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  1. A coach did say that. I do not think the coach was meaning that in a racially derogatory way. Not defending him, just my opinion and the way I took it. It was one of those tone deaf moments. He meant it like the kid gets after it, causes havoc, high energy. and frustration to other players. He just used the wrong term in that situation. I don't think he meant any harm or racism. Just a bad choice of words. That's my 2 cents.
  2. After I posted the question, I remembered who left. You are correct. His reason for leaving was different from anything going on at the school with coaches, players, teachers, etc. His reason was for something outside of the school altogether.
  3. Elysian Fields vs Atlanta Thursday 7pm @ Atlanta Friday 7pm @ Elysian Fields Saturday 2pm @ Carthage (if nec)
  4. Does Ore City return a lot? Legit question because I don't know. Not trying to relate the question to your comment.
  5. Elysian Fields vs Gladewater Thursday 7pm Friday 7pm Saturday 2pm All Games at Atlanta HS
  6. If there is any doubt in that, all they need to do is come read this thread. It is very clear, lol.
  7. Congrats to him. He posts on here frequently. He has waited his turn and is ready. I was hoping EF would have tried to get him a few years ago. But he probably wasn't interested anyway but I would have reached out to him.
  8. Full Speed Nasty was a troll aimed directly at this thread on Smoaky and all you boys on here
  9. Well, in his defense, the son has made the playoffs in all 3 of his years as baseball coach at West Rusk.
  10. Heard QC new AD's son is joining him in QC. Currently at West Rusk. Will be Head Baseball Coach and Asst Football Coach
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