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  1. Is JN really going to be that good again or is it just last year hype of returning the QB and RB. Many teams have done the same after state and gone down 2nd round. Is it all just thinking the qb and rb will be just as great?
  2. I did. I had lindale vs argyle after watching LBJ vs Miller, i was right seeing Lindale squeak by. I like lindale more than LBJ but they got lucky. They are worse than argyle. You must think Carthage will lose too next weekend right? Or are you an east Texas homer?
  3. I have the Stephenville games from the mid-late 90s when art was coaching with Kendall briles as QB. Also the state championship team video. And a couple rounds in the championship year.
  4. Wow how’s this game Round 2? In dfw but have liked watching Longview when I can for the past couple years. I’ll go with Longview in a close one just because they have had to face a team like HP. Lancaster has played scrubs.
  5. I mean it’s true sorry. I’m not trying to please some right wing snowflakes from lindale so they can #### it up and take a beating like a lot of schools have. I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong. But I think I’ll be hungry after the argyle lindale game.
  6. Argyle by 14-21. Lindale will make it a game for a couple quarters though. I don’t see Lindale being better than Melissa, LA Vega, or Paris. They lost to Gilmer, who argyle would destroy.
  7. Canadian by about as much as Gunter. I think Gunter has an even stronger D than Franklin.
  8. Pax what do you think? I was at the Henrietta and Eastland games. I thought Gunter looked almost as good as 2016 and 2018. Who I also saw live both of those years. I haven’t seen Canadian live this year, only video. Gunter looked really polished both games. Do they win against Canadian with both teams having 0 turnovers or is Canadian just one of those teams?
  9. Congrats Franklin! Awesome season Waskom. Last Waskom game I saw was against Idalou and have been a fan since. First Waskom or Franklin game I’ve seen this year. Interesting to watch. Franklin still gets beat as bad as Gunter next week though. No offense it sometimes just happens. Refugio 2015, boling and PP against Gunter etc. I’ll eat crow if necessary but i think I’ll be pretty hungry after next week.
  10. Had to laugh at this one! Lmao. Trump is one of the biggest losers in US history, only lagging behind his brethren the confederacy. 1 term, impeached loser! Trump only won by 6 in Texas hahah. The cities are growing and soon rural Texas won’t be enough. Be ready!
  11. Biden has won more times this election than all other presidents in history combined. Speaks to how weak Trump is. Hasn’t Biden won like 50 times now?
  12. He sure is. Jim Ned back is great and only a Jr. But he isn’t Brooks.
  13. Since Jim Ned beat Hallettsville early I’m takin Hallettsville. Hard to beat a good team twice. Like Malakoff and grandview this year.
  14. Region 3 and region 4 aren’t strong this year at all.
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