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  1. we all have our own opinions to each there own.I am old enough to see my own.
  2. we are not turning on our coaches but have watched what has happened for years now and it hasnt been good. trayors coaching staff wasnt perfect but it worked well together minus the defense but the group we have now just dont gel. no defense with little offense and special teams hurting not to mention fundamentals needing attention we have driven this cart about as far as it will go. Time for a new era and start over.thanks to the coaches we have and for what they have done but lets face it coaches come and go just like players time for a change.
  3. I didnt mind losing three games to the teams we lost to but what i do mind is how we lost. just watched the game again on youtube and never saw so many arm tackles letting the runner just keep going. Punt coverage was bad well let me say there wasnt any. blown assignments fumbles and being out of place. I do not blame the players at all there was some great plays but who I do blame is the coaches. we need a new era of coaches and clean house or this is as good as it will be for a long time. Good old boys are good old boys but that doesnt make them good coaches.
  4. may take them yo yo's a couple of years to figure it out. We have a very clanish system up there ran by one wierd dude.
  5. Gilmer once again showed there weakness that the defense is lousy but I think they made up for it that they couldnt run the ball either. So with a very weak defense and a tiny bit of offense i predict newton by how ever much they would like to score. with out 35 coaches scratching there heads we lose.
  6. Hate to say it we have some really good players but this year is showing that we really need to clean house and start over with our coaching. Yes i expected to lose to carthage but we did not lose we were donkey stomped and had no answer to slow them down. No adjustments were made we looked like the nerdy kid who got in a fight hunker down and look scared. We have been seeing this for a while and some will defend what we have but it is time to make changes. Not saying anything bad about our coaches but it aint working any more. We have got to have a defense change if we want to pose a threat to anybody. Wake up coaches if we can hold them any at all we dont have to rely so much on our offense. Man its as plain as day. good luck with the rest of the schedule because we are going to need it.
  7. As much as I would like to say it will be a good game I think this game will be over in the first quarter. Carthage wont know what hit them I see 2014 game all over again. 21 nothing all gilmer first quarter. Naw I am just kidding you it wont be near the game they have been in the past, look at last years score Carthage will dominate this game and I just hope we can keep it respectable. Hope it doesnt rain and nobody gets hurt but i even voted that Carthage wins easily. looks like yall may go far this year.
  8. I saw the defense problem when traylor was here except the 2004 year, I just wished we could shut down a offense and not have to outscore them. say what you want but we do not have the defense that we should have. the name of the game is out score no matter how high you have to go. A great offense will win games but when you finally hit that team with lights out defense and you dont have one you are doomed. Game over.
  9. Yes it is amazing how many people in the last 5 years come to see gilmer play who are not from gilmer and leave saying its a shame you dont have a defense or you would win state every year. but thats gilmer they are defense blind.
  10. I concur withe the description of our defensive problem and that is why I do not post any more. I do not want to tear down our kids when it has and is a coaching problem. Started back in traylor days defense gets no attention. We have gone years with the good old boys coaching defense and have needed a change for a long time. We will win, we will get in the playoffs but that is it we do not have the defense we need to go far. Agree or disagree look at how many points that has been scored against us in the last 4 years. Our motto is just slow them down a little so our offense can out score them. I will now go back into hibernation.
  11. I picked Pleasant grove by 3 we had a close game in gilmer but boy am I glad we didnt have to play them again in the play offs as I believe they got better every game and are at there peak right now. Get them hawks for our district we have a new respect for yall.
  12. Like I said before we have internal problems. I am not making excuses for our lost the better team won. But we have to correct the problems to move forward if we want to continue being a good team. Once again not taking away from there win the BEST team won and proved it. Good luck in the future. Now then on to church and then the fish are waiting on me.
  13. well sorry I ruffled your feathers yes yall are great and so are we. You will probably win state as for me I am going fishing and the rest will take care of itself. As for our problems I heard it from the players themselves not just made up excuses.
  14. Dear melissa I hope you dont get too excited about beating Gilmer because I am surprised we made it this far. Gilmer has a lot of problems they have to address and they will. They have some internal problems and some players are quitting after this year and not playing there sr year. I also hope that will be resolved. But dont think you have it won now because if you are using us as a measuring stick you are going to have a long ride home. Gilmer did good with what they had and the problems they have. Maybe next year will be brighter who knows and good luck the reas of the way how ever far you go. As to Gilmer talk to some of the players and see if you can smooth out there grumbles they have we have some good classes coming up and dont need players quitting. Buckeyes did good this year keep up the good work.
  15. Got to love them wabbits they are a classy team. Good luck Melissa cardinals we know this wont be a blowout but win or lose you did good this year. Good luck to my Buckeyes yall did good too. I didnt think we would be here at the first of the year but you proved me wrong. Safe travels to all and to all a good night.
  16. Gilmers defense is rated a c- or d+ there offense averages about a B- and they will still win by 12 points by end of the game. Now next week if Rusk wins that might be a whole different game. All these 3rd and 4th place teams have to be weeded out, back in my day they would not even be in the playoffs they would be on the floor playing roundball. Lets face it a lot of want to be's playing right now but are slowly getting weeded out.
  17. defense needs to tackle the runner with the ball and quit just grabbing at the ball. I know they are wanting a takeaway but letting the runner get 10 more yards is hurting us stop him first and then go for the ball. Just watched the game again on youtube and it was pretty clear.
  18. Fish are sleeping right now so I say Gilmer by 12
  19. Either way I will be fishing and dont really care.
  20. I believe Gilmer will win if they score the most points but if they dont I believe they will play basketball the next game. Thats what I believe.
  21. We have a well planned out defense that scares other teams. First we don't stop the run and our opponent says this is too easy we better start passing they want us to score. something is up. We don't stop the pass then they are really scared they go back to the huddle and talk about it. Finally the coach sends in the next play 1st and ten ya'll punt the ball. we dont know what they are doing but we are not helping them do it . Works every time.
  22. Once again our offense pulls out the game. Our other part of the team I wont call them by the D word because they are not did not show up. Kinda like 11 men holding blocking dummies we just bump them and slow them down a little.
  23. You is so right i would not even be upset if we scrapped the defense scheme and started over right now. Will it cost us a game I doubt it we are that weak on defense. I think it would only help us out and confuse the other team. At least we could look foward to better things the lack of not stopping the other team will bite us in the playoffs if not before. We could be undefeated right now if we could stop someone, sometimes, anytime.
  24. Ok the Elephant in the room has been pointed out, Yes Gilmer we have no defense. Yes Gilmer we have to outscore everybody. now the big question is are we going to do anything about it or just go into next year and hope it gets better, because the last few years have been going downhill quickly. I hate that as I am a Buckeye through and through and bleed orange, but I also can see that.... have I mentioned that we have no defense. Somebody print this out and give it to coach Turner please.
  25. Gilmer getting pressure on the QB wait thats defense isnt it? Oh well we can out score them pretty sure of that.Maybe santa will bring us a new defensive coach that knows how to adjust to different type of offensives.
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