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  1. Henderson is a long, long ways from that point now...and it looks like the program is getting even farther away week by week. The kids deserve better.
  2. So what is the problem? Business groups only care about money. That is just good 'ol American capitalism. Anything for a buck...right?
  3. In that case...since I have been a taxpayer for many years...if I decide to just live on welfare and foodstamps from now on wouldn't I just be getting back the money that has been stolen from me?
  4. All federal/fema money that goes to Florida will have come only from the taxpayers of Florida?
  5. Spin it any way you want...but a bunch of right wingers in Florida that claim to hate socialism will be lining up for federal help asap. Seems like this would be a good time for them to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps". With that said...they are my American brothers and sisters and I hope they get the assistance they need to get back on their feet. I do not begrudge them this aid...even if I do not directly benefit from it.
  6. So...if it turned out you made the wrong decision...and water was neck deep in your home...would you call for help?
  7. Yep. My life is more important than my possessions.
  8. Based on the pic...even if he was pointing at the dog those officers are just a foot or two away and he could turn the gun on them in a split second. Justifiable imo.
  9. Best wishes to all those folks in Florida effected by this storm.
  10. Never give a RB a big second contract. Zeke still has some value imo...but not $19,000,000 on the cap. Pollard has a lot more pop and I think he is making $600,000. Dallas will lose him because of Zekes contract.
  11. Rush is the definition of a game manager imo. That is not necessarily a bad thing for a back up QB. I think he has a limited ceiling...but the best thing about him is what he does not do...which is turn the ball over. Run the ball...play good defense...and don't throw it to the other team and you will usually have a chance to win. Whether or not Jerry is paying Dak to much is an entirely different subject.
  12. I dont think Cooper Rush is better than Dak...but I do think the difference in play calling when Rush is in the game makes a huge difference. If Dak was in there our boy genius OC would have had him throwing the ball every play. I think last night the Cowboys had like 215 through the air and 175 on the ground...that is just about perfect.
  13. I despise the Eagles...but yeah...Jalen is turning into a top notch QB. Dang it.
  14. That is how I would have them. Big gap between 1-3 and 4-7.
  15. That is very plausible. Their defense prevents them from being a legit contender imo but there is no way that an undefeated USC team is not in the playoff (where they would get woodshedded by Georgia, Bama or OSU). I am rooting for the Trojans to run the table because it is good for college football when USC is relevant. Whatever someone thinks of "Muleshoe" they can not deny that he has had a huge impact on the USC program in a very short time and that they are light years improved from where they have been.
  16. Rock Chock Jayhawk! What the heck does that mean any way?
  17. I agree...this trip to Corvallis could be tricky. I think USC gets the W but it will not be easy.
  18. I would love to see Urban Meyer at Nebraska.
  19. Hendo rights the ship and starts district play with a W.
  20. 28-7 Hallsville. Middle of the second.
  21. Can the Wildcats keep it rolling? Or is this the week the Lions turn things around? Thoughts?
  22. USC...21 Stanford...7 USC offense...3 possessions...3 TDs. Lincoln Riley has made a huge difference in the O...but the Trojan D is pretty soft.
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