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  1. Ivan Melendez won the Golden Spike Award as the top amateur baseball player. Well deserved honor. In 67 games he had: BA - .387 SLG - .863 OB - .503 Hits - 96 HR - 32 RBI - 94 FLD% - .997 Best of luck on his next journey.
  2. I agree with your statement on most recruits, but I think his commitment is solid. Only reason he would change his mind is if Sark was not at Texas. Now we need to recruit some big uglies as the skilled players will come with the QB talent it appears Texas has amassed.
  3. I am not surprised. The preseason ranking of #1 was largely based on a rotation of Hansen, Stevens, & Witt and Nixon as the stopper. Hansen with a couple exceptions pitched as expected. Can’t blamed Witt on Allen, but Stevens and Nixon regressed from last year. Gordon was a pleasant surprise, but we had no #3 starter. There was no one in bullpen that was reliable. If you cannot develop high school pitchers, you are going to have a difficult time recruiting.
  4. Congrats to the Aggies. No doubt who was the better team. Early in the season, Texas was getting base runners home with two outs. That was not the case today.
  5. If you look at the sports Texas competes, they are primarily mainstream sports that most schools participate. The only exception is women’s rowing, which Texas won a national championship. Why would Texas have a rowing team …. Lady Bird Lake. Many universities have programs that compete with a limited number of other schools. Oklahoma competes in gymnastics. A&M competes in equestrian. Oklahoma St competes in wrestling. Compare the 18 sports Texas won the Director’s Cup to the 36 sports runner up Stanford competes.
  6. Was at a game in Austin where he hit a bomb over the wall in dead center. If you make a mistake, there is not a ballpark that is safe from his power. He has Robin Ventura power.
  7. Yep … and the fact this is their 38th appearance, Texas is synonymous with the CWS. A casual fan will put their money on Texas, therefore swaying the odds. Can Texas bats sufficient to win the series … yes. The issue is which bullpen will show up. Aaron Nixon was supposed to be the stopper, but is in a classic sophomore slump this season. Now that grades have come out, maybe he will pitch like a junior. The loss of Tanner Witt cannot be under estimated.
  8. I think it is imperative for Texas to win their first two games. Not comfortable they have the arms to survive going through the losers bracket. They have the bats, but I would hate to count on winning a high scoring game. I was expecting a high scoring game Sunday. Luckily, Stevens righted the ship and found his groove. Hope it was not a one game aberration. The bracket does carry a lot of storylines and should be entertaining.
  9. Have a friend with a very wise wife. Their son got into some trouble in high school. When the husband thought the school was being too hard on Jimmy, his wife reflected. Jimmy got in trouble in elementary school. In middle school Jimmy landed in the principal’s office. Now in high school, Jimmy was visiting the disciplinary principal. She asked the question. “Who was the common denominator at each of these schools?” - Jimmy.
  10. Texas High’s boys golf team finished 7th at the state tournament. It is the second year in a row they have progress to state.
  11. No STAAR and I believe they eliminated their version of “no pass, no play”.
  12. I believe he was employed 5 years on the Arkansas side which allowed him to qualify for a pension from Arkansas on top of his Texas pension.
  13. Per Texarkana Gazette, he is retiring from coaching.
  14. Texas High claimed the District Golf Title for boys. Claimed the top 3 medalist honors. Last year they represented the district at State and hope to repeat this year. Mr Curry has signed with Arkansas.
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