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  1. Stewart suffered a concussion in the second quarter of the Pine Tree game and Anderson is out for season with an ACL. Stewart is week to week.
  2. Not true. THS has not locked district title. Loss to Nac and Whitehouse could make THS the #3 seed. This is a must win for the Tigers and hopefully the team views the game as such.
  3. Is Hallsville running a Covid kissing booth after practice? Feel bad for the Bobcat players.
  4. The key to this game will be the Tiger’s OL versus the Dragon’s DL. T-High gained 193 yards with their #3, #4, & #5 running backs against Jacksonville. Not diminishing the effort of the RBs, but the push of the line has been a common denominator in all of our games. Tigers expect to get their #1 RB back for the game. In my opinion, McHenry is the most underrated QB in district. Again much of his success rests with the protection he receives from the OL. He seems to be able to read the defensive coverage and find the open receivers. If all WRs are covered, he makes the wise decision and thr
  5. Texas High 52 Jacksonville 23 Jacksonville had fight. Good luck in your remaining games.
  6. Not sure if I agree with your assessment of Pine Tree’s defense against the run. Texas High had 228 yards rushing in the game. The #1 RB was injured in the second quarter after rushing for 64 yards. The remaining 164 yards were largely gained by a 3rd string and a JV running back. The common factor with all the Texas High running backs is they ran behind an offensive line that dominated the opponent’s defensive line. I agree they did not give up many big plays on the ground, but 7 yard runs were common. I hope Freeman is available tonight for Pine Tree.
  7. Will be interested to see the outcome of this game from a Texas High standpoint. Hopefully Freeman is recovered in time for the game. Really could not evaluate his backup as the game was out of hand when he entered Pirate offense. He was able to move the offense in the 4th quarter after the THS starters were benched. Pine Tree OL had difficult time with the speed & quickness of the Tiger DL which disrupted their passing attack.
  8. Oscar Hernandez, Texas High Kicker 3 FGs, 32 yds, 23 yds, 32 yds 5 for 5 extra points (has not missed any this year) Texas High 44, Pine Tree 0
  9. Freeman was pressured the entire 1st half and took some hits. On the next to last play of the half, he ran the ball and was pushed out of bounds (not a late hit). He apparently ran into some sideline equipment and was injured. Did not return in the second half. Not sure if he was held out as a precaution in a game out of hand or if it was a more significant injury. Texas High lost their starting running back after running for 64 yards in first half.
  10. Mavchamp.... interested in your thoughts about Texas High & Whitehouse matchup.
  11. Not the game I expected, but Tigers were solid on both sides of ball. Good luck to the Pirates going forward. Hope Freeman is okay.
  12. Texas High 31 Pine Tree 0 As the score indicates, it is all Tigers. Freeman could not find time to establish a passing game and has taken a lot of punishment. Hurt on next of last play of half. Hope it’s nothing serious. Tiger RB Stuart injured in second quarter.
  13. McHenry is 74 -113 for 1133 yds (essentially 5 games) is basically a pro-style. Stuart RB has rushed for 1032 yds.
  14. Honestly, I think most Tiger fans are ignorant of what Pine Tree will bring to Grim on Friday. Having been separated in district play the last two years, we have not been blessed to witness the growth of their program. Randy, if you could help with a brief run down of what to watch for would be helpful. On the T-High side, you will see the most complete team the Tigers have fielded in recent years. It begins with the line play on both sides of the ball. The OL is large and provide a nice pocket for the QB and can wear down the opponent as the game wears on. The DL is anchored by OU commit Cla
  15. Clayton Smith is healthy. The “Smith” that was injured is a DB and yes out for season.
  16. The unsung strength of the Tigers is their line play. The O line has good size. They pass block really well and can get a good push on the run plays. The D line is very solid. Clayton Smith #10 DE gives the line instant credibility. Derrick Brown #41 plays opposite of Smith and provides the same energy as Smith. DTs may be a bit undersized, but are efficient in holding their ground to allow the LBs to make the tackles. To me the key is whether the Maverick OL can hold up to the pressure of the DEs and if the Mav QB can make plays under duress. Should be a good game.
  17. Rian Cellers is our best and most dangerous WR. Other receivers are solid high school receivers and made better by McHenry. The match up for other teams is the third down set. When Clayton Smith (DE) plays WR it presents a matchup issue for the defense. At 6’ 4” and 220#, he can run, jump, catch, and is difficult tackle. Hard to double team both Cellers and Smith.
  18. I don’t expect this to be a blowout. The game is in Marshall and the Mavericks will be up for the game. It appears that if you are going to get to T-High, it needs to be early. I have been impressed on how the defensive coaches have made halftime adjustments to shut down the opponents. Hallsville had some success early moving on THS, but were completely shutdown in the second half. Besides the scrimmage at Longview (that gave the Tiger credibility), this will be their toughest test to date. Putting McHenry and Cellers on the field at the same time has opened up a balanced offense.
  19. Texas High 56 Hallsville 17 McHenry had 6 TD passes & Cellers 4 TD receptions enroute to the win. Hallsville’s offense started fast, but completely shutdown in second half. Tigers moved the ball on the ground and in air in a balanced offense.
  20. Mavchamp .. it goes without saying, we appreciate the effort you put in to make this an informative thread.
  21. The best WR I’ve watched this year on an opposing team. He reminded me of Clayton Smith (#10) on THS. While Smith is a DE, he could easily be a WR. Both are tall and difficult to tackle.
  22. Texas High 42 Mount Pleasant 24. Texas High capitalized on two turnovers which was the difference. MP played hard. McCumby (sp?) is a dangerous WR for MP.
  23. I agree with THSFanatic’s assessment of the non-rivalry between Texas High and Mt Pleasant. The only reason I can surmise is it’s the battle of the Tigers and they are our closest district opponent. I would submit the game Tiger fans look as their “District Rival” is Marshall. I can only speak to the late 90s to current, but in most years their games have been the mostly competitive. In Texarkana travel speak, Marshall really isn’t much further than Mt Pleasant.
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