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  1. White Oak won their district last night. Boys & Girls
  2. How are they counting the results? No contest? Forfeits?
  3. What happened? Did the game ever get started?
  4. EF upset Troup last night. May affect Troup's playoff seeding.
  5. What does Poth do offensively? Scheme wise, I mean.
  6. Wish they would move this game to Thursday.
  7. After seeing both play, my pick is Waskom. I don’t think Harmony is physical enough for Waskom.
  8. We have had the white hat many times in the last 5 years for EF games. He has been bad every time we have had him, for both teams. And what aggravates me more than anything is the laziness or lack of energy from him. I know they are short on refs and here that story, blah, blah, blah. But if you are going to do it and get paid to do it, don't be lazy and just walk or mozy around the field. Earn you money and at least try to do a good job.
  9. EF hasn’t scored 52 all season but I’m glad you have some faith in us. Tonight may be the night!
  10. I'll take the Over and Daingerfield -36. Just parlay it for me
  11. After seeing both play, I think Waskom's defense will smother Harmony's offense. That 7 on 7 stuff is an entirely different ball game as you know I am sure. A little different when you can get after the QB. Just my observation after seeing both play.
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