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  1. Who is “we”? Just wondering who is sitting at 263? If the cutoff number doesn’t change or drop from last realignment, EF will drop to 2A
  2. Can only speak from the EF side, but you hit the nail n the head! Unfortunately, the people that can do anything think everything is good. They have their heads in the sand. And the ones still at EF asking to transfer somewhere else, they better stay put at EF, because they aren’t getting on the field anywhere else. If the cutout numbers stay the same as 2 years ago or increase, EF will be dropping to 2A.
  3. You keep saying this but you keep posting in EF threads. Carry your tail once and for all
  4. EF is basically playing varsity football with a JV team. That was described to me that way by someone and it made sense. They have about 5 players that could play varsity football. The others are not varsity caliber. Some haven't played a whole lot of football. BUT, the kids play hard despite the athletic ability and talent. A lot of players are playing a position they wouldn't be playing in other situations or circumstances. When changes happened at the administrative level a couple of years ago, the varsity level players left and then you had the tragic incident that happened that cost them 3 more varsity level players. The coaches are doing all they can with what they have. I commend the coaches, and I can't commend the kids enough for how they come out every game and give it all they can in spite of the difference in talent and number of players participating. I'll support the team the rest of the way because they play hard with what they have. Go Jackets!
  5. Good Game QC. Good Luck the rest of the way.
  6. He wasnt a real fan anyway. He already said he was transferring his kid out of EF way earlier in the year.
  7. This is one of the reasons why I think EF has a chance this week.
  8. First time in forever? They are 3-1. Or against EF?
  9. I have a good feeling about EF this week! Or a lot of gas, one or the other! Maybe both! Let's Go Jackets!
  10. I agree, the reading of the trivia or past stuff is stupid. But when you have old school community members and faculty, they get what they want. And that’s what they want. The only reason that many fans for EF were there to begin with was because of Homecoming. I agree, the officials missed a lot of things. That’s where the comments came from last night from the announcer in my opinion. He’s a good dude and is normally overly accommodating for the visiting team in my opinion over the mic
  11. Nah, not the announcer but a friend is. When you see terrible spots, a Beckville player jump on a kid already on the ground and not in the play and throw two double fisted punches to the kid on the ground, it’s unnecessary. That’s where the comments came from. At least from what I remember. Excuses? Where in my post did I make an excuse? I was talking about the coach crying on the field. I did t make excuses for anything EF. Y’all are too good and it was never in doubt so just stay off the field and quit crying after every play. Save all that for when you are in a close game.
  12. Beckville’s coach spent more time on the field whining than there offense had in time of possession.
  13. EF had about 15 penalties inside the red zone is why they didn't score against Shelbyville. Should have been 14-14 at halftime. EF was just out athleted against Atlanta and DeKlab. They sort of just checked out against Dekalb. Beckville will be the same for EF. But I will be rooting for the Jackets to upset Beckville. EF wins by 1
  14. No insight, this is just my opinion. They returned their 2 QB’s from last year. The one who started game 1 and got hurt in that game and the QB who replaced him and started the rest of the year. I think that’s why he hasn't gotten any reps. The coaches aren’t as familiar with him as the 2 returners.
  15. Send Boone back over to EF in time for basketball season. Y’all don’t need him for basketball anyway.
  16. Atlanta was just better than EF. Faster, more athletic. Atlanta had a few more subs than EF. I saw some clips of Redwater from social media. I think Atlanta wins this game. Like EF, I don’t think Redwater can match their speed & athleticism.
  17. Lol, yes they will. EF gonna jump on em like rabid spider monkeys!
  18. In no particular order and I may have left someone off. But this is probably the best for EF. RB/LB - Dra Rather RB/LB/S/ - Dez Harrison DE/TE - Deontae Harrison WR/DB - NuNu Kennedy
  19. Does QC have a QB to replace the Senior QB who decided not to play toward the end of the summer?
  20. What position does he play? Want to pay closer attention to him.
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