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  1. were they all postphoned because of weather on Friday? Monday Games Tatum @ Waskom 6 pm; EF vs Jefferson; Arp vs WWW I haven’t heard what Harleton and Troup are doing.
  2. ElysianF 10-2 Jefferson WWW Troup 9-3 Harleton Tatum Tatum 9-3 Waskom, Troup Harleton 8-4 Troup Arp Arp 5-7 Harleton WWW 5-9 EF also played but would be embarrasing to put their # of wins Jefferson presently has one more win throwing Waskom in DL
  3. Did Waskom? and West Rusk get their games in Friday or Saturday with Harleton and Troup ?
  4. games left not in order ElysianF 9&2 WWW Jefferson, Jefferson Troup 8&2 Waskom WestRusk WWW Tatum Tatum 8&3 Waskom Waskom & Troup left Harleton 6&4 WWW, Arp, Arp WWW 5&5 EF, Harleton, Arp, Arp
  5. Elysian F 9&2 WWW Jefferson, Jefferson Troup 8&2 Waskom Harleton Harleton Tatum Tatum 8&3 Waskom Waskom & Troup left Harleton 6&4 WWW, Arp, Troup Troup WWW 5&5 EF,Harleton, Arp, Arp
  6. The 3AArea Track meet at Diana Districts 15 & 16 Where did they post the results? I see where 9 other schools including the 3A at Atlanta for District 13&14 posted also 5A at Hallsville and 2A at Beckville? Trackmate Online Results - Sports Automation
  7. Somebody is making money on the Starr test. follow the money, somebody's brother in law is getting some.
  8. The Regional Tournament is back on all 4 coaches have agreed on Athens as the Location Both the games below will be played on Friday, March 5, which one is first has not been decided. #7 Tatum v #49 Chisum (max-preps ranking) (#10 Texas Hoops) # 16 Madison v #26 Atlanta Dallas (Madison #1 by Texas HOOPs; Atlanta 13) The winner of these two games will play on Saturday; Times will be announced tomorrow
  9. The lady from Marshall was amazing she kept up with the substitutions and the fouls of each player. The 5 players for each team that were on the floor playing had the number of fouls and points they had scored and changed as points were scored or fouls made The announcer was also easy to understand and Marshall had a great sound system. Tatum will Play Chisum at a TBA.
  10. I sure hope Marshall has someone smart enough to run the scoreboard. At Hallsville they did not have anyone that could put the # of the player who fouled along with how many fouls. You would think in an area game when schools are paying they would have some one.
  11. Tatum Eagles play Daingerfield Tuesday Night 6:30 Lobo Tatum is Home Tickets at the door no cash; credit or debit card only. $4 & $2 Clear bags only & Size regulations on bags next up the winner of Mt P Chapel v Dekalb
  12. How about Winona do they have NFHS broadcast? Tatum Girls v MtP. Chapel Hill Monday night. Springhill? would like to see Daingerfield Boys v Sabine still trying to avoid crowds and bad weather roads
  13. Keep us posted This game could go eather way, as close as their two head up games were. Should be a good game are the tickets online? Does SpringHill have NFHS boadcast?
  14. Daingerfield in the last district game won against Ore City 71 to 35 this improved their record to 8 & 4 for a tie with Sabine. When Sabine and Daingerfield played during the regular season, they split. Sabine first won against Daingerfield 33 to 31 then later Daingerfield pounded Sabine 64 to 40. So these two teams remained tied. the loser will play Tatum. Will they flip? or will they try to schedule a game? If they flip, will they flip over the phone? or maybe select the 22nd word on the 17th page of the coach's manual for odd or even. This would work because all coaches are
  15. several schools are closing next week because of cold and ice but says Whitehouse is open.
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