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  1. I’ve said all I’ve wanted to say. I don’t want to beat a dead horse. Here’s to hoping we can show some progress these last couple weeks.
  2. I don’t know what to think of this year. The coaches get mad when people talk around town. They need to grow up and pick a different job. Nature of the beast. A couple of the 70 point games could’ve been minimized by a run first offense and or running clock that wasn’t asked for. Heck play an ineligible player for crying out loud to get games forfeited. Need to do something. A lot of folks feel the record setting points given up this year could have been minimized. Some old school folks that have contributed to past great teams on and off the field, feel their legacy has been tainted by this staff. You see kids setting up for arm taclkles then miss, not everyone running to the ball, and overall just half speed. It’s a terrible situation, but according to some, the blame falls on the previous staff and or “back biters.”
  3. Nice maybe the pole vault coach will be calling the plays this week
  4. Sabine will be looking for their first win at Roughneck stadium since 2002. Meanwhile White Oak is trying to keep from getting blown out. Thoughts?
  5. Daddy ball for sure. Also the o line not cut blocking ever is peculiar. Don’t know who the oline coach is, but he has to be soft to not coach that at all.
  6. Double damn. Only points scored by us is in trash time and we cant hardly stop a single possession against any team. Just hoping the district teams don’t kick us while we’re down. Have had some good rivalry games with Jefferson, but not this week. The Bulldogs name their score.
  7. This isn't looking good for the roughnecks
  8. I I know, just thought id share that.
  9. 646 -- ODESSA COMPASS ACAD, 2021 (11) 591 – GRAPE CREEK, 2017 580 – HEARNE, 2015
  10. First program in Texas to score 500 points, now looks like well be the second program to give up 600+
  11. We just need to get back to our Roughneck glory days!
  12. One act play? This isn’t California!
  13. Worse, one act play state champs last year or something like that. I believe they have a sign up on the stadium, which isn’t a good look.
  14. We’re not all enthusiastic over here in White Oak. I’ve heard there’s more kids in the culinary classes than on the team? Crazy how far white oak has fallen from an oilfield town to a stinkin culinary town. Bring back the old school blue collar folks.
  15. Crazy, roughnecks really haven’t ever avg over 40 a game given up.
  16. Close one? Have you been to any games this year?
  17. Full speed to the losers column
  18. What is weird to me is that there is more than one team captain. Also that a couple of the captains are not good. Is it possible to bench the captains? Make them captain of the bench?
  19. When they finally let him throw the ball he seems to be accurate. He only goes in when qb 1 has elbow problems. Coach seams to be blaming receivers for the missed targets and interceptions
  20. Surely we can find someone to fund one more show to see why he hasn't benched his son yet?
  21. Yeah he sounds like a politician easily squirming away and trying to be positive.
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