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  1. Yeah, Henderson just tried that too...5-15 from a team the last to years under that guy from a "big time s[program" in DFW area...from a team who had not missed the playoffs in like forever (and had won a 'ship) under Castles...
  2. Robert E. Lee (now Legacy) tried that once before... ...it didn't work out too well then either...
  3. At least they have the cojones to put on the stripes and get out on the field! Easy to make the call from the cheap seats. And how do you know many of them haven't called or don't still call college football?
  4. Actually, the official final score was 51-13 (the PAT by Centerville as the power flickered off counted).
  5. The QB is the ball carrier. Essentially the only penalty you can call on a ball carrier is a face mask penalty. He was apparently ruled down as he pulled the defender down by the face mask.
  6. Actually, the tackle box only extends one (1) yard from the LOS, not three (3).
  7. We had a coach back in the day at Gladewater,Coach Bobby Bernard, (who a NCAA Hurdling Champion at TCU), who would often say, "Boys, you gotta scratch and claw for every point...every point." It didn't matter if was football or at a track meet, that was his go-to saying.
  8. Matt Stepp is reporting that Manuel OC and Jasper alum, Kendrick Crumedy, will be named Jasper’s new HC.
  9. And in 1978, the Bears sat home from the playoffs as an undefeated team, only tying West Rusk 7-7, who then advanced into the playoffs by having more penetrations I believe.
  10. So Bird, just how do you know that Jonny is filling out apps?
  11. Confirmed or just pulling this out of your sphincter?
  12. Just confirmed by KLTV: Jason Holman
  13. Very accustomed to seeing "the Gate"being run for PATs, but began seeing several teams run it from scrimmage plays. Caught a few defenses off guard.
  14. How was it a "bad snap?" (Legit question.) I ask because if it was an"illegal snap,"(which the signal would have been the same as for a "false start,") then the play would have been whistled dead. Again, only asking for clarification on what happened.
  15. I second this comment! Not only do you get the magazine (and before it is available on the stands to the rest of the Texas Football World, you have TONS of online information, podcasts, videos, etc. at your finger tips! And you get to hear Tepp & Stepp and see the lovely Ashley Pickle from time to time!
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