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  1. He was the athletic director at duncanville when duncanville was going to state a few years ago. The head coach of Rusk coached at Jacksonville before going to NB then to chapel hill and winning state. Excellent coaches, and men, but I think they have something special going on in Rusk. I just hope the next coach can start getting the community interested in football again. I don’t know if an inside hire would do that. I think all of the old hires besides Copeland had Danny Long ties. That was a great era. Time to make a new era. Best of luck to all the coaches staying and moving on to new places.
  2. I personally think mavchamp hit it on the head. Jacksonville does have a lot more Hispanics on the team than in the past. Nothing wrong with that. But jville needs to get the community started earlier. I just want the town to get the buzz like it used to be. With Ed Orgeron not having a job next year… heck maybe a 1-15 year will get Urban Meyer in coaching discussions to come to the smaller Jacksonville. I just miss not being in the discussion of district titles. it only takes one good hire to turn things around.
  3. As I turn the stream on, jville down 21-7 and two d lineman dancing after making a tackle. It’s pathetic.
  4. I agree with you completely. It will have to start with a culture change. I may be hated by people from Jacksonville with this opinion. If you happen to be one of the ones who don’t like the opinion and you’re happy with losing then that’s on you. I understand rebuilding but it shouldn’t take 16 years. I appreciate where I come from, but it doesn’t mean I have to like the culture that we have become. We have done these kids an injustice by letting them slide without consequences. I want to see these kids get their butts chewed out on the sidelines for making bad decisions, then the coach give them a pat. Let the kids know you love them but you will be the first person to rip into them. We don’t come from an affluent area and tough love is what these kids need. Too much sugar coating.
  5. I watched the game on their live stream and from what I’ve seen the coaches have given up. There were two ejections of jville players and I saw zero concern from some of the coaches. Discipline has been lacking lately and that is unacceptable. I can take not winning (not easy), but I can’t take a team without discipline. It is doing these kids no favors on being taught how to be men. I’m my opinion, the coaching has run it’s course and needs an overhaul. it’s sad to see the Tomato Bowl what it is now. Yes, it’s a lot nicer with renovations, but there is no fear from opponents like there once was. Teams used to go to the Tomato Bowl for a battle that they would more than likely lose. Now they are going for field trip and a W. The tribe only has 1 win since renovation and that is very hard to accept from former players. And I may be completely wrong about what I said about coaches giving up, but that’s what I noticed from the live stream.
  6. Can’t wait to watch! Haven’t had a chance to watch the Indians since I moved up to DFW. Love listening to you call the games Matt. Go tribe
  7. It was 50-0. I think USC will win the NC next year, not just because I'm a huge SC fan, but because they all have experience. The secondary was the worst part of the team last year and they all return next year including the back-ups. They also add the number 1 juco corner in the nation. Hopefully this time next year I will be wearing an SC national championship shirt.
  8. Wow, what a crazy game, wish I could have seen it!!! Congrats to jville. Both teams should be commended on their historical game!
  9. We will see if masoli is suspended the whole time. Remeber they said the same about blount and he came back for being a good kid.... Ha. They wanted a back in behind James invade he was injured or needed a breather.
  10. I got the mill. Great fundamentals. Hey hornedTrojan, who's the better half in the household. And by better half I mean the Trojan. Fight on
  11. I was referring to the t ball comment. When it comes to football. That's fine. Talk all you want. USC has Texas beat in almost all career statistical categories. I'm not here to talk #### about Texas football team. I never brought anything up except for my opinion on USCs recruitment of a 13 year old. Then I mentioned that USC had more baseball national titles but as for late Texas has been dominate.
  12. Go Trojans! The boy is smart. Matt Barkley committed when he was young. Jimmy clausen did too.
  13. i for one, am so happy that kiffin is coming to sc. when he was there things went really well for my trojans i think its gonna happen again!!
  14. colt is a great kid and he deserves everything that life has planned for him... congrats
  15. i just see people hate on usc... if the investigation would have taken this long we would have heard something. but nothing has been said and that leads me to believe its not that big of a deal. with lane kiffin coming back and norm chow and oregeron, the band is back together and gonna be ready for a national championship run. they have all the recruiting just as pete carroll did. i heard that tennessee is looking at muschamp so hold on to your socks texas fans. if muschamp goes i bet some other texas coaches go. so do the national championship hopes. but i dont think usc will have that big of a drawback from the investigation. fight on!
  16. Hopefully my trojans dodge a bullet and get a light sentencing because of the basketball program. fight on! I hope USC gets norm chow
  17. they didnt score when they had the best field position imaginable in the first two drives they had a first and goal from the one and couldnt get it. when your unable to do that then something isnt working right. bama went for a fake punt and gideon picked it off. it was dumb for bama to try but it would have made saban look like a genius if it worked. so you cant really fault him. then texas kicked a pooch kick and julio jones just watched it and texas defenders thought to get on the ball unlike the bama kickoff team. texas cant make a touchdown on either of the first two drives then bama proceeds to hold texas on offense and pound the ball on texas til half. texas tries a shovel pass to get around 15 yards to throw a hail mary at half but gilbert throws it too hard (i think that is why the back couldnt catch it) and the bama defender picked it then threw off gilbert and had a spin move that took him like 3 seconds to spin around and then walked into the endzone. texas' d stepped up in the 3rd even tho ingram didnt really play in the 3rd and bamas defense backed off and then texas started a rally by doing slants and crossing patterns like always. bama got a 19 yard run from ingram when he gets back in the game to flip flop field position and then they punt and pin texas deep bama does a weak side blitz and crush gilbert and pick up the fumble and score 3 plays later. then bama picks it off and scores later. my opinion bama would still have won. but they wouldnt have slowed the defense down if colt was still in the game. they were looking for gilbert to make mistakes throwing the ball. but it was a good game.
  18. terrelle pryor? the pac 10 looks like the weakest conference by far this year in their bowl games. they let the two teams who can never win a bowl game win one. at least my trojans won. but it wasnt pretty at all.
  19. i said nothing about usc. why are you bringing that up?
  20. I say Texas. Even tho 2 conference titles kill it.
  21. I'm not sold on Barkley. It may be because of his shoulder still bothering him a little but if that's it, then he should be better next year. I hate seein my boys get beat and beat bad. Texas and USC are the best 2 teams the past decade
  22. We lost. That's what happens when you have to rebuild. It's ok though. We will be back next year. I was kinda hoping they woulda went to the sun bowl so I could see them.
  23. Because Texas runs a spread offense. Designed for scoring points. And if you only have one touchdown ( from a 2 yard run) then you did awful.
  24. CJ spiller had more yards and touchdowns than Texas. Hats off to suh. And Texas should give the game ball to the kid who did the horse collar.
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