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  1. PG runs a spread since the gilmer game... and very good at it
  2. 2014 for the gilmer/gladewater game we started getting there at 1 and the game started at 6,their were at least 1000 inline trying to get a good seat..lol
  3. dont forget that have to say the College they are going to after ever play...
  4. Didn't they get their quarterback back? I sure that makes a big difference..not sure if it's in the run game or passing or both?
  5. You are wrong,game before he benched 56 for the same thing,after the game the refs apologized said he didnt say anything and a flag shouldnt of been thrown
  6. not sure you know this..thats just the second game for the running back,he was on jv and is a sophmore,are starting running back has been out since early in the second round of the playoffs
  7. they couldnt counter.... computer is acting crazy...lol
  8. he i like this on every team from the dallas area...they are always one step better than east texas,gilmer had a great game plan to stop the quarterback and they counted counter.....
  9. they punt deep in there own territory but never kick off...always onside it...my cousin kids just graduated from there..i watched them spank highland park in like 2014 ..highland had a 99ish game home win streak going..lol
  10. is their a live video stream for this game?
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