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  1. Nothing y'all haven't seen before. We haven't had a RB or QB that could take it to the house since 2017. If we score on a run it'll be from the 15 or closer. We used to put our fastest players at rb, now we just put in the kids that can take some hits. Run a lot between the tackles. Now we can score from anywhere passing though. Would be good to see creager back playing more wide receiver. For some reason, they only have him going 1 way at FS. We do have some speed.
  2. Yes WO has some work to do to try and make it into the playoffs. The fourth spot is still up in the air and will likely come down to week 11.
  3. Idk. Anyways so GW is due a choking episode sometime. Question is is it this week or the next? Lol
  4. No but I'm sure he's a stand up guy supporting WO like he does.
  5. I do. We missed the ship horn Friday night. Guess there's some that have soft ears. Gunter and Newton both have ship horns as well. People complaining about it surely haven't heard their horns.
  6. Well they do a lot of times have two chokes a season. Why not this week and the next lol
  7. Bunch of losses aren't disappointing? Lol who knew
  8. NB football full of disappointments tho
  9. If you were a bettin man then you'd be in debt up to your eyeballs lol
  10. Thanks for the welcome man. I've been on here since the last time we beat GW. Btw is it time for their first choke of the season? Lol
  11. Heard he's takin a break. Too many folks all in the feels I guess.
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