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  1. EF did lose some, but they have some coming back. Not a knock on all the 2021 seniors, but I believe they only have 3 or 4 that will be tough to replace. The others can and will be replaced without a drop-off in my opinion. I think they are ranked too high starting out though.
  2. I agree. You are correct. I still think the voucher program had something to do with it though. They still had quality coaches at Evangel. The type of players that the voucher program attracted was the payers the Northwoods, Shreves, Byrds, etc. were glad to see go. Cancers inside their programs left and entered Evangel. Calvary has definitely taken their spot. Calvary has former Evangel players as assistant coaches and heavily involved parents/boosters. Calvary really got cranked up when Evangel and the Duron's had a falling out with the Booty's and a couple of more Evangel guys. They high ta
  3. It is pretty bad though. I don't think Duron getting back involved is going to help the situation much. Evangel screwed up about 7-10 years ago when they began accepting state vouchers for students. They began getting a lot of students that has been the total opposite of the type of student they had at the school in the past and the program has steadily declined since then. They hired a new coach last summer and fired him after the second or third game into the season. Duron came back in to the picture and took over. I think it's too late for Duron to make a difference.
  4. Duron is still involved so I am sure that is why. He is trying to keep them relevant and bring them back to their old status. They also have Josh Booty's son as their QB. I know that doesn't mean anything and he is his onw person, just throwing that tidbit out there.
  5. Congrats to Gunter and Atlanta. Good Season Jackets!
  6. I believe the winner of Gunter/EF plays the winner of Atlanta/Grandview. Jacket52 will know more about the state tournament and what round that begins. I am not sure on that.
  7. Really could have scored more on him. Had a couple of baserunning mistakes that cost EF runners at third base with less than 2 outs. Not trying to take anything away from the kid pitching, he still held EF to 1 run. Jackson, EF's pitcher, matched him pitch for pitch though. Go Jackets!
  8. Way to go EF! Congrats on a good season ND
  9. EF 9 Hughes Springs - 3 EF wins Series 2-0
  10. Game 1 EF - 17 Hughes Springs -5 EF leads series 1-0
  11. Was he already at Hemphill? If so, what did he coach?
  12. I know you are just going by what the schedule says. Not trying to argue or say you are wrong, but the first scrimmage is conflicting information from EF's schedule. EF is scheduled to scrimmage Troup in their first scrimmage. And I may be wrong on that. I am also just going by EF's schedule.
  13. Tatum has a good 8th grade group coming up as well.
  14. I am not sure that athletics will be shut down. I think they still are going to play the high school games. I could be wrong. The issue was a couple of cafeteria workers got Covid. They had been home and not around any kids. The district did not have enough help or other workers to fill in at the cafeteria so they had to shut school down. Can't feed the kids, can't have school.
  15. Isn't centex1 Kubiak? He would know.
  16. EF almost beat Troup. I don't think Troup is that good this year.
  17. Tatum may beat EF by 100 Friday night
  18. C’mon! That’s a little much. Waskom didn’t give EF the first game. I’m not one to talk too much #### on here, but that’s not true. EF played well.
  19. I agree, I thought they were down in bounds also.
  20. The questionable things that happened on EF’s sideline on the last drive was the Ref kept calling the EF receiver out of bounds. The time it looked like EF got a 4th timeout was because the white hat started the clock and EF’s coach asked the line judge I thought you said he was out of bounds? So the line judge blew the whistle and talked to the white hat. That’s why the clock was stopped and didn’t start until the snap. The ref called EF player out of bounds on 2 plays that were very close.
  21. Good Game PP! Your players gave it a heck of an effort and fight! Coaches had a great game plan too! @OldBull12, your son had a great game.
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