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  1. 17 minutes ago, HearEmaGrowlin said:

    I have never heard “The Eyes of Texas” was once “The Eyes of South”?? or “The Eyes of the South”. I have never heard that song was a racist thing at its origin. 

    Definitely news to me and I have been a Longhorn fan my whole life. Is it possible this accusation is inaccurate?

    Back story


  2. What bothers me in this “sanitizing chaos” society we live, songs such as “Eyes of Texas” are sung with school pride in the context of 2020 and not 1900. I have never once sung the fight song with any thought of malice toward a segment of our population. When you pick asinine battles such as this, you create racial divides rather than heal them. 

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  3. On 5/27/2020 at 2:02 PM, Everide2016 said:

    I'm a Texas High grad from long ago and have been away from there since shortly after high school.  The rivalry with Arkansas High was about as big as one could imagine at that time.  I'd be interested in hearing from someone still in that area... do the T-High folks still think of this like they did in days gone by, or has it lost its luster with how lopsided it is?

    It is still a huge rivalry despite the lopsided number of wins in recent years by T-High. Arkansas High would be a large 4A in Texas, while Texas High is midsized 5A school. Texas High is almost twice the size of Arkansas High. Bedlam in the city is more sedate than in the past. However it is not a rivalry of two schools, it is a rivalry of two states represented in their school names. In recent years, the move of Barry Norton to Arkansas High has given the game some additional emphasis.

  4. 17 hours ago, Mavchamp said:

    That’s going to be a tight squeeze for this game.  Jefferson is so close to Marshall they may as well have played at Mav gym.  

    Curious decision. 

    Must have agreed on a neutral gym and flipped between Jefferson and Atlanta. I agree if it was a coin toss, should have been home and home. The 

  5. Johnny Green, who retired as the Texarkana Gazette Sports Director, passed Tuesday. Under his leadership, the Gazette had a very good local sports section. They not only covered the four Texarkana high schools, but also area schools in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. His primary beat was Texas High. RIP Mr. Green.

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  6. My prediction of District 5 to 9.

    District 5


    Arlington Seguin







    District 6

    Dallas Adamson

    Dallas Conrad

    Dallas Hillcrest

    Dallas Jefferson

    Dallas Kimball

    Dallas Seagoville

    Dallas South Oak Cliff

    Dallas Spruce


    District 7

    Carolltown Creekview



    Frisco Lebanon Trail

    Frisco Memorial

    Lake Dallas

    Lucas Lovejoy

    Prosper Rock Hill


    District 8



    Mesquite Poteet

    North Forney


    Sulphur Springs



    District 9



    Longview Pine Tree


    Mount Pleasant





    The issue facing UIL are 6 Austin schools new to Region 4.  Texas High replaces Lindale in District 9.

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