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  1. Good post! Board needs to be washed. This would help a whole lot. Took 1 step forward and then 2 steps back with the superintendent moves. EF is at 2A numbers now. About 2 weeks after the numbers were turned in, EF went from 253 to 247 in those 2 weeks. Still at or below 247. The “old people” in town are the ones holding the district back. That’s why teachers and students have exited like it’s a fire drill. Majority of the board and old community members are so far disengaged from what’s going on in the district, they have no clue.
  2. Good Point. You are right there. I should have clarified, the playoff teams from our area. Point is, EF overachieved with what they had in my opinion.
  3. I saw W Rusk play 7 on 7 at Chapel Hill. They look like they are supposed to. A lot of experienced players that know what to do and where they are supposed to be. Not sure if they played in a SQT. They have a ton of kids too.
  4. They are transitioning to a new offensive scheme, but they looked pretty good in 7 on 7. I know its different when you put the pads on, but they know how to run the ball and be physical. They had a really good receiver in the 7 on 7 format. QB was pretty good too. I wouldn't look past Harmony. They aren't gonna win state, but they will be competitive.
  5. EF overachieved last year with what they had. They weren’t even on the same level as Daingerfield athletically. That senior class had zero skill players that would have started on any other team. Goodnight would have and that’s it. The Sr QB gave everything he had and got the most of his QB ability before he got hurt. The senior class this year is less talented than the 22 class. It will be all juniors & sophomores for EF this year with a few freshman mixed in out of necessity.
  6. EF's issue will be depth and lack of varsity experience. They will have some good kids playing that will be better the second half of the season because of gained experience. The "starters" will be fine, it's when they have to get a breather is when EF may get in trouble. Just my 2 cents
  7. Correct, on both statements. EF lost to Chilton. EF, Harmony, and Waskom basically had the same path to win their pool and qualify for state. Harmony & Waskom had 2 qualifiers in their pool and each other. EF had 1 qualifier and 1 no show. And you could say the same for Queen City. They had the same path as EF.
  8. EF's issue will be depth. They have some decent "frontline" kids but when they need a break, there won't be much help. EF played without a "starter" & a few more kids. They only had 14 kids play. Fatigue caught up with them in the end. Harmony looked good though. One team in EF's pool was a no show and the other already qualified. Harmony only had to beat Waskom to get out of their pool.
  9. EF has had 2 really good football players from that class move or transfer out for the same reasons. One moved to Marshall and one transferred to Carthage last year. He will be eligible to play for Carthage this year.
  10. Ripple effect of the decisions the district/board has made lately. Hated to lose him and the family. Need good families like them to stay in the district. But I understand their reasons. Wish the young man the best of luck. Good kid and great family.
  11. Off topic a little, but yall will love your new high school principal
  12. Even from Marshall folks? They hired a proven successful coach like Tatum did, right?
  13. You haven’t shown any proof what I posted was not factual. You don’t know what position I hold within the district. What I posted was facts and truth, it’s just a hard pill for you to swallow as a Chapman supporter. EF got a new coach and it’s time to move forward. But same to you, have a nice day.
  14. Didn’t fail background check and has zero character issues. We must be discussing two different coaches.
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