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  1. Most points Winnsboro has scored since 2012 when they scored 417 in 12 games!
  2. Josh Finney. With that speed....
  3. 1. Gunter 2. Leonard 3. S&S 4. Whitewright 5. Prairiland 6. Cooper 7. Chisum Prairiland up from the cellar and S&S/Whitewright flipping spots.
  4. How many underclassmen did they start?
  5. I want to say the last time Cooper made playoffs was in 2010. They've finished one place out a few times since then.
  6. 6-4 VA. FINAL VA with 5 runs in the B5.
  7. They haven't kept a head coach either though, have they? I feel like it's almost been a swinging door. I'm not sure, really asking.
  8. Yes they have a great 1-2 punch. Lots of seniors and like you said they score when needed. Won't have to score a whole lot with the pitching they have, but I figure they will get them going by the end of district which will make them very hard to beat with the pitching they have.
  9. It will be interesting to see how long they can. This district is pretty deep. I obviously didn't think Greenville would be any good, but besides MP, it seems like anyone could surprise you. Their bats should come around by the end of district and their pitching is second to few.
  10. I did, but who's really paying attention? HA!
  11. No harm. Was interested in what you had seen. HS seems to be that way every year. It's always fun to see how far they can go. They have the experience for sure.
  12. I see what you're saying. MV's ace is good though. Will be interesting to see how he throws.
  13. Friday March 20 GS @ Edgewood Mineola @ Winnsboro Winona @ Harmony AG @ Quitman Standings: Grand Saline Indians (1-0) Edgewood Bulldogs (1-0) Winnsboro Raiders (1-0) Mineola Yellowjackets (1-0) Alba-Golden Panthers (0-1) Quitman Bulldogs (0-1) Harmony Eagles (0-1) Winona Wildcats (0-1) Actually see the playoff race finishing exactly how the 1-4 are right now. GS, EW, Winnsboro, and Mineola in that order.
  14. Baseball: Hallsville SS Longview Texas High Pine Tree Marshall MP Greenville
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