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  1. THIS is where programs like Mart, Carthage, Gilmer, etc succeed and others fail. The mentality of champions is that they CAN compete with ANYBODY, ANYTIME. The mentality that says you don't have the stuff to compete is a loser's mentality and is the number one cause of defeat. Just my opinion.
  2. Just for the record ... All of my accounts are fake
  3. Depends on whether or not we can get the cheerleaders to bulk up a little. Band is gunna be weaker this year. Water crew likely to be pretty stout. Should be able to hold our own through most of the season.
  4. I hate AT&T Stadium. But ... There is no other facility in Texas that offers the amenities that AT&T stadium has. Leave it alone. It works.
  5. Last two TDs were by Freshmen from the JV squad, so that would have been a possibility. Regular Varsity did not play in the 2nd half
  6. Game was called in the third due to the entire town being evacuated because of a major gas leak. Had nothing to do with the score.
  7. Pigskinprep.com (Subscription required)
  8. Chilton/Tenaha will probably be the toughest matchup. I think it's a toss-up with a slight edge to Tenaha. Whichever wins will then have to face Mart.
  9. Matt, For the record, I think you are doing a good job with the app. I like the direction the Beta is heading with AI and reporting, and if that doesn't work ... well, there's always next year. I also like the idea of reading is free, but you gotta pay to chat, but I also know how much programming goes into making that happen and programming ain't cheap. Keep the faith! Don't let a few rotten apples spoil a good thing! Thanks for all you do for #txhsfb
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