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  1. lol on a last second field goal, that hit the bottom crossbar, and barely fell in, lol...crazy game....Stump was Soph. for that game, ya'll had Blackshire at the helm, and Smith in the backfield, i still say to this day one of the best HS RBs ive ever saw, i would of swore he would of played on Sunday, I think he hurt his knee in spring ball at TCU, when he was able to enroll...as much as i would like to say, this could be one of those games, i dont think so, unless the Bux can put together a solid 4 qtrs, even then id have to give say you guys by 14....but we gotta play the game, and crazier
  2. Again we are hoping for a great football game, and no disrespect your way either, but we have had some history with Celina, and Graham, and I dont think any have been close....I think we handed Celina their worst playoff loss, in school history, in 2014, this offense has the same explosive capabilities, again lets hope for a great playoff game!
  3. Wasnt Celina like 5-5 before their loss to Graham, and you wont to compare Gilmer to Celina?? Gilmer will make their share of mistakes, but they are very explosive, and very talented, and their front 7 on D aint bad, I dont see Graham running the ball and keeping it close, they'll have to pass, to keep it close, Gilmers offense, will make its share of mistakesa aswell, but, they have talent to burn, and can hurt you from alot of angles, they have definitely evolved into an offense thats very hard to stop, all of us are hoping for a good game, especially this late in the playoffs, I think Graha
  4. This game could be an absolute shoot out, I look for Tennison, to get his, aswell as the QB from Caddo Mills, both sound similiar, but you wont win it on wheels alone, arm accuracy will be key, and a receiver than can really go get the ball, and with #14 and 17, i see Gilmer winning that battle, Gilmers run game is solid, they have RBs to burn at this point, the defense is still suspect, but can make the plays they need too to get a few stops, the stops will be key, win or lose a good shoot out is fun to watch, im hoping the Black Flag shows up and plays to their potential, if so the Bux wil
  5. Dont know location yet, but how do you see this one?
  6. You gotta give the Devil his due, this Carthage team is special no doubt, and probably the best defense ive seen then have in the Surratt era, I dont see anyone in 4A playing with them this year!
  7. What a great win, good for the team, and really good for the fans, hats off to Metzel, this team is improving as the year goes on, unlike the last several years, still cant understand why they dont give Ward more carries, kid is electric, either way this was a great game to watch, I think if we can clean up the penalties, and the Oline, can continue to improve, I can see us going several rounds.....just an fyi, the strip on Gilmer sideline, was a good strip, game ball Tennison/Fluellen!
  8. Hats off to Lindale, your discipline and coaching is solid, I think in the first quarter, you knew Gilmer's scripted plays, better than they did, and that certainly speaks of the advantage, Gilmer coaches have to understand, these good D cord.s, scout them very well, hopefully we dont come out to script this week, because talking with a friend who saw the Kilgore game, Carthage's D is legit, hard to tell on one game but, we have to mix it up early this week and score every time we have the ball, serious congrats to our kids for showing the heart, and battling back to a great win and a great ba
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