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  1. Didn’t see that coming. Curious as to his thinking. Wondering if OU knew Riley was unhappy and have Stoops lined up to come back on board. Reason Stoops was not interested in Florida.
  2. Curious how Marshall fans, that have seen both teams, see the game unfolding.
  3. Incarnate Word … have him listed as a DB. Think he may be redshirted. Curious where Dunn ended up.
  4. Looking forward to the rematch and I agree based on last season’s loss, Crosby is the favorite. I felt last year, the Crosby coach did an excellent job game planning against the Tiger defense. They appeared to use the team speed of the Tigers against themselves by allowing the edge rushers to vacate an area for Dunn to run through. By the time TH adjusted they had been scorched. I watched the last 15 minutes of the A&M game. A&M had good size on both sides of the ball, seemed to have average team speed. The defense seemed to struggle against the power and the offense took advantage of the A&M’s lack of team speed. Tigers are not as big, but definitely have more team speed. I am impressed with the decision making of the Cougar QB with only 3 interceptions on the season. He will facing an opportunistic Tiger secondary that has feasted on interceptions. The Cougars have multiple offensive players contributing. The Tiger defenders need to play their responsibilities and not overcommit by getting out of positions. On the offense, Tiger OL need to crack some holes for Braylon Stewart. He has 1908 yards rushing on the season and we will need him. One thing for certain, both offenses will be facing the best defenses they have faced all year.
  5. Rematch of 2020 playoff game. This game claims the title of Regional Champions. Both teams appear to be entering the game playing at a high level.
  6. Braylon Stewart, RB, Texas High - 190 yds, 14 Carries, 3 TDS, 56, 48, 34 in 44-21 win over Port Neches-Groves
  7. Solid defensive effort by the Tigers and Offense did its job. Tigers 44 Indians 21
  8. The game will NOT be live-streamed by Tigervision, but will be on Texans Live for $$$s. Sad the UIL value the $$$s over the educational value of a student production [editorial opinion].
  9. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT - Big weekend in Nachitoches with the Festival Of Lights kicking off. Expect heavy traffic and do not go thinking “We will eat when we get to Nachitoches”. Plan on allowing more time than Google Maps shows and eating stadium food.
  10. You have confirmed a lot that I suspected about PNG that the talent was stacked on the offensive side of the ball. As a novice chair seat coach I have viewed two keys to this game. First, the Texas High offense has to have sustained drives to allow the defense to rest between series. The fact Montgomery’s running back had 300+ yards is a positive sign. Stewart should be able to get his yards. The Tiger passing game showed up last game, which should make this week more difficult to game plan. Second, the game will be a battle between each team’s strength - PNG’s offense and the Tiger defense. Can the front seven disrupt the timing of the passing game? Assuming PNG’s quarterback is healthy, it will be an interesting matchup in the secondary. I don’t know how many interceptions the Tigers have, but believe it is around 20. It appears the Texas City defense was stronger than PNG and the Tigers scored 31. I don’t think the Tiger offense will need 40 to advance, just 31 again. Not predicting a winner, but think it will an entertaining game. Hopefully Tigervision.org will livestream the game verses NFHS or the group in your neck of the woods.
  11. Yes, one of the few. Neighboring states are playing National Federation rules. They have differences in blocking rules, running clock, etc….
  12. HP was lucky Norton did not designate one of the stadiums in Arkadelphia as a neutral site. Is about the same distance as Shreveport. Can you image the uproar that would have caused? HP driving through Texarkana to get to the game.
  13. My initial observation is PNG success relies on outscoring their opponents (Thank you Captain Obvious). The Indians defense has given up 394 points (32.8 ppg). Their lone shutout was was to Santa Fe, a team that scored 30 points all season. So you have to discount that game. Their defense has given up 35 or more points five times. In their last game the defense gave up over 300 yards rushing to the Memorial running back. This bodes will for the Texas High rushing attack. On the other side of the ball PNG can score. They are averaging 42.8 points a game with 7 games in excess of 40 points. On the face, it appears Texas High should be able to move the ball on PNG. The key to the game in my humble opinion will be whether the Tiger defense can slow down the Indian’s offense. Specifically, can the Tiger secondary continue with their opportunistic ways. Secondarily can the Tiger offense win the time of possession, keep the defense rested, and put their season average of points on the board (35 ppg).
  14. I suspect PNG did not want Abe Martin as Texas High had familiarity with the facilities. Must have been a conflict (or prior reservation between teams) at Homer Bryce.
  15. We’ll have to give you a pass on this one. Rooting for blood is understandable.
  16. Texas High won a neutral field toss in the 2000s against Highland Park. The game was played at Independence Stadium in Shreveport. Be interesting to learn the dynamics behind this site selection. Tigers have the easier bus ride.
  17. Matchup goes out of state to Louisiana. PNG has an offense that can put points (40+) on the board and a defense giving up 30+ points. This game will test the defenses of both teams. I believe the game will be decided by the Tiger secondary.
  18. As the game is a team sport, I can not specify a single player on the Texas High defense in their 31-0 win over Texas City. It was an impressive team performance. Might give them some love as an honorable mention.
  19. I thought the Texas City defense would be problematic for the Tiger rushing game (and for most part it was). Likewise, I thought the Tiger defense would shut down their rushing attack. While the battle was fought by the front seven, it was won by the Tiger secondary.
  20. Final 31-0 Not the game I expected. Hard hitting on both sides. After the 1st series, Tiger defense made the adjustments and dominated the Texas City offense. TC defense force the Tigers to pass the ball and they complied. Nothing for Texas City to hang their head … you left it on the field.
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