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  1. Would love to see AJ Wilson and big Matt Shepperd back in Marshall. Two young great coaches
  2. Saginaw is the town on the right track. If you know, you know. Choo choo
  3. You would think, but several local schools have already had positive cases and have been non-chalant with their response. I see this as a warning shot for people to get their acts together.
  4. Fly high Skeet. This is a huge loss for his family and the Maverick family.
  5. The day is fast approaching us. I pray that all the student athletes, coaches and trainers stay safe. We can all disagree on what we think about the testing and the virus, but I think we all agree, we want the best for everyone. To the athletes and coaches make sure you are already hydrating yourself. God Bless, stay safe!
  6. That would help for this year only. Going to August, may as well have year round school.
  7. Old school, district champions only in the playoffs?
  8. Personally I don’t think that works for small schools. 99% of our basketball players play football. 85-90% of our baseball players play basketball. I think that’s too much overlap for small schools, IMO. I do think it would work for larger classifications where there’s a larger pool of kids.
  9. Thanks for the response. It’s going to an interesting next few week.
  10. Serious question. If the call was made that sports, band could go on without fans in attendance, would you be for it? ****Disclaimer**** I have not heard this is an option, I just want to hear what people think.
  11. Not disagreeing with you at all on this. School districts are in between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know anyone who is excited about the idea of loss of more extracurricular events or virtual learning. What has made people throw out the philosophy of just cleaning the schools? IMO, it’s a couple of things. 1. We know the numbers and deaths have risen recently. 2. Lawsuit happy society. 3. Too many unknowns about Covid.
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