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  1. Same as the others on here. Charge him as an adult. Punish him to the full extent of the law. And just for good measure, disqualify Edinburg from the playoffs. They won that game to clinch a playoff spot. Make an example of the entire program.
  2. The other four 8-5A division II teams will still be playing seeding-crossover games tonight. Corsicana is at Forney, and Sulphur Springs is at Crandall.
  3. Saw it in the Fox Football Friday app. Same problem with the refs not showing up in all three games. Speculation was they were protesting, but didn't say what.
  4. Had heard they were protesting? and games in Corsicana and Waxahachie had the same problem?
  5. Bright side: we get to duck Ennis twice this year. So there's that.
  6. Weird thing is, he's been friends with our head coach Darren Duke since they were in junior high together. And he coached with the Lions as well. But yeah, he lost his moral high ground about running up the score; he went for an onside kick up 37-6 on us, and kept throwing bombs to the end zone in the last two minutes trying to get a 50-point first half. They definitely seemed angry about us taking their playoff spot last year. Ultimately, though, it's our job to stop them, and we failed to do so. Except for the 50-point half thing.
  7. Massive up front. Their offensive line is enormous and quick, every one of them over 300 pounds. We looked like a peewee team out there. Pretty balanced attack. They are ballhawks on defense as well, with plenty of speed; it's not a team you can turn the ball over against (we lost three fumbles) and expect to stay in the game. You (as in Aledo, not so much us) can move the ball against them, but make sure to put an extra emphasis on ball protection. They've nicknamed themselves "Goonville", so that's a nice little tidbit. In short, definitely don't take them lightly.
  8. Just like stated above, we weren't able to upset North Forney, so we need to upset Sulphur Springs to get back to the playoffs this year.
  9. Oh, what the heck. We're big underdogs, but here you go anyway: Edit: on second thought, maybe don't watch. We didn't show up. At all.
  10. Miles Denson (Senior), Greenville WR/RB vs Corsicana Greenville 49, Corsicana 28 (Greenville won) 5 carries for 157 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns (long of 62 yards) , 2 receptions for 87 yards and 1 receiving touchdown (long of 78 yards). (Total: 244 all-purpose yards and 4 touchdowns)
  11. Final: Greenville Lions 49 Corsicana Tigers 28 --- Greenville pulls the upset at Tiger Stadium.
  12. Royse City at Ennis - EnnisGreenville at Corsicana - I don't pick my own team's gamesNorth Forney at Sulphur Springs - North ForneyForney at Crandall - Crandall
  13. Great work Mavchamp, but a couple of the 8-5A-2 games have been shuffled around. The changed games are now North Forney at Sulphur Springs, and Royse City at Ennis. The other two games (Greenville at Corsicana, and Forney at Crandall) are unaffected.
  14. This game has been cancelled; Greenville has the Covid and has shut down the entire ISD for the rest of the week.
  15. All schools in Greenville ISD are being closed through the end of the week for Covid. Greenville vs Ennis might not be happening. Edit: They have since clarified, they will still allow outdoor activities, so the game is still on. Such as it is, anyway, we're still playing Ennis.
  16. The college all-star team won nine? That's...nine more than I would have thought.
  17. Greenville vs Paris. We stomped them out 71-21 (missing 9 extra points due to an injured kicker) in 2009, and never played again after that. Before that game, it was a very competitive rivalry for many, many years.
  18. Parents here are already being given that option for the upcoming school year; either let the students attend like normal (with safety measures in place, no assemblies/pep rallies, and school bus use discouraged) or virtual E-Learning from home, with the same curriculum and attendance expectations as the kids in the school building.
  19. Your '95 team (bi-district) was actually our first playoff game in the previous 35 years, since 1960. You stomped us 28-7. Heck of a welcome back party.
  20. 1998. Lost a heartbreaker to eventual state champ Grapevine in 3OT in the regional finals. Given the opposition in the other regions, Greenville would have been a heavy favorite to win state if not for the Mustangs. My brother was on that team, making it hurt a bit more. Got back to the region finals again the next year, but ran into a revenge-minded Ennis team (we knocked them off in the '98 run), and...yeah.
  21. Considering how we started the decade (0-40), I'm glad we were able to get off of the fewest wins list (finished with 20.)
  22. Greenville's two soccer teams have played a combined 39 games...and won once. Ugh.
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