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  1. White Oak has played with alot of heart this year and Im anxious to see how they stack up against the bears. Should be a good game.
  2. Looks like some bitter folks over in Atlanta. A shame to watch people trying to tear others down because of their own school issues. Not a good look
  3. Yes i doubt they get a lot of good sleep at night knowing they're from Tatum. They have to make up excuses like this Covid stuff to make them feel better.
  4. I am sorry if my post upsets you. You proceed to know my political affiliation based off some posts online? Interesting observation. I take it you're never wrong in this aspect either?
  5. I just dont think Tatums Covid or non covid problems would affect the bears play in such a way that Tatum could win the game.
  6. Interesting. I also take it that you're never wrong and we can bank on your prediction, that the Roughnecks are done winning this year?
  7. Yall would have beat Gladewater if it wasnt for covid? Thats the funniest thing I've seen all day.
  8. so you think New Boston will beat the Roughnecks this year? What brings you to that conclusion?
  9. Atlanta gets back in the win column this week, against a still rusty Eagles squad.
  10. Just my opinion, after watching all three of their games. If the Roughnecks clean up their offensive play and the defense does not tire out in the second half, I believe the necks will be 14-21 points ahead of the Cardinals. If the roughnecks still have a lot of offensive penalties and the defense gets tired, then i think it'll be a close game.
  11. People have different opinions about what’s going on with the football program. It’s definitely hard to watch.
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