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  1. Doubtful. The Yoemen are kicking themselves for giving up the game to Malakoff. The whole town is sick, I'm sure.
  2. Lol alright well when Cameron beats Malakoff and it's "weeeelllll Malakoff hadn't really played anyone, GO HALLETTSVILLE!" we shouldn't be shocked
  3. You built them up last week. Degraded them this week. Starts around the 22 minute mark of last weeks show. Again. No issue with the pick, but to take away from a victory is weak sauce
  4. Lol and the one guy has picked against Yoe 3 weeks straight now. Which I'm fine with that. But it's mad disrespectful that he built Teague up LAST WEEK to beat Yoe, then when Yoe beat them, suddenly it was "wellllll Teague really wasnt that great this year." Once Cameron beats Malakoff, PLEASE pick Hallettsville next week
  5. Lol to say one school in 3a has a duo that can cover Iverson AND siccory at the same time is hilarious. At one point Malakoff had THREE guys on one Rockdale receiver..... And he burned them all. Qb just couldn't make the connection
  6. Cameron has been "out athletes" many times, and won. Execution is key
  7. Sign of respect. Nothing more. Nothing less. Never seen someone pull a hamstring. If you're that brittle, shouldn't be playing football.
  8. Cameron starting D allowing just 8 ppg in the playoffs. Y'all better get that Rockdale loss out your heads if you want to compete.
  9. In all honesty, I can imagine the frustration from Teague. I hated when we lost to La Vega in playoffs in back to back years. To lose 3 in a row would be maddening. We weren't even legit contenders those years
  10. We had two scores that were not awarded to us. The pass and then the so called fumble where we rushed into the end zone yet someone Teague was given a touchback. Our offense can move. Sad fact is that #4 needs to stay off the field until next year, when he's healthy. This getting hurt every game is not doing him or the team any favors. We have viable options. Utilize them.
  11. Rockdale are lifetime underachievers. I fully expect a thrashing from Koff, on them.
  12. Fun fact for the day. Since 2012, the Yoemen are 24-1 in playoff games. This includes 7 wins at Waco ISD, 1 at DKR and 3 at AT&T stadium.
  13. Not a clue. We still have him for another year
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