a spare.
  15. I think a lot of new cars these days come with a can of sealer (like fix-a-flat) and a compressor. I dont buy new cars...wifes car had 13,000 miles and mine had 35,000 when we got them...and the first thing I did with both is make sure they have a spare and everything I would need to change a flat. That sealer and compressor might be ok if you get a nail in a tire but will not do anything if you poke a hole the size of your thumb in it.
  16. Yeah! Darn the "newer generations" for caring about others or believing that society matters. How un-American! Profits uber alles!
  17. In America people are just a piece of machinery to be used up and thrown away. If capitalism is going to survive in America it needs to evolve from "shareholder capitalism" to "stakeholder capitalism".
  18. As I have said before...I think ev's are pretty cool and have a big upside...but I would not buy one yet. I expect that to change in the next few years. Every year range goes up...charging becomes faster and more convenient...and battery cost goes down. We did not go from a Model T to an Escalade over night........
  19. "I can see you are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you on the....." Jaws is one of my top 5 all time movies.
  20. There are way too many uptight people of every political persuasion these days. From abortionists to gun nuts...everyone just needs to chill a little bit.
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