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  1. BoBell,


    The reason I ask the question on your career aspirations is the following. I don't know if at your school you have foreign exchange students from Europe. I think we can agree most European nations are more socialist than the United States (although the liberals are moving us toward the European socialist models). In many of the European countries the young people are administered tests to determine their aptitudes for careers. If you wish to be a writer and you the test says you have no aptitude for writing, the society will not spend any of its resources to make you a writer a university. Instead the aptitude test may say you should be a mechanic. Society insteads sends you to a trade school to learn your trade.


    The history of Europe was of Kings and lords that told the citizens what to do when (including when to fight their enemies). America was founded by independent, self sufficient peoples that made their own life. As such early in our history developed the free market concept we society votes monetarily what they want.


    The biggest differences between liberals and conservatives in America - liberals like to impose their belief systems on others (society is the most important) and conservatives belief a free economy will properly allocate the resources (the individual is the most important).


    Good luck as a sports writer. At least in America, if that is what you chose to do, you can!

  2. Originally posted by BoBellCrew

    Socialized medicine.


    I apologize for being late to the debate. Thought I would give it some time. Wish Bo had some friends.


    Tell me about the "good" of socialized medicine. Have you heard of the Mayo Clinic? You know who makes up the largest portion of the cliental? Canadians. Why? Because they can't get medical treatment on a timely basis in Canada. Why? Canada has a socializd medical system. In the US if you need a heart bypass surgury, you are rolled into a hospital the next day and your chest is cracked open and the procedure is done. In Canada you are evaluated as to need and put on a waiting list like cattle. If you are lucky, your heart is not damaged by an attack prior to your surgery. If you have a heart attack in the interim, Good News, they move you up the priority list.


    Bo - socialized medicine sounds good until you research the issue.

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