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  1. Sir, you are delusional. Lots more I could say but gonna look up classless in the dictionary first.
  2. Grapeland got what they wanted, a running clock. Game would have been 100+ to 0. Just cause the other team lays the boom doesn’t make them classless.
  3. If Bussey plays QB all night they beat y’all by 4 scores.
  4. The only thing I wish is that coaches and others got to follow those that complain about coaches around at their job and tell them how ridiculous they are at doing their job. Seen a lot over my years and still haven’t found a coach that wanted to lose. If some fans would have got a degree to go coach their town would probably have 8-10 state championships and no one would know who Surratt is.
  5. No, Joaquin just lost. Played keep away like they had to do. Second half Joaquin scores once with 30 something seconds left. Great job by Timpson handling the adversity.
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