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  1. Texas 85 Oklahoma 83 OT Back & forth game that was a must win for the Sooners (and they played like it). If is obvious that Cunningham has earned Terry’s confidence. While Rice will probably win the 6th man award, Cunningham deserves the 7th man award (if it existed).
  2. Travis County DA has dropped charges against Chris Beard. Apparently they did not have enough evidence to prosecute. Suspect when his girlfriend refused to testify against him, the evidence was second hand. Waiting on a civil lawsuit to be filed by Beard to shake down The University for some cash.
  3. One I saw today had: Texas - OU, Ark, A&M A&M - Texas, OU, Miss St OU - Texas, A&M, Mizz Missouri would bolt to CUSA if they had to play Texas every year. Their demise in the SEC was due to their desire to separate from Texas in the Big 12.
  4. I doubt it also, but college football has become about $$$$.
  5. IF…. Arkansas is a permanent rival for Texas and not A&M, how much will Jerry pay for Texas to play annually at AT&T?
  6. Terry has done a remarkable job in keeping the kids heads focused. It helps they are a veteran team. They seem to be playing as much for Terry as they are for themselves. I think Del Conte will give him serious consideration after the season is over.
  7. Probably some in North Carolina disagree. Three excellent schools … Duke, UNC, & Wake Forest.
  8. I suspect when Texas & OU negotiated the plan to go to the SEC, it was agreed by the conference they would be together. The fact that apparently A&M was excluded from the discussions makes them more likely to excluded from the same division or pod. That said, I expect the three schools to be groups together. Hopefully, they can rectify some of the mistakes the conference made when A&M and Missouri were added. Schools should be grouped together 1) geographically and 2) by nature rivalries (either existing or logically possible).
  9. While I sense your sarcasm, I personally liked the 10 team conference. But money talks.
  10. To put it in perspective, there are 130 schools in the FBS and 40 schools on the list. While it has been 153 years for Rutgers, there are 90 schools that are envious.
  11. West Virginia helped the Horns by beating Iowa St. Not a gimme game in the remaining games.
  12. Now the SEC can plan the formats and alignments for league play. I must admit, I liked the 10 team conference where everyone played each other. I wish the Big 12 the best, but I sense it is going to be clumsy for the schools to develop rivalries.
  13. When are there going to be NIL deals for fans? I am trying to line up LazyBoy.
  14. Gutty come from behind on the road win. Bit different game than when they played in Austin. Big game Monday at Kansas.
  15. I would agree with you 30 years ago on Nebraska, but not today. In my opinion, they lost their ability to be a “blue blood” when they left the Big 12. As long as they were playing Texas schools they had a foothold in Texas recruits. Today they have the same clout with Texas high school players as Wisconsin and Purdue. The same can be said of Colorado and Missouri. Rule and Sanders may have some initial success due to name recognition, but not sure that can be sustained. Texas is a “blue blood” based on history and current financial success. Texas is a school you love or hate no matter where in the country you live. By the way A&M is climbing the blue blood ladder primarily due to financial prowess of its former students.
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