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  1. It just takes one tired Coach running into an embankment killing 20 students to raise the awareness to the issue. Most larger schools hire buses to transport varsity football teams. It is sub varsity on other sports where coaches are expected to drive. From what I have read, school buses kill approximately 120 annually of which approximately 30% are school age.
  2. Texas High …. The forgotten school. I laughed at some of the “power houses” of East Texas …. Redwater????
  3. After the Hallsville - THS game, I warned not to take Hallsville lightly going forward. It does appear they have stacked their talent on offense and have to out score their opponents. I agree with Mavchamp that you need a defense to advance in the playoffs.
  4. Even THS is beatable. They have shown a tendency to give up the “big play” which they need to clean up during their bye week.
  5. But can we agree Texas High is an above average team.
  6. Well the race to the playoffs got muddied by this weeks results with the Hallsville and Pine Tree wins. Texas High has a bye so next weeks games will be interesting in establishing a pecking order.
  7. Surprised & not surprised by the score. Was impressed with the Hallsville QB and receiver Garza against T-High. Felt the rest of the district was going to have to out score the Bobcats. Congrats to Hallsville on the win.
  8. Texas High 58 Mt Pleasant 27 T-High running attack wore down MP. Second half MP tds were a deep pass behind defense, kickoff returned, and Td pass against backups. Best of luck to MP going forward.
  9. Should be a good game. Hallsville QB will keep them in the game. Mavs by 4.
  10. First of all, hats off to Tech. Their coach gambled on 4th downs and more often than not, they were rewarded. In the second half, they kept the Texas defense on the field and wore them out. My untrained observation was Texas tried to win the game up the middle and were unsuccessful. Tech had numbers in the box and shut down the runs up middle. Felt getting Robinson and Johnson to the edge more would have opened up the middle and had the corners cheating against the run. Losing Worthy in the second half allowed the field to shrink. On to WVU.
  11. Texas High 56 Hallsville 31 Hallsville offense played well. Texas High forced 3 turnovers which slowed the Bobcat attack. Hallsville’s QB is impressive as is their TE. Texas High running attack pounded Hallsville’s defense and allowed for the big plays. Congrats to the Tigers and the rest of the district will have to out score the Bobcats.
  12. How many coaches go to their graduating seniors after their last game and explain the way to stay in the game is to consider officiating.
  13. Two Colleyville scores were on a QB rollout and the Secondary anticipating the QB running let the receiver get behind him twice.
  14. Having watched Surratt during the Texas Tiger runs as OC, I second your comments. Not sure if he still runs the swinging gate, but he was a master at timing when to run the play and disguising it. Some of may favorite memories of school boy football.
  15. “The Dive” to avoid an opponent in the playoffs. It was a great teaching moment. Prior regime, but it tainted my view of the school and lost my respect.
  16. My father was a newspaper man in communities similar to Longview & Texarkana. I have had a front seat to their demise. He was a newspaper man to his death. I had breakfast with him at an independent living community. As we were leaving the dining area, there was a gentleman reading the community copy of the paper. My father muttered “cheapskate” when he saw him as he didn’t have his own subscription. Don’t be a cheapskate!
  17. What I have seen is the local papers will cover the Big 3 varsity sports. If the other programs want coverage, the coaches or a parent need to submit to the paper. But volunteerism is dying …. that is why we appreciate what you do.
  18. Actually I think Craig’s List and Facebook killed the Shoppers.
  19. The loss of advertising & classified revenue has killed the newspaper industry and they are struggling to survive. 30 years ago, the papers covered Varsity, JV, Frosh, Middle school, Little League, Bowling, etc… . The papers were looking for the human interest stories to sell ads. 60 years ago, neighborhood shoppers took most of the classified ad revenue. Newspapers were able to survive with advertising inserts. The advent of the web based business now advertises direct to the consumer. The major city papers are struggling right along with your local papers.
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