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  1. Is that what you call a dark horse?
  2. Stop #7 and you might beat GW. He ran untouched into the back field many times.
  3. I feel sorry for Center. It is lot of good people in Center. Bad things shouldn't happen to good people. Some folks have told the Bulldogs they will be playing Celina in the state final. Because of same starting letter and same number of letters in the name some of the Bulldogs think they are playin Celina Friday night and want to make a statement. This could get Ugly. I am talking coyote ugly.
  4. If that is the case then NB will have a game. The Eagles seemed to make the wrong adjustments at the half
  5. The UIL start selecting the refs. at a certain level.
  6. Hughes Springs Fans coming to the game Friday should drive pass the Schools and take a left at street just pass the DQ. Go 3 blocks and take a left drive straight into vistor parking/
  7. Tatum JV 36 Hughes Springs 14
  8. He sat in the wood box too long. Too much noise, No earplugs. Raddled something.
  9. Did some inform the announcer that the 1/2 was over. Were the windows fogged? The announcer kept rambling on about sponsors for cheerleaders he had already introduced. the Pitt band played and he kept talking on & on.
  10. Maybe because Tatum was short on 9th graders and had to move a few 10th graders down that didn't make the 1st JV team. Holman notified Pitt early he didn't think the 9th would make To give them plenty of time to find a game.
  11. Big ol 4A Pittsburg had no 9th grade but 40+ on 8th grade. Did they move some of those big linemen down?
  12. Pittsburg does not have NFHS Where you can watch the games on TV for $9.95 a month?
  13. HOT LINKS Anything else to eat in Pittsburg. What is the best place to eat before a game in Pittsburg.?
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