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  1. Tough loss. They had the game in hand and Rice fouls near the half court line. Fear came to roost last night with cold shooting streaks. It is amazing to me to see how the transfer portal has impacted college basketball. Illinois had transfers from Baylor & Tech starting.
  2. I think it is players not happy with playing time and coaches being honest with players about how they play into their future plans. The sad thing is many of the players cling to the hope they will be one of the 1% playing in the NFL and throw away a free college education. Likewise, the pressure on coaches causes them to “cut the dead weight”. Power 5 football should do away with current NIL format and have each NFL team contribute $Xs to the NCAA for payment to the players based on a formula.
  3. No … check your reputation score. Used to be a way you could ignore posts by poster.
  4. Congrats to Utah on knocking off USC. So happy for Lincoln Riley.
  5. Nice win for the Horns, but Creighton made a game of it. Next up #16 Illinois next Tuesday in the Jimmy V Classic.
  6. The complexion of football in Texarkana has changed since the arrival of Gibson at PG and PGISD becoming “open enrollment”. I think some athletes that may have opted to attend Texas High have decided to attend PG. This includes transfers in to the Hawk program and retaining athletes residing within the district. While the Tigers still have a lot of athletes, I believe PG’s deep playoff runs at a lower classification has a draw that historically has not existed. Where athletes were attending primarily 3 schools, now there are 4 schools.
  7. I had been reading good reports in spring training. Surprised to see him drop off the depth chart. Think Riley recruited him. Kid has a motor.
  8. Texas continued their winning ways defeating Northern Arizona 73-48. Texas had a strong 1st half, but played to level of the competition in the 2nd. After a strong shooting night against Gonzaga, the Horns went cold from the outside. So the question of consistency remains. The win over Gonzaga catapulted the Horns to #4 in the nation. Next game is Saturday versus UTRGV at Gregory Gym as part of the Leon Black Classic.
  9. Curious if the back story was New Braunfels turned San Marcos for recruiting violations. If so, why did NB agree to the neutral field site? Not knowing the stadium, was there room in the stadium’s press box. The game was telecast by an Austin television station (not NFHS or Texans). Were there two broadcast booths and it was first come first reserved and the NB crew “assumed” they had space? If there was space, yes it was petty by San Marcos ISD. I have no doubt San Marcos officials knew the NB broadcast team as they are in the same district and the communities are approximately 15 miles from each other.
  10. I am pretty sure it’s tickets sold, not actual attendance that is reported. Won’t have to restock the concession stands.
  11. I knew Texas fans were fickle, but never expected to see the 12th men to completely abandon their team. Understand it was a throw away game, but still. Curious whether there were recruits in attendance.
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