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  1. Texas High 17 Legacy 14 Tigers kicked FG with5 seconds left.
  2. Tiger QB out after 2nd series. Texas High fumbled going in for a touchdown and had a backwards pass batted down which was returned for a touchdown. Tigers intercepted in the end zone right before half.
  3. Great game overall. Ewers did what he was supposed to do … manage the game. I think all phases of the game get an A, except for running back. The RBs kept Bama honest, but seemed average to me (maybe the line had issues creating holes). The OL kept Ewers in a protected pocket and time to make good decisions. I would like to see Whittington get more touches as he is “slippery” in traffic. Overall, this was a team win by the offense, defense, special teams, and coaches.
  4. 48-7 3Q … Lightening delay 10 seconds into second half. Hope they can continue to gain experience on the depth chart. How long will Benton wait before they want to get on the bus.
  5. Texas High 41 Colleyville Heritage 38 Absolute barn burner. Texas High forced a field goal under 3 minutes left in the game, then scored a TD with about a minute left. Colleyville had a very good dual threat QB that caused problems for the defense. At times the youth of the Tigers showed with some untimely mental errors (primarily defensive line offsides on hard counts). Offense started slow, but found its rhythm midway thru the 2nd quarter. Offensive line had another solid game. Tiger’s lesson from the game was to keep fighting for 4 quarters.
  6. Odd to see the Big 12 commissioner take sides for a football game. He was openly rooting for Tech on the Thanksgiving holiday game. I hope he fines himself for conduct unbecoming and Texas officials comp him ticket in the nosebleed section with Tech fans.
  7. To keep everything in perspective Lone Star was Dave Campbell’s preseason #7 team in 5AD1. Were they truly a highly ranked team? Time will tell, but they have some nice pieces on offense. I had no expectations going into the game, so I viewed it as a quality win.
  8. I think a big question mark coming into the season was the offensive line play. I think they performed quite well.
  9. A lot of big plays by both teams in both sides of the ball.
  10. I think the transfer portal is needed for the following reasons: 1) a kid isn’t happy with his situation. 2) coaching change at either the head or position coach. 3) family issue cause the player to be closer to home. 4) revocation of scholarship by school (i.e. Prime Time) However, I think some of the tampering issues could be alleviated by requiring the athlete to sit out a year (with or without a loss of a tear of eligibility). If a school pulled a scholarship, the player would be immediately eligible. A school would have to decide if they want to burn a scholarship for a “bench player”.
  11. Texas 85 Oklahoma 83 OT Back & forth game that was a must win for the Sooners (and they played like it). If is obvious that Cunningham has earned Terry’s confidence. While Rice will probably win the 6th man award, Cunningham deserves the 7th man award (if it existed).
  12. Travis County DA has dropped charges against Chris Beard. Apparently they did not have enough evidence to prosecute. Suspect when his girlfriend refused to testify against him, the evidence was second hand. Waiting on a civil lawsuit to be filed by Beard to shake down The University for some cash.
  13. One I saw today had: Texas - OU, Ark, A&M A&M - Texas, OU, Miss St OU - Texas, A&M, Mizz Missouri would bolt to CUSA if they had to play Texas every year. Their demise in the SEC was due to their desire to separate from Texas in the Big 12.
  14. I doubt it also, but college football has become about $$$$.
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