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  1. SEC adds Texas, Oklahoma (now) then Michigan, Ohio State, Penn St, & Clemson ACC adds West Virginia Big Ten adds Kansas, Kansas St, & Iowa St PAC adds Boise St, OK St, Texas Tech, BYU, Baylor, TCU
  2. Rangers trade Gallo to Yankees. A hard team to watch, just got harder.
  3. Possibly you could recruit local media (radio, newspaper, etc) to provide score information in their area. Mavchamp does an excellent job keeping up with 5A sports. But as newspapers go to online subscriptions (understandably), the non-football scores are difficult discern.
  4. Curious what are the average number of wins for the Aggies over the last decade? The truth is Texas fans have not been happy with the win production of the last decade. A&M had a good 2020 season, which does not equate to a decade. Time will tell.
  5. WETSU, 90% of UT or OU fans don’t think the SEC is a cake walk. OU has hands on experience in the Championship Bowl games. Personally, I don’t like the super conference concept. While dished by others, the Big 12 was the only Power 5 conference to crown a true conference champion. Ten teams seems to be an ideal size. Every team in the Big 12 played every team an equal number times in the every sport. It is impractical in larger leagues. But mega conferences are a sign of the times.
  6. If the buyout for leaving the Big 12 is $76M and everyone finding a home, the last remaining teams are going to have a big payday.
  7. If PAC 12 want to get to 14, I think they take Tech and Ok St. Suspect Iowa blocks Iowa St, but welcome Kansas. WVA to ACC. I personally hate it for TCU, Baylor and Iowa St. They have invested in their athletic facilities and their athletic programs. In the latest Director’s Cup, Baylor ranked 29th Iowa St 38th and TCU 45th. As a frame of reference, their programs are ranked higher than Missouri (48), Auburn (50), Vandy (56), and Mississippi St (59). The two dog programs in the Big 12 are Kansas (82) and K State (139). Kansas gets a pass because of basketball. It will be a mess.
  8. I hope if Texas & Oklahoma are admitted to the SEC they schedule at least 9 conference games. My thoughts are you play every team in your pod and 2 teams in each of the other 3 pods. Pod 1 (A) OU, A&M (B) Texas, Missouri Pod 2 (A) Miss, Arkansas (B) Miss St, LSU Pod 3 (A) Tennessee, Kentucky (B) Vandy, S Carolina Pod 4 (A) Alabama, Florida (B) Auburn, Georgia Every 4 years you would play everyone at home. Conference Championship game would be determined by best record of A & B schedules. Don’t get caught up in which schools are A or B. Only thing I would like
  9. I agree it’s about money. The money to the schools is driven by advertising dollars to the networks. Advertising dollars to the networks is driven my viewership. Don’t kid yourself, OU and Texas have three attractions to SEC - name recognition, complete athletic programs, and additional MEDIA MARKETS. OU is the #1 school followed in Oklahoma with a population of 4M and a following in DFW area. While A&M has a strong presence in Texas, their strongest market is Houston. Texas solidifies the DFW, Austin, & San Antonio MSAs with a population of 12M (plus Houston). By comparison Alabama ha
  10. If Texas & Oklahoma leave, the Big 12 will have a rebuilding project. I suspect they would drop to 7 teams. I would suspect West Virginia would look for a new home. Frankly, I think they have been an odd duck in the conference. The key to there survival will be television markets. I would target Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati, South Florida, Central Florida, Florida International, BYU (odd duck, but like ND have built in following), and UTSA. Admittedly Florida International and UTSA are not football powers, but they are in significant media markets and are a financial play.
  11. Maybe that will get the Aggie supporter legislators back to Austin! Otherwise, there is no one in Texas to pass a law. Besides why wouldn’t Abbott veto the bill.
  12. A couple of thoughts: 1. This discussions have been in the works for a while. I suspect it involves the two schools, the SEC, and ESPN. 2. The pod scheduling makes the most sense. The pods need to recognize the natural rivalries (Alabama/Auburn, Tennessee/Vandy, Miss/Miss St, UT/OU/A&M(?)). If I am correct, I see the pods: A. A&M, Missouri, OU, UT B. Arkansas, LSU, Miss, Miss St C. S Carolina, Kentucky, Tenn, Vandy D. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida 3. I think most of the discussion is focused on football. OU and UT have complete programs, which add v
  13. Yes PG won. Sounded as though both teams played hard. Rusk has nothing to be ashamed. They had their chances but the PG pitcher/defense shut them down numerous times. Think there were two double plays that killed Rusk inninings.
  14. Rusk got runners on 1b & 2b with out out in 7th. Batter lines out to 1b who double out the runner on 1b. PG 2 Rusk 1 congrats to both teams on great seasons.
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