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  1. In my opinion the solution rests directly on the shoulders of the coaches. How many coaches pull the even tempered seniors aside after their playing careers are over and suggest they can stay involved in the game by officiating? My guess is very few. They probably would not like the feedback they get rejecting their suggestion. “Coach, why would I want to get abused by you and the fans”. My observation is the offensive coordinator is in charge of the offense. The defensive coordinator is in charge of the defense. The Head Coach is in charge of managing the referees. Until coaches start managin
  2. My understanding is the coaches have a say in the chapter to call the game. If they can not agree, then they flip a coin. Gilder must have lost the coin flip. Sadly, I suspect there will only be a decline in the quality of officials. Not many people want to serve the game as officials.
  3. The teams will clash on Friday 12-18 at SFA. I believe the game will be live-streamed on Texarkana Gameday. I have no knowledge on Crosby. They come into the game with a 66-0 win over Willowridge. If you have read my posts in the past, I am reserved in forecasting the outcome of games. However, this week I will deviate from my past practice. I believe the Tigers will win by at least 21 points. I have read some that believe it will be a struggle. I hope the players adopt that point of view. While I believe the defense came to play, it felt as though the offense thought it would be easy against
  4. THS’s first possession, the Tigers moved the ball on LC only to have a pass intercepted in the end zone. This seemed to fire up the LC defense. Their front seven was very good. They pressured the timing of the QB, made some timely sacks, and strung out the run. That being said, the Tiger defense shut down LC. Their touchdown came on a run up the middle where the MLB was having his jersey removed as their back went by. While the missed call resulted in 7 points, I thought the game was well officiated. It had to be blatant for the flag to be thrown. They let the players decide the outcome.
  5. Tough game for Tigers. Lake Creek’s DL gave Texas High OL fits early on and kept them in the game. Finally Tigers wore Lake Creek down.
  6. The one criticism, I have of the Tigers is they have a tendency to play to their “perceived” level of their opponents. If I were Jerry Sanford, I would relive 2019 when a 4th seed traveled to the home stadium of a state ranked team and came home with a win. Stay focused and play like they are playing Ennis.
  7. Interested to get Mav fans thoughts, but it appeared to be line play. For about 5 years, that was the problem at Texas High.
  8. Thoughts from the game. In the first half, the Tigers should what they are capable. They had 372 total offense and held Whitehouse to 54 yards and 3 first downs at half. I noted a drop in intensity in the second half. I would have like the offense to have a solid drive before the reserves came in. Give credit to Whitehouse, down 48-0 their coaches did not lay down on their quest for a share of the district championship. They won the second half.
  9. One noticeable exception. It’s 2020, maybe just this one time you can pull for them.
  10. Congrats to the Tigers on their outright district championship and undefeated regular season. Play one game at a time from here on out.
  11. 48 - 0 Half Expect to see 1st string in for one more drive then developing depth. Interesting to see if Whitehouse concedes and keep players healthy for the playoffs also.
  12. Congrats to the dribbling Horns on the tournament championship. Interesting stat I found. Texas has played North Carolina 12 times in the two schools history. All the games have been since 1990. Texas has a 9-3 record over the Tar Heels.
  13. As a public service announcement, I am saddened to inform the basketball public that Bill Walton will be color commentator for the North Carolina/Texas game. I have my mute button ready. How I watched three quarters of the Indiana game today. Please ESPN, watch your own programming.
  14. I think Texas High will be up for the game after last week. As I have said all year long, it comes down to how well Whitehouse can handle the Tigers Offensive and Defensive lines. So far Nac has done the best job.
  15. Lucky to sneak out with a victory. Hats off to the play of the Dragons.
  16. Congrats to the Hawks on a good season. They overcame a lot of adversity to advance this year. Hats off to Caddo Mills and good luck in the playoffs.
  17. Dragons have played the Tigers tough and playing some gutsy ball in first half.
  18. Honestly, I have not seen much of a drop off on production with any of our running backs. We have one RB that has an issue holding on the ball. I suspect he is walking the halls carrying a football as everyone slaps at the ball. It is a testament on the line play that you bring up a jv RB and have an efficient ground game. I am okay if Stewart does not play.
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